Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks



I can’t even remember all the nicknames Freightliner Coronado owns but by that you can see what is the image it posses. It is amazing truck that has been driving all over the states in different forms for decades. It is a classic and most real truckers or truck lovers want to buy this amazing truck.


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When you see Freightliner Coronado there is a big chance you will probably see a mid to older age driver driving this beast and most of the truck drivers driving Coronado are trucking enthusiast and lovers so they choose this truck.

7. Peterbilt 579

Peterbilt has recorded amazing improvement in their long hauling trucks especially in the last few years. Peterbilt 579 represents a new age of trucking industry where trucks are made to optimize and save money. This is what 579 actually does very well. Some truck drivers are reporting some of the lowest possible fuel consumption levels that even sound unrealistic to me as well – 8mpg.



Well if this is possible and I’m quite sure that it is the rest of the Peterbilt good sides we don’t even need to mention. If we just say that it has 10% lower fuel consumption and calculate that sum over the year time we will see that the amount of possible saving is huge green light for this truck.

8. Kenworth T 680

In last edition really amazing truck. As said before all trucks you can buy on todays market are pretty much amazing. Kenworth invested a lot of money into air dynamics optimization for the two main reasons and it pays back heavily.



The main reason is to reduce the consumption and emission which they do quite successfully. In last years we witnessed a lot of new trucks on the road which makes it very popular by trucking companies.

9. International Pro Star

Another really good company that makes really amazing bobtail trucks. They invest a lot of their efforts meaning time and money to develop really amazingly good aerodynamics for the trucks and hard work started to pay off and new International Pro Star is born.



Some independent analysis are showing that it has some really good performance and durability and every day more trucking companies are introducing International Pro Star to their fleet.

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10. International Long Star

Bigger brother of the above described model with some amazing bobtail trucks cabin comfort that can serve the truck drivers for week without any need to come back to the company or home. It is truly amazing truck and it shows the truckings industry achievements in the last decade.

Discover 10 Best Bobtail Trucks

It is packed with some amazing options that are helping driver to reduce the stress of driving and also to make him feel like home. Size of the cabin is amazing, options are amazing, and also the price is competitive so you can be sure that if you decide to reward drivers with this big boy you will get a lot in return from them.


I know that for most of you it is not easy to make a decision because we can say that all the above mentioned bobtail trucks are really good. Trucking industry and trucks have seen dramatic improvement over the last 10 years and now more than ever it is not easy to make a decision which truck to buy.

Hopefully the above overlook of the most important bobtail trucks makes and models you can find on the market will help you to make a better decision based on the facts and personal preferences all of us have.



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