7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

Whenever we need dump truck rental services in most cases we have a lot of other things in mind and to worry about and all of us don’t pay a lot of attention to details. Usually we are in the middle of renovation process of our home, we are rebuilding something or renovating something. In some cases we are remodeling our basement or simply getting solved of the stuff and thing we no longer need.

7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

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Anyway there is thousands of potential situations that can lead us to need one dump truck rental services but all of those situations at the same time drive focus from this. In most cases that lack of focus wants us just to quickly solve the situation and find a solution and we don’t pay attention to the pricing options available on the market.

Well that is way wrong if you ask me because if you apply some tips and tricks you can save even up to few hundreds of dollars in total which is nice amount of money especially of you know that this service costs around $1000 per dump truck rental.

1. Try To Plan Dump Truck Rental Few Months In Advance

It would be really good if you can plan your activities few months in advance not because it could get you a cheaper price but because you can monitor for special promotion prices. Dump truck rental companies are not so organized that make reservations few months in advance could land you a deal. It is not like air plane companies.

7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

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They simply not work this way but there is some other options that you can use if you plan your usage in advance. One of the most usable situation is that you watch few several companies promotions and special deals they advertise and there is a great chance you will land a deal this way.

This practice is mostly used by some larger companies not the small local ones but still if the national player has build a strong local presence in your area why not take the advantage of that. Some of the promotions available may include different usage types so take a detail look to choose what suits your needs in a best way.

Once you managed to find the best promotion deals take some time to compare the offers and see that they are identical because if you start comparing two different offers (that looks the same at first sight) but when you dig deeper you will discover that they are not the same.

In most cases they do it on purposes so that you can’t directly compare the differences but also to have reason that they are different and unique dump truck rental company.

2. Contact Multiple Dump Truck Rental Providers

Once you are finished with the previous step and finally managed to find which one of the dump truck rental providers has he best offer take the next step and contact all of them and see what price they can offer to you. Once you get all the prices write them down and start negotiating with the companies.

7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

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Every time you have a conversation with them no matter is it over the phone or via email try to mention that you are about to contact more providers and that you are looking for the best deal you can find on the market.


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This way you are making sure that they know if they want to land a deal with you they need to invest extra effort or in this case they need invest extra money because you don’t want that standard walk in deal – you want something better.

3. Check Online For Best Available Offers

In most cases on todays market for no apparent reason you will be able to land better deals if you just go online and search on multiple websites for the prices instead of calling companies directly ar even visiting their local brick and mortar offices.

Why is this happening over last few years is hard to explain. I mean there is some signs of business logic but still if we all now that renting cheap dump truck from third side providers requires a commission paid to them and even when that is calculated they are still cheaper than renting directly.

7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

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Without going into to deeper analysis of these last few year trends I would like just to make a conclusion that is very wise to find and use these kind of situations and promotions.

4. Get Two Offers and Try to Get The To Bid For The Deal

Now when you finally gone trough all of the above mentioned steps and reached a point where you have two or more offers on the table it is time to play a little game that will land you even better deal.

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To make the most out of this game it is mandatory to get three different offers from three different cheap dump truck rental companies.

These are the steps in the game you need to make:

1. Step – Take the cheapest offer which we are going to call offer number 1 and call the second cheapest provider that provided you the offer we are going to call offer number 2. Show them the offer you have and ask them is there a chance they can beat that offer and believe me they will beat it. Offer #2 becomes the cheapest one now.

7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

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2. Step – Take the offer number #2 and contact the third company that get you the offer that was originally most expensive one and didn’t had the chance to be selected. Do the same procedure like in step #1 but only in this case you are taking offer #2 and showing it to the most expensive bidder and ask for discount. Believe me even they will match the price and suddenly the most expensive one becomes the cheapest options.



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