Top 10 Trucking Companies in Oregon

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Oregon


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3. Bridgetown Trucking Inc.

Bridgetown Trucking started with work back in 1999, when they were contracted by MSAS Global, to provide one dedicated 24-foot box truck.

Ever since then, this company works towards its goal of improving the service and dependability to its loyal customers which now counts over ninety regular customers that are satisfied with the services received from one of the best trucking companies in Oregon.

They’ve developed operating standards from the freight forwarders perspective!


Throughout the years of dedication to the work, outstanding customer service care, and constant improvements, they’ve managed to fulfill each and every customer needs offering a variety of services including:

  • Flatbed services;
  • Air freight pickup and delivery;
  • Full truckload rates (FTL);
  • Ocean containers;
  • Dedicated truck service;
  • Customs bonded facility and truck service;
  • Less than truckload (LTL);
  • 136,000 SQ foot facilities located within 3 miles of Portland Intl Airport;
  • Short and long term warehousing, Fulfillment, Pick and Pack services;
  • TSA and CBP compliant;

So, next time you are around and looking for the best trucking companies in Oregon, give them a try!

4. Wilhelm Trucking & Rigging Co.

Wilhelm Trucking & Rigging Co marks its beginnings as a small transfer company back in 1910.

This company is a family-run business for over hundred years now.


Today, as one of the best trucking companies in Oregon, they can proudly say that they are leaders in the area.  Even though they’ve started with just a pair of horses who pulled what was then known as transfer wagons, somewhere by the 60’ they’ve become more specialized in trucking and warehousing.

Over the years and until the day today, Wilhelm Trucking keeps paying attention to a steadfast commitment to integrity, safety, and teamwork, and continues to operate on the same forward-looking principles like the very first day!


They promise that their hauling capabilities will continue to grow, improve and adapt to your transportation needs so keep that in mind when you are looking for one of the trucking companies in Oregon.

5. Bill Gulick Trucking Co

With more than 40 years of experience in the trucking business, this company definitely deserves to be mentioned among the top trucking companies in Oregon.

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Bill Gulick Trucking started operations back in 1973, and ever since then they are dedicated to providing their customers with loyal and competent service at the best prices.

They are transporting commodities of all types and haul all types of products all over the lower 48 states and Canada.


What sets them apart from the rest of the trucking companies in Oregon is their ability to tailor their services to match your needs. That is and the reason why in their customers’ database you can find clients that have been with them for over 20 years!

Another thing that sets them apart from the rest of the freight carriers is their reach new and well-maintained fleet of vehicles that contains 160 power units and 240 vans (including 10 dry units and 230 refrigerated units).


Their trailers are engineered to carry 45,000 pounds and include:

  • 48’ foot; and
  • 53’ x 102’.

Furthermore, they have an outstanding team of both, full-time company truck drivers, as well as reliable owner operators that work for them when needed.

So contact them and learn what Gulick Trucking can do for your business and freight needs!

6. Beaver Freight Services

Beaver Freight Services were founded in 1998. Ever since they open the doors, they’ve been providing nothing but the best for its customers! That is and the reason why their name and reputation as one of the best trucking companies in Oregon is well known in the area and further.


They pride themselves on building lasting relationships (based on trust and loyalty) with their clients. They do that through first-rate service, competitive pricing and the best selection of transportation options.

Furthermore, as their customer service always focuses on your requirements, they are always ready to serve and assist you with any transportation need you might have!

Their team of experts that has more than a century experience to transportation logistics will ensure that your shipments are always handled in the most professional manner possible.


At Beaver Freight you have a 3PL partner for a lifetime! They can supply you with a comprehensive solution to multiple transportation services including:

  • Volume and flexible market pricing;
  • Claims settlement;
  • Daily shipment management like:(dispatching, appointments, tracking, directions);
  • Access to a large number of pre-qualified carriers.

They maintain carrier contracts, cargo insurance, and carrier authority, so you can rest sure knowing that one of the top trucking companies in Oregon is focused on you, while you are focused on growing your business!

7. Bulk Transportation

With over half a century of transportation experience, bulk Transportation counts as one of the best trucking companies in Oregon.

Everything started back on February 1, 1958, when Geoff Cross and Chuck Brown formed Brown and Cross Trucking. Back then they have only two trucks to work with and a huge desire to succeed.

One of the trucks was driven by Geoff itself. He was hauling rock and sand. A few years later he becomes the only owner of the company so he renames the company in the well-known name today- “Bulk Transportation”.


Then, their corporate office was purchased and developed in 1970 and shortly after followed more company purchases as the company was entering into new geographical markets.

In like manner, by 1978 they’ve opened their first satellite terminal operation in Stockton CA. Later on, in addition to this terminal, there were quite a few more opened in: Buckeye, and Safford, AZ, Channelview, TX, Portland, OR, Adelanto, CA, and Las Vegas, NV.



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