Top 10 Trucking Companies in Washington


Transportation of freights from and to Northwestern USA can be difficult if you don’t know the best trucking companies in Washington.

Washington is Northwestern state in the USA with more than 7,000 miles of highway. These long highways are allowing flawless transportation, with loads evaluated more than $40 million every hour of the day.

Washington with 71,362 square miles is the 18th biggest state in the USA, with a population more than 7 million. Seattle is the largest city in Washington with more than 4 million people and represents the heart of transportation, business as well as industry.

This state is leading producer of apples and besides that, a huge list of fruits and vegetables are with Washington signature as origin country. Agricultural production is not the only contribution to state’s economy. Aircraft production, metal products, chemicals are contributors to Washington’s economy.

Interstate 5 is the most occupied road in Washington, with the length of 276 miles and more than 240,000 daily drivers, is the only highway that crosses the whole state.

Load transportation in Washington is supported by more than 45,000 trucking and transportation companies which are the backbone of the state’s economy.

This list with top 10 trucking companies in Washington is made after long research and company comparison based on:

  • Fleet size;
  • Drivers;
  • Mileage by year;

Company history (existence on the market) and customer experience as well were included as factors and according to them; those trucking companies are placed here.

If you have the need of trucking company in Washington this article will be really helpful for you because here are listed the top 10 trucking companies in Washington. So let’s start!

10. Peninsula Truck Lines Inc.


 Since 1951, Peninsula Truck Lines is providing LTL trucking services on the West Coast. With coverage of almost 1000 cities and towns on the Pacific Coast, this company is successfully transporting a wide range of freights more than 60 years.

Less than truckload (LTL) is the main trucking service that Peninsula Truck Lines is providing to the customers. With a fleet size bigger than 200 vehicles Peninsula Truck Lines is covering the Northwest without a problem.

Daily (AM) delivery is the main focus of this company for a wide range of cargo, from hand package size to palletized packages through all West Coast.

Peninsula Truck Lines as well is licensed for the transportation of hazardous materials with Hazardous materials safety permit from FMCSA.

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This trucking company provides to their customer’s real-time tracking of the loads as well they are receiving delivery notification after unloading the freights on pre-agreed location.

If you have been searching for LTL daily trucking company that allows you real-time tracking of your loads, Peninsula Truck Lines is the right match for you.

9. Gulick Trucking Inc.

Are you concerned how to transport refrigerated food from Washington? You don’t need to be anymore. Gulick Trucking Inc. is the perfect trucking company to your need – refrigerated trucking company.

Based in Vancouver, WA this company is specialized in the transport of refrigerated freight from Washington to all 48 states, as well as Canada.


Gulick Trucking with more than 40 years of experience in the trucking industry, besides been specialized in transportation of refrigerated loads, they can also transport any commodities according to your needs.

Gulick Trucking Inc. is providing loads transportation such as:

  • Food and drinks;
  • Refrigerated food;
  • Beer and wine;
  • Dry loads;
  • Paper and wood;

These types of hauling are supported by a fleet that has more than 200 vehicles and trailers. Gulick Trucking trailers have weight improvements so they can transport big loads with weight up to 45,000 pounds.

This company has remarkable statistics when it comes to returning customers. 75 % of their customers are the same more than 10 years, evidence that is proving how this trucking company is working.

When you have a need of trucking company that provides heavy transportation from Washington to all states you can count on Gulick Trucking.

8. Selland Auto Transport Inc.


Based in Seattle, Washington – the heart of transportation in Northwest USA, Selland Auto Transport is a trucking company that is providing vehicle transportation services more than 40 years in all the USA.

Established 1967, as a family business by Richard and Ann Selland with one vehicle, Selland Auto Transport has been growing throughout the years and nowadays it has become one of the best trucking companies in Washington. Today their fleet hold more than 250 trucks and trailer specialized in automotive transportation.


Specially equipped trucks and trailers with the newest technology are seen daily through the United States, doing their job – vehicle transportation on the secure way and with professionalism.

Vehicle transportation is a sensitive area in the trucking industry. Companies that are providing this type of services are obligated constantly to follow the latest regulations and innovations as part of flawless functioning in vehicle transportation.


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Vehicle transportation, especially brand new car transportation is a hard decision that business owner need to make. Selland is the trucking company that can be your perfect fit for this kind of services.

If you have been searching for trucking companies in Washington that are specialized in car transportation through all United States – Selland Auto Transportation with more than 40 years of experience might make the perfect fit for your needs.

7. Smokey Point Distributing Inc.


Need to transport air cargo on the West Coast? Smokey Point as a leader in aero cargo is here to help you with your aerospace related cargo transportation.

As one of best trucking companies in Washington, Smokey Point is a leader in aerospace associated transportation. Smokey Point is part of the trucking industry for more than 30 years, during that period of time they have become experts in the aero cargo transportation and as result of that, they are able to respond to every demand for flatbed service in the Washington area.

Smokey Point Distributing can offer you this kind of services:

  • Less than truckload shipment (LTL);
  • Truckload;
  • Warehouse;
  • Logistics;

This trucking company allows online tracking shipments up to arrival, service that gives clients full load assurance.



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