Top 10 Trucking Companies in Washington

This trucking company with more than 250 trailers can provide you with transportation of a wide range of cargo from construction equipment to hazmats.

The fleet of Smokey Point Distributing comprises:

  • Flatbed trailer;
  • Step deck trailer;
  • Low profile step backs trailers can support all kind of trucking services;

Truck drivers at Smokey Point Distributing are five times more consistent than the rest truck drivers in the competitor trucking companies, and that represents one more reason why this trucking company should be proud of their employees.


This trucking company has been honored with the Platinum National Safety Award five times so far, which is confirmation that your cargo transportation is really safe with Smokey Point Distributing.

6. Eagle Systems Inc.


The Eagle Group is part of the American transportation more than 90 years. Eagle Systems as part of Eagle Group based in Wenatchee, Washington are leaders in intermodal transportation.

Eagle Systems are operating nationwide with coverage of all 48 states and including Canada as well. As a leader in intermodal transportation, this company can help you with hauling several types of cargo such as:

  • Steel containers;
  • General Freight;
  • Hazardous materials;

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As well Eagle Systems are offering trans-loading services on many of the terminals they have. Supported with fleet bigger than 380 vehicles, this trucking company is proudly is serving the USA market since 1903.

Eagle Group with coverage of all 48 states and 35 operating facilities yearly is handling more than three million truck loads.

So, if you’ve been in a search for the best intermodal company in Washington with all state coverage – then you should take into consideration Eagle Systems.

5. Milkyway

Milky Way is a division of Lynden Incorporated with primary service in Pacific Coast and Canada. This company is specialized in transportation of sensitive liquid.

Washington, as the state with huge milk production, has a lot of companies that are providing milk transportation.

This company is present on the market since 1940, and during the 70’s they granted their place as biggest milk carrier in Washington. Since 40’s they are following the latest improvements in the tank technology and applying in their vehicles, for safest transportation of the sensitive liquids.

Milky Way with a fleet size of 342 vehicles and more than 500 drivers is securing the daily milk transportation in Washington, following the latest innovation in the liquid tanks and applying to their own.

Milky Way has a unique way of hauling that goes from direct daily pick up from the milk producers and transportation to the destination that you need. This kind of service is supported by the latest liquid sensitive tanks which are placing Milky Way on the list best trucking companies in Washington.

4. Haney Truck Line

Need to transport oversized load and you don’t have a carrier? As a leader in heavy hauling in West Coast, luckily Haney Truck Line is here to help.

Luckily Haney Truck Line is the leader in heavy haul transportation in the Pacific Coast. Based in Yakima, WA this company is one of the largest trucking companies in Washington and all West Coast.

Customers from 11 states (Washington, Oregon, Montana, California and more) are having the opportunity to use the wide range of heavy-load services that this trucking company is providing.

Haney Truck Line fleet have more than 450 Peterbilt 579 tractors and 1,500 trailers, mainly four-axels 53-foot and 64-foot dry vans specially manufactured to transport up to 63,000 pounds loads at once.

Haney Truck Line as one of the largest trucking companies in West USA, can help you to transport:

  • Any kind of agricultural goods;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Building materials;
  • Heavy machinery;


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Haney Truck Line with their unique fleet is allowing to their customers 20-40 % bigger truckload at once, better qualification than the rest of the trucking companies on the West Coast.

This qualification (bigger truckload than regular) and fleet bigger than 2,000 vehicles are the reasons why Haney Truck Line is listed as one of the best trucking companies in Washington.

3. Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc.

Founded in 1916 in Oak Harbor, Washington, Oak Harbor Freight Lines this year is celebrating 100th – anniversary, existence in West Coast trucking industry.

 LTL (Less than Truckload) nationwide is the service that kept this company on the top so many years. They are offering direct service in five western states including Washington which is supported with a fleet of more than 500 tractors and 1900 trailers.

Thereupon Oak Harbor Freight Lines has specialized in providing truckload services, which is positioning this trucking company at the third place on the list of best trucking companies in Washington.

Working with this company means flexibility, and therefore they can provide you with the following specialized services:

  • Long- haul transportation
  • Short-haul transportation
  • LTL services
  • Warehousing


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Warehousing in Las Vegas and San Diego is a huge plus for this company which is allowing flexibility and contributes in covering the West Coast without any difficulties.

Oak Harbor Freight Lines is a trucking company that can provide you with long-haul or short-haul services at any time without a problem on the Pacific Coast – 1900 trailers is not a small number.

2. System Transport Inc.

Headquartered in Cheney, Washington with more than 40 years experience System Transport is the largest flatbed trucking companies in the Pacific Coast.

System Transport fleet is composed of 800 trucks and 1,200 trailers with an average age of a truck of two and a half years. System Transport is constantly renewing their fleet with new truck and trailer models and altogether with that they are equipping their old trucks with the latest technology gadgets.

The fleet of System Transport is mostly comprised of the best trucks – Kenworth T660, these are one of the best-equipped trucks nowadays. By investing in comfortable truck cabins, this trucking company is showing that they truly care for their truck drivers.

The majority of System Transportation trailers are 48’ flatbed trailers which are giving this company the title “largest flatbed company”. Besides the majority of flatbed trailers, this company as well has 48’ and 53’ step deck trailers – they can transport every type of oversized freight with these trailers.



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