Ultimate Guide of 10 Best San Francisco Freight Brokers



San Francisco freight brokers are one of the best, if not the best in the United States. And, down below you will see why exactly that is. In the past, we have shown you 10 best Alabama freight brokers as well as 10 best freight factoring companies in the USA. And, now we are showing you, in this article, the 10 best San Francisco freight brokers.

You can read the history of their start in the trucking industry. As well as how they expanded, kept the connections and stayed available and growing on the market for years. If not for decades.

Mostly, they are started by someone that has been involved in the trucking industry or in the freight industry. And, later on, they have established a freight brokerage company. Many of them already have offices throughout the United States and worldwide.

Let’s start with the list!

1. Flexport

Flexport is a company that uses people as well as software to manage the transportation internationally. They know how complex process it is to ship goods from Europe to the United States.

At the moment, they deal with the trade via phones, spreadsheets, and fax machines. In addition, they have developed a web-based application. So, what they offer is a real – time tracking of the shipments.

Source: www.investinholland.com

But, they are not only a software platform. Because, their team is a logistics and customs experts, they are always there to help their customers the best way possible.

Furthermore, they offer many transport services such as air freight, ocean freight, trucking, warehouse and fulfillment, customs brokerage as well as cargo insurance.

Company’s CEO and founder is Ryan Petersen. Additionally, he is the founder and ex-CEO of ImportGenius.com which in fact, is the largest provider of business intelligence to the import – export industry. Ryan Petersen has an MBA from Columbia and a B.A. in Economics from UC Berkeley.

2. Unitrans

Unitrans, or with its full name Unitrans International Logistics, is an Ascent Global Logistics company. It is also a full – service global company. In addition, they are specializing in international freight forwarding, domestic freight management, and retail consolidation.

They offer a great team of professionals that have an extensive expertise in global logistics. Also, they are committed to providing professional service, which they can customize to each company’s needs.

Source: www.Source: unitrans.com

Furthermore, they believe in their capabilities as an experienced, professional team, which can solve any logistics issue, even the most complicated ones. Therefore, their main focus is on hassle – free and timely service.

Moreover, they offer online tracking. Basically, what customers can do is log in on their website with their credentials, then add the shipping number. And, that’s all they need, to be able to see their shipments at the exact time. This is very valuable and convenient to any customer.

3. Livingstone

Livingstone has been on the market since 1945, under the name Livingston Lumber & Manufacturing Ltd. Over the years they have bought several different companies which made them grow significantly.

Until now, they have expanded to other countries such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan etc.

Today, they are number one company in North America, their main focus is on customs brokerage and compliance.

Source: www.businesswire.com

Also, Livingston offers international trade consulting as well as freight forwarding. Furthermore, they are able to perform these services across the continent and around the globe.

Livingston’s headquarters for the United States are in Chicago. They also operate along the United States and Canada border.

Moreover, Livingston has more than 3,200 employees that work at over 125 key border points. As well as, seaports, airports and other strategic locations in North America. But, not just North America, also in Europe and the Far East.

4. Clear Freight

Clear Freight, Inc. was established in San Francisco back in 1973.

This trucking company is focused on customs brokerage and related import services. They have been showing nothing less but excellence and have achieved steady growth.

Source: www.clearfreight.com

As they say, their success is a result of the constant emphasis on staff professionalism, not to mention, the creative and innovative procedures and technology they are using.

Furthermore, lots of employees these days have started their careers with Clear Freight. Then,  after dedicated training and development programs, they are now forming the base of supervision, technical and customer service functions.

The company is a multinational and internationally oriented. Therefore, they offer services in most Asian and European languages. That is especially valuable in order to have a good communication with clients as well as to deal with documents worldwide.

Additionally, they are a certified member of C-TPAT, which is the Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism. Therefore, they are committed to helping companies achieve efficient supply chain security.

Source: www.mdscodelivers.com

Also, they are committed to helping customers in improving the quality, cost-effectiveness and regulatory compliance of their export and import programs. All that with the aim to check the areas for improvements and solving problems. They are always happy to visit current and future customers and to discuss their needs and services.

5. Dedola

There are several reasons why Dedola would be the option number one if you are looking for San Francisco Freight Brokers.

Firstly, every shipment that has been sent or received is important to them, that is to say any goods that need to be transported are getting to the final destination quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


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But, if you do not have a logistics department, you might want to contact them first. Probably, the network of freight forwarder contacts is not in companies reach, or the time to manage the transportation of their goods.

That is why it is a good idea to search for San Francisco freight brokers.

Source: www.dedola.com

Dedola provides freight forwarder solutions to importers and exporters worldwide. They have a wide experience in the industry of more than 40 years.



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