25 Secrets to Know Before Buying Fleet Management Software


In nowadays trucking industry there is almost no one that doesn’t use some kind of Fleet Management Software. No matter are we talking about owner operators or trucking companies, all of us rely some part of all entire company on certain Fleet Management Software.

Things started to change dramatically 20 years ago when software entered every day business life. Since that period of time, there is a lot of exceptional software solutions on the market.

Trucking companies face a lot of difficulties when deciding which Fleet Management Software to buy.

Source: www.roadmiral.com
Source: www.roadmiral.com

There are more than 20 serious companies offering astonishing solutions on today’s US market. It is not an easy task to choose the one that suits you best.

Knowing that it is not an easy thing to choose the best, I have decided to create this list of things you should check before making a final decision.

Believe me, as an ex-founder of Fleet Management Software Company (Roadmiral) based in Chicago I’ve gone through this process many times. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

1. What Is The Budget You Are Willing To Spend for Fleet Management Software

Most of the Fleet Management Software purchases start with the question about the money. How much are you willing to spend?



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