Top 10 Trucking Companies in Minnesota

The company is moving forward and always on time with the help of the promises they keep to their customers. More importantly, they are always delivering them, on time.

They have been providing amazing solutions since 1985. Their customers are trusting them with every mile. Regarding this, the truck drivers are respecting Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.


Apart from their transportation services, they have also included freight brokerage in their solutions. Generally speaking, they have an entire company team of enthusiasts.

Long Haul Trucking can speak with pride about their contribution to the economy in the trucking industry and in the United States as well.


The years of experience has brought them stupendous growth in the clients’ satisfaction. Another additional factor to their success is that Long Haul Trucking does not allow a single mistake in their work.

This is one of the main reasons how they have kept their reputation over the years. Moreover, they have huge respect for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

6. J & R Schugel Trucking Inc.

J & R Schugel Trucking is just another one of the numerous trucking companies in Minnesota that keep America moving.


Their company team consists of:

  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Fleet Management
  • Information System
  • Safety and Human Resources

To continue with, their team has an expert degree in providing impeccable solutions.


On the other hand, their truck drivers team consists of:

With regards to this, J & R Shugel Trucking is offering company-sponsored CDL training to all the candidates who apply for a trucking job.

7. Foltz Trucking Inc.

Foltz belongs to one of the trucking companies in Minnesota that are family-owned. It has been like that since 1968 and the day of their involvement in the trucking industry.

The story of Foltz Trucking continues with the help of tree brothers who progress the business of their ancestors. Moreover, they have grown it into a tremendous success.

Considered as one of the largest OTR trucking companies in Minnesota, they specialize in providing quality. The contribution of their truck drivers offers nothing but superior solutions.


Their team of truck drivers has built a strong reputation for the company. In addition to this, they consider the safety, security and on-time transportation as a top priority.

Because of the services of their experienced truck drivers and their expertness, the company rewards them. For instance, they all have:

  • Vacation pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Health insurance
  • Health and wellness screening

8. Eilen and Sons Trucking

Hearing a story about a company that started with only one guy who worked a few professions at once (driver, dispatcher and diesel mechanic) is inspiring.

On the subject of this, the owner who started the company in 1985 is the man who did everything to get his trucking company started.

Due to his vision and the following of their dreams, Eilen and Sons are now among the best trucking companies in Minnesota.


Based in Hampton, MN, Eilen and Sons Trucking is a company specializing in numerous services. It is another one of the family-owned trucking companies in Minnesota.

Their truck drivers operate trucks that deserve an award. Furthermore, their employees are really proud of every part of the job they contribute to the company.

The company has received a well-deserved reputation in the United States among clients and customers as well.


Part of it goes to the owners who are motivating their employees to be better, and not only for their own sake but for the company as well.

The other part goes to the employees and the company’s truck drivers who continue to deliver perfect delivery services on a daily basis. Their trucking services include:

9. Dart Transit

Founded in 1934, Dart Transit is one of the oldest trucking companies in Minnesota. Being in the business for over 80 years, they specialize in meeting customer’s needs whether it is an individual, a small or big company.


It is a family-owned company that has kept their business flawless over the years and continues to expand it on a much higher level.

With regards to this, it has successfully managed to become one of the largest intermodal trucking companies in the United States.

On the subject of this, it is always a privilege to work for one of this kind of companies. Additionally, companies that really do know how to lead a business and where you feel comfortable, accepted and safe.


Concerning working in Dart Transit, they offer several careers in the trucking jobs field. For example:

Due to their professionalism, they are offering new candidates to start a career in their trucking company.

They are all well-trained and know when to rest in order to stay awake while driving. Who knows, you might discover your dream job here.

10. Transport America

What is a trucking company without a goal?

It is like you are standing on a highway without a direction. For this matter, Transport America has set their goal from day one and luckily succeeded in it.

They have been providing only excellence service from 1984. Besides the truckload solutions, they also offer logistics solutions.


Furthermore, they have developed a computer system which is a mutual help to the drivers of the company as well as the customers.

The company believes that technology eases the work and that is an additional help for providing excellent services.

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On the other hand, they have based their company on one cornerstone only. Their biggest value is the safety. They have a strong respect for the voice of the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).


As you may already know, sometimes finding a company that you can trust with the services is hard to find. Continually, a trucking company that will transfer the cargo securely from the starting to the ending point and on time, requires time finding.



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