Top 10 Best Trucking Companies In British Columbia


Mainly Rosenau Transport is serving the needs of the petrochemical and agricultural industries in the rural communities.

Presently the team of Rosenau is composed of over 500 skilled people. These people are always taking care for their customers’ transportation requirements. In addition, the quality of the services that Rosenau, as one of the leading trucking companies in British Columbia is offering, can be attributed to the diverse pool of knowledge and experience.

6. Arrow Transportation Systems

Arrow Transportation Systems was founded by C.W. Charles in 1919. Back in the day he was hauling whales to wood ships. This trucking company, altogether with their team have had a great impact in the community.

These days Arrow Transportation Systems is focused on providing only the best transportation solutions. Also, Arrow is ready to haul a variety of products, in addition this trucking company has an expanding presence in Canada and the USA.


Their network of contacts spans a lot, starting from First Nations communities, government agencies as well as educational institutions. Arrow Transportation has hundreds of people working in transportation and distribution, material handling as well as reloads.


Simply said, Arrow Transportation Systems is always puting their focus on high quality transportation solutions at competitive rates. By taking a look at their mission, which is to create value for the shareholders, we can understand why Arrow is providing high-quality transportation and materials handling.


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Henceforth, the core values of Arrow Transportation Systems are:

  • Safety- Safe and healthy work environment;
  • Quality- Exceeding the needs of their customers;
  • Responsibility- Proud and committed professionals;
  • Integrity- Honest and fair in all deadlines;
  • Teamwork and Fun- Always working openly and honestly, while at the same time supporting the atmosphere of enthusiastic engagement;

7. Triton Transport

Triton Transport is moving the future, it is providing the most professional and time-efficient transportation solutions. Simply, it is one of the leading trucking companies in British Columbia.

This trucking company is always on the leading edge of compliance, technology, equipment as well as regulations.


Moreover, their professional truck drivers are working efficiently and professionally, while at the same time maintaining their career stable. Triton has employed more than 120 people.

These days Triton Transport is ranked as the largest heavy haul trucking company in British Columbia. The trucks of this trucking company are present throughout Canada and the continental USA.


For more than 25 years this trucking company is keeping and enhancing their sustainable growth, long-term success. But, that’s not everything, Triton Transport is also building new opportunities in the heavy haul industry.

8. Stingray Transport LTD

Stingray Transport is trucking company specializing in open deck transportation. Thereupon, as one of the top 10 trucking companies in British Columbia, Stingray Transport is providing a wide range of transportation solutions.

They are always meeting their customers’ business requirements, and are providing their services across Canada and the United States.


This trucking company joined the trucking industry in 2009, but soon after that became one of the best trucking companies in British Columbia. Hence, most of the time Stingray Transport is moving LTL and truckload shipments.

Here is what type of services this leading trucking company can offer you:

  • Full truck load;
  • Short haul;
  • Team service;
  • Long haul;
  • Project coordination;

On the other hand, as one of the best trucking companies in British Columbia, Stingray Transport is serving the following industries: lumber, steel, gypsum, manufactured wood products, machinery and equipment, plastic pipes and tubing; storage for short and long term.


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When it comes to their equipment, it can scale 48.000 to 95.000lbs, yet their fleet consists of 48’-53’tandem and tridem flat deck trailers.

9. Moto Transportation

Moto Transportation is composed of a group of transportation professionals. These professionals are providing excellent service, which comes all together with competitive pricing.

Further, by keeping true to their concept, Moto Transportation has achieved to rise among the best trucking companies in British Columbia. Actually, Moto Transportation is using reliable equipment, cutting edge technologies as well as hassle free transportation solutions.


Hence, here are the real values of Moto Transportation: Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, and Service Excellence. Moto Transportation is even offering custom-tailored transportation solutions for the unique needs of their customers.

Thereupon, if you want to cover your LTL and Truckload requirements, then I would highly recommend you to use the services that Moto Transportation has to offer you. They can help you ship anything anywhere.


In addition, Moto Transport has to offer scrap metal trucking, that is to say, they are offering metal transportation and recovery. As well they have scrap metal recycling services that include crushed cars, structural steel, and pipe hauling.

10. Centurion Trucking Inc.

Centurion Trucking was formed in 2008; these days this trucking company is serving customers with Dry Van and Flatbed trucking needs. The level of service that this trucking company as one of the leading trucking companies in British Columbia is providing are exceeding their customer’s expectations.


These says this trucking company has diversified their services and have included refrigerated as well as heated transportation services. Generally speaking, by diversifying their services Centurion Trucking wanted to provide service that is reliable and dependable for all customers.

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Speaking of that, their fleet is equipped with the latest Thermo King Heater units. These trailers are of a standard size – 53 foot. As well, what makes this trucking company to stand among the leading trucking companies in British Columbia are the flawless oversized and over dimensional transportation services that they are providing.

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All in all, it is estimated that the overall truck transportation industry in Canada is performing more than 64 million shipments, among which the biggest part is done in British Columbia. Speaking in numbers the trucking industry in British Columbia has achieved to make more than $1.8 billion in the past year.



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