Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks

bobtail trucks

you can find on todays market:

1. Volvo 670 

Volvo presents one of the most popular bobtail trucks in todays USA truck market and literally wherever you turn you can see a Volvo truck. There is a pretty good reason for this popularity. Volvo presents really good buying options and has one of the best in class cost/benefit ratios.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks


Fuel efficiency is one of the best in class but in this area almost all competition is working really hard so if you have a truck that had an amazing fuel efficiency in few years entire competition has the same best fuel efficiency. Anyway Volvo is known for good quality and cheap maintenance cost so that makes him one (or maybe first) of the best choices you can make when deciding which bobtail truck to buy.

Volvo 670 presents the good option for the OTR trucking and most companies choose this model for their daily operations. The model 670 provides the best ratio when it comes to driving comfort, quality and price.

2. Volvo 780

The bigger brother of the above described bobtail truck Volvo 670 offers even more comfort and luxury than the smaller version. The biggest change comes in a form of the bigger and larger truck cabin offering state of the art driver comfort and you can truly call it a driving home.



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