Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks

Bobtail Trucks over the last 10 years become more and more popular as the trucking industry in  United States has a continuous growth ad expansion. Now more than ever you can see a lot of trucks on the roads all over the country the expansion in the last 20 years has been amazing.

As a driver of usual passenger car sometimes is even hard to drive because the roads are packed with the bobtail trucks or tractor plus trailer. That trucking industry business development leads us to have a lot of choices when we need to buy a new bobtail truck. There is a lot of different manufacturers and different truck models and all of them have their pros and cons.

At the end most of trucking companies owner have some preferences and they make buying decision as a combinations of ratio and emotions. For that reason you can definitely pop up to all kind of different trucking company owners saying this truck is good but this is better and so on. In a lot of cases this may sound to you that you are listening to a two little boys but hey we are all emotional on our trucks.

I created the small overview of the 10 best

bobtail trucks

you can find on todays market:

1. Volvo 670 

Volvo presents one of the most popular bobtail trucks in todays USA truck market and literally wherever you turn you can see a Volvo truck. There is a pretty good reason for this popularity. Volvo presents really good buying options and has one of the best in class cost/benefit ratios.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks


Fuel efficiency is one of the best in class but in this area almost all competition is working really hard so if you have a truck that had an amazing fuel efficiency in few years entire competition has the same best fuel efficiency. Anyway Volvo is known for good quality and cheap maintenance cost so that makes him one (or maybe first) of the best choices you can make when deciding which bobtail truck to buy.

Volvo 670 presents the good option for the OTR trucking and most companies choose this model for their daily operations. The model 670 provides the best ratio when it comes to driving comfort, quality and price.

2. Volvo 780

The bigger brother of the above described bobtail truck Volvo 670 offers even more comfort and luxury than the smaller version. The biggest change comes in a form of the bigger and larger truck cabin offering state of the art driver comfort and you can truly call it a driving home.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks


There is a decent number of these Volvo models you can see on the road but trucking companies usually are not that willing to buy this top model because the price compared to the standard one can be up to 30k higher. For that reason only few companies have it  and most of those companies have long driving load where drivers comfort plays the key role.

Also in some cases when buying a fleet of new bobtail trucks, truck dealerships offer these trucks at a discounted price and that is the reason most of the Volvo 780 truck are bought. Reduced price and willingness to treat the drivers like kings makes this ultra strong and comfort truck a top choice for every driver.

3. Freightliner Cascadia

Together with Volvo truck series presents the most popular trucks in Class 8 market segment and also is one of the first choices of most trucking companies. When you combine Volvo and Freightliner you can be 100% sure that those two companies hold 2/3 of the OTR truck market.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks


Owned by Mercedes Benz Freightliner is well known for his durable engines and one of the best fuel efficiencies on todays market. Also besides the engine and fuel efficiency the entire line up is well known for the good interior finishing and nice interior design.

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One of the most praised feature is that it offers amazing cabin comfort in terms of size and seat comfort. It is well known that even higher drivers can stand up in the cabin without the need to watch their head.

4. Freightliner Century

Presents one of the most popular USA Class 8 Luxury bobtail trucks. At this moment it is not anymore in production since it was retired after 14 years long production cycle (1994 – 2010) where it was well known for durability and quality along with well known Freightliner cabin comfort.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks


This truck was very popular and deserved the spot in the hall of fame of american trucking history and still you can find it in Australia where the production is not ended. Last versions build were extremely reliable and fine tuned and all the errors were fixed that caused some troubles on first versions.


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Also you can still find them used sold in some good conditions and people seem to like it so maybe if you are a fan of this bobtail trucks you can go after one yourself and give it a try.

5. Freightliner Columbia

Also one of the stars from Freightliner that is very popular and has some pretty amazing bobtail trucks sales results in the last few years. Freightliner Columbia comes in a lot of different configurations and styles so every trucking company will not have the problem to find a perfect match for their transportation needs.



Literally you can choose between dozen of different cabin styles and configurations and potential to customize the truck is really amazing. These kind of truck is mostly used by mid range trucking companies. There is of course examples that you can see the Freightliner Columbia on the long range laods as well but not in that much cases. As said this is a great truck because there is a lot of different options to modify it.

6. Freightliner Coronado

The big shot among trucks with one of the highest reputation in the industry. Long lasting, durability, solid as rock, beast, truck designed for endless driving…



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