10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

Cheap trailer rental services in the last few years become more and more popular as the trucking industry faces multiple challenges and it starts to become harder and harder to make profit and brake even. At this very moment there is a lot of competition in this space so I’m going to detaily describe step by step how you can get yourself a way better deal than you thought so in the first place.

10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

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Cheap trailer rental service become popular in the last decade for the very simple reason that trucking industry is facing a lot of challenges. First there is a lot of competition that drives load prices down and reduced profitability and another very important thing is that there is huge fluctuations in number of load available.


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As always happens when trucking industry demands for new type of services there is always someone on the market that is going to offer that kind of service and satisfy the newly created market demand.

Don’t Show All Your Cards At The Beginning

When starting to negotiate and go trough the negotiating process it is always wise to play a little game and not to open yourself and show all your moves to the other side opponent. Wise thing to do is keep your mouth shut and let the other side to talk and present their solution and offer.

10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

There is few different approaches you can use and gain advantage but the ones that alway work in my case is that simply don’t discover everything you want. If you want to lease 3 trailers enter into negotiation process pretending that you want to lease only one trailer and squeeze all the possible discount from them and at the end ask for more by simply saying you will rent 3 trailer for extra huge discount.

Contact Multiple Trailer Rental Service Providers

Also one of the oldest techniques is to contact multiple trailer rental service providers in your area. Not just that, sometimes you can find some trailer rental providers that don’t have a strong presence in your area but would like to develop one.

Use that situation to explain them how they can benefit from doing business to you and that if you use their trailers you will recommend it to your colleagues and other business partners. Of course when negotiating and using this as a leverage your main objective needs to be price reduction.

10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

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Another thing to have in mind is a special technique where you can directly say that some of their competitors also not have the presence in your state are offering you some really great deals to take their trailers for lease. This way you will achieve that most trailer rental companies will take more serious approach to the deal that you want to close.

Get Few Quotes from Different Vendors

Once you decided to contact few of the trailer rental companies and you got their attention and you already used all the tips and tricks described in the above paragraphs now it is time to get a quote.

You prepared everything and now it is your time to wait for their feedback. The one of important things is not to push the things. Try to avoid situation there you are contacting them and wait for them to contact you. Remember that you are probably dealing with big companies and that they are sometimes slow and that things take more time on their side than on your side.

10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

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Once they contact you and send the email it is your time to start playing the game. Don’t answer and don’t respond. Let them chase you and let them do the first step and show that they are interested to close that deal. This way you are creating a psychological advantage that can be very helpful in closing this deal.

Ask For Discounts On Multi-Month Renting

Some cheap trailer rental companies are willing to offer you far better deal if they now that you will be using their services for a longer period of time. By expressing the interest to rent trailer for couple or even more months if they can get you a good deal you can lower the renting prices by extra percents.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Usually companies are willing to rent the trailer for a month or two but maybe they can give you a really good deal if you decide to rent the trailer for 6 months or more in a row. What I strongly suggest is to do the math and some calculation where you will find out is that profitable to you and can your trucking business handle renting cost or it is maybe better for you to lease or buy trailer.

Chose January to March Period to Get New Contract

This is the best period of year to start negotiation process of your new trailer rental contracts. The best part of the year is because the season is low and there is not much people buying trucks or new trailers in this part of the year.

By starting everything in February in exchange you will get a 100% focus from the trailer rental company and also since the season in low they face challenged to achieve their monthly sales plans that were set up to them by their executives.

10 Secrets To Find Cheap Trailer Rental Services

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The sales rep will work and try his best to get you a deal that makes you happy and get you inside their network because sometimes they don’t look to make money immediately they look on long run and wish to up sell you.

Play Bad Cop, Good Cop Game

It may sound like a cliche and that you have heard about this thousands time but it definitely works. Try to involve one more person into the negotiating process that will be your wing man and work together with you all the way long.

Of course you can present either yourself or other person as positioned above you in the company and make it a decision maker so that you can transfer all the negative decision making situations to other. It works really cool in my experience and provides amazing results. Once I managed to get extra $6.000 discount on the deal that was supposed to be $15.000 in total. It is 40% price reduction just because we used this tactic.

Create a Bidding War

The best thing you can do is to create a bidding war and let the companies start fighting for you. This way all you have to do is sit tight and be smart, let them do the business. Believe it or not a lot of companies have a lot more space to lower the prices than you could even think.



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