Top 10 Trucking Companies In Oklahoma

Top 10 Trucking Companies In Oklahoma

Starting out with only one truck in 1968 Freymiller has grown to over 500 trucks in their fleet with almost as many drivers, traveling as many as 50 million miles a year!

So, no matter what your trucking and transport needs might be, they can support you. Not only that they offer the regular load service, but also they are able to handle your HAZ-mat freight as well!

6. Western Flyer Express LLC

Western Flyer Express is another great example of the numerous family owned and operated trucking companies in Oklahoma.

They have proudly been providing services to the trucking and transport industry since 1996.

Based out of Oklahoma City, the founders, Rodney and Randy Timms started their partnership with just 4 trucks (and 4 reefers). Since that modest start they have managed to grow their business to the power house it is today.

Currently they have over 550 vehicles in their fleet with almost just about as many drivers. The vast majority of their operation is drop and hook.

Even though they primarily operate south of I-40, they still manage to rack up 57 million miles a year! As you can see Western Flyer is another fine example of the many trucking companies in Oklahoma.

5. Gemini Motor Transport

This is one company that you might not have thought about when it comes to trucking companies in Oklahoma.

Gemini Motor Transport is part of the greater Love’s family of companies. They are based out of Oklahoma City and support their 410 various locations in 40 states.

Of course, Love’s is known for being a great truck stop, where you can get all your fueling needs taken care of! This includes truck maintenance (such as tires repair, mirrors, general service etc.), roadside assistance, hotels, and even storage rental.

They have currently over 17,000 employees, throughout the greater corporation.  Gemini Motor Transport has a truck fleet of 550 vehicles.

Their nearly 725 professional drivers travel over 53 million miles per year! While doing so, they transport everything from stock items for the various stores to crude oil for the refineries.

4. Airgas USA LLC.

Servicing over one million customers, Airgas has grown to be one of the largest trucking companies in Oklahoma.

They cover well over 75 million miles per year with their fleet of 4,000 trucks (operated by 2240 professional drivers).

Like so many in the trucking industry Airgas is an important part of the US economy and actually to supporting our overall infrastructure as well. They provide service to construction companies, medical, chemical, utilities, food/research, manufacturing and more.


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Furthermore, they have even helped support the building of car components and stages for entertainment venues. They have been present in decades and have proven themselves to be a leader in their field.

So if you’re looking for trucking companies in Oklahoma, swing by the Tulsa area and check out Airgas USA.

3. Groendyke Transport Inc.

There are so many great trucking companies in Oklahoma that it can be hard to pick one over the other.

Another example of great company in the hard of Oklahoma is Groendyke Transport, when it comes to tank-truck carriers; they are one of the largest in the USA.


Based in Enid, Oklahoma (a little north of Oklahoma City) they have a fleet of just about 1000 vehicles being operated by 890 drivers, covering almost 78 million miles a year.

When it comes to liquid bulk shipping Groendyke has more than 80 years of experience. They were formed in 1932 and now transport petroleum, chemicals, and other bulk liquids and gasses.

You can be sure that their safety standing is amongst the highest in the industry after all their freight can cause more than just a simple traffic delay if it spills! This standard is proven by their 420,000 loads transported last year alone!

2. John Christner Trucking LLC

Speaking of larger trucking companies in Oklahoma, John Christner Trucking is another good sized operation.

John Christner Trucking is proudly offering a wide array of services, these include both brokerage as well as carrier services. Heck, they even have a company store where you can get the best in trucker clothing fashion, other related supplies, and many trucker accessories too.

They are headquartered in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa on Interstate 44. Though they started out in 1986 with only 2 trucks they have since grown into a much larger operation with over 800 trucks in their fleet.


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Additionally, they almost 900 drivers, covering an impressive 110 million miles! John Christner Trucking prides itself in not only providing great logistical and transport services but in treating everyone like family, both customer and employee alike.

1. Melton Truck Lines Inc.

One of the bigger trucking companies in Oklahoma is Melton Truck Lines. They are based out of Tulsa Oklahoma but can provide you with all your trucking needs regardless where you are located.

They are about to do this with their impressive fleet of 1,340 vehicles and over 1200 drivers. Every year Melton Truck Lines covers more than 115 million miles, that’s like crossing the USA, from coast to coast, over 41,000 times!

For all that driving, you better have a great truck mattress and a good GPS, road optimizer or other navigational tools!!

But they weren’t always so big; in 1954 Melton only had a few trucks. But, over the years they have managed to build quite the nice trucking company they are today. So, no matter where you need your freight to go, give Melton some consideration!

Other Trucking Companies in Missouri, Worth Mentioning…

American Waste Control Inc. – it is one of the many trucking companies in Oklahoma based out of Tulsa. Its fleet counts 106 vehicles and 84 drivers.

Annual mileage: 32 million.

Services offered: Truck, Tractor, and Trailer.

Alan Ritchey Inc. – is both, broker and carrier company with main office in Hendrix. In the same way like the other trucking companies in Oklahoma, the main services of this trucking company are: tractor, trailer and haz-mat load transportation.

Fleet size: 152.

Drivers: 259.

Annual mileage: 28.3 million.



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