10 Secrets to Know When Buying Straight Truck

Straight truck and all the trucks in general present the most valuable part of equipment and for that reason there is a lot of details to watch so that you can avoid any complicated situations in the future or to avoid expensive repairs.

There is some trucks that are known as ones that can handle extensive mileage in a very good way and can drive for up to 1 million miles without the need to do a major engine rebuild.

Also there is a lot of truck in the market that look quite good and as quality ones but in fact they reliability is questionable.

10 Secrets to Know When Buying Straight Truck
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Here in the following text I will try based on my experience provide some items that may if you pay attention to them bring you a lot of saving and avoid headache.

After you read the text you will be bale to choose which one truck to buy simply by using these selection process tips and tricks.

1. Check The General Condition Of The Straight Truck

What you see on first sight may provide quite accurate information. Yes a lot of things are visible at first so take some time to do few rounds around the straight truck and try to see and even better write down all the things you see that don’t perfectly fit the condition.

You need to create a list of the things that should be better and need upgrades but please be realistic don’t just write all the possible things you need to make difference what is normal and expected to happen and what is clearly damage and needs fixing.

10 Secrets to Know When Buying Straight Truck
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Use the list you created when you start negotiating about the deal prices and terms.

Put the list written on paper on the table between you and the person who you negotiate and go item by item and explain and describe to them that you want a discount.

The list will make your position stronger and that will lead to a better deal so use it to gain advantage.

2. Perform the Mileage Check Of Straight Truck

Mileage check is very important because sometimes people that want to sell you the trucks may do some mileage record modification and you may expect to see lower mileage recorder than the actual and ream mileage is.

Try going trough the entire paperwork to see if there is any difference between mileage recorded and the mileage display and also it would be a good idea to go to a straight truck dealership to see maybe they can do background check of the truck.

10 Secrets to Know When Buying Straight Truck
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As the automotive industry advances so does the trucking industry does so it is possible in some cases to read entire data and background check just from the ignition key of the truck.

You will simply give your key to the authorized dealership and they will check what is the service, maintenance and all other condition of the truck.

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Sounds smart and it is believe me so give them a phone call and check is something like that possible with your truck.

3. Determine Is The Maintenance According To The Plan

Ask for the straight truck seller to provide you the service book and see is all the maintenance done according to the manufacturer plan and also try to see what are the locations that planned maintenance took place.

In some cases locations do matter and it is not the same if the straight truck was maintained at the authorized dealership where they only maintain this brand of trucks or is the maintenance performed in some local no name shop where people have zero experience maintaining this make of trucks.

10 Secrets to Know When Buying Straight Truck
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Once you go trough all of those details check the situation on the vehicle to see that the things mentioned in maintenance plan and service book are really changed.

Unfortunately in nowadays world there is a lot of monkey business going on and people need to be careful especially when buying used straight truck.

4. Ask For Straight Truck Warranty

It is always important to ask is there any chance they can provide you with some warranty. It is hardly to expect that it is going to be a full warranty liek we get when we buy a brand new truck but still even limited warranty can save you a lot of money if something goes wrong and unexpected.

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Also this is a good sign that the straight truck you wish to buy is a good one. If the seller believes in it and is willing to give you a warranty that is usually a good sign. Also be patient enough to read all those small letters at the end of warranty papers just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding.

5. Do a Mechanic Check

It is also important to bring the mechanic with you so that you can do a quick mechanic check of crucial parts of the straight truck. Bringing someone with you who has the expertise to see what are the good and bad sides of the straight truck is a money saving move you can make.


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If it is necessary pay someone to come with you and this way you will have your wing man to tell you what to expect. Investing $100 fee and have a professional checking the truck for you is worth and possibly it can save you thousands in expensive repairs.

6. Ask if The Straight Truck Was Involved In Accident

This is very important question to ask and if you notice that some answers are not 100% honest go and run away from that truck.

Traffic accidents can in some cases damage the truck durability and stability and the truck that has gone trough the heavy traffic accident if not repaired at the highest level can jeopard the safety of your truck driver and even it can be involved in one more truck accident and cause a lot of damage and insurance cost to your company.

7. Check The Engine Details

Engine as a crucial part of the truck is the most expensive one to repair if something goes wrong so pay attention to this as well.



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