7 Advices For Cheap Dump Truck Rental

3. Step – It is not over yet. There is still space to make progress. Take the offer #3 that is the cheapest one now and show it to the supplier that submitted the offer at the beginning. That offer at the begging was the cheapest but after two rounds of negotiations it is now most expensive. Show offer #3 and ask to match and go lower. They will match and now you are at the same position like at the begging. Offer #1 is lowest and cheapest but by playing this simple game you managed to get minimum 10% discount. Not bad.

5. Create National Account To Get Discounts

Some companies offer some membership programs that can lower your cheap dump truck rental prices if you decide to join them. If you are like me than you will probably decline this option.

To be honest I hate those membership programs because I don’t like having a few dozens of credit cards and all other cards in my wallet. But this helps and definitely drives the price down. So think about it twice – become a member, use discount and throw the card away of you don’t like to use one.

6. Try Avoiding Expensive Up Selling Solutions

This is another trick truck rental companies try to do and it is one of the oldest you can see on the market. Usually they try to do up selling by offering you all sort of additional coverages and insurance stupidities that you don’t need. But hey they want to make some extra money and this the sweet juice that makes their business live and running.


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In some cases I must admit they offer some pretty good things that can be really helpful but in most cases you can pass the offer without ever thinking of being sorry for doing that. Usually they target some extra insurance options and coverage options such as lost keys or something similar that usually you don’t need.

7. Check The Mileage Limit

If you are renting entire dump truck and not just dump bin then this option might mean a lot to you. Some companies have a practice that they don’t set the maximum mileage limits or they set up the mileage limit when you pass the limit yo get charged extra cents per mile.

On the other hand some companies don’t set any limit at all and you literally can drive as much as you want or need. There is a huge difference in these rules and at the end those kind of rules can have a big impact on the final check you will need to pay to truck rental companies.

Always when the truck rental company provides you the price for renting ask this question about the mileage limit and what are the costs if they exist linked to these type of limits.


When writing this article I tried to get you a bit closer how the cheap dump truck rental companies work and think and how they determine the prices. It is important that you know how they work so that you can use their weaknesses to beat them and get the deal you deserve.

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