Top 10 Trucking Companies In South Dakota


Expansive, sparsely populated, with well-developed trucking industry, are few of the main characteristics that describe the best the State of South Dakota.

Thereupon, the trucking industry in South Dakota is supported by the South Dakota Trucking Association. In fact, this association has a great contribution to the promotion of the trucking industry in this state.

To put it another way, the overall load transportation process in South Dakota is taking place through the I-29 corridor.

This corridor is running through the Eastern part of the state, and it goes through the most industrialized and profitable areas of this state. In general, the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota that I have included in this article are mainly running their trucks trough this corridor.

Let’s take a look!

1. Habeck Trucking Inc.

Habeck Trucking is one of the leading trucking companies in South Dakota. This trucking company is always providing outstanding services to their customers.

Moreover, this trucking company is offering various types of transportation services. Recently Habeck Trucking has added to their fleet flatbed and pneumatic trailers.


The leaders of Habeck Trucking are still guiding this trucking company in old style tradition combined with new style technology tools. In fact, that is one of the reasons why nowadays Habeck Trucking is one of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota.

As one of the best trucking companies in South Dakota, Habeck trucking is offering superior services. Their truckers are always working with scheduled shipments, and are coordinating time-efficient pickups and deliveries.

Henceforth, Habeck Trucking is offering the following services:


A great advantage that Habeck’s truck drivers are enjoying are the late model trucks and equipment. Thereupon, the fleet of this trucking company is comprising:

  • Tractors-average 3years old;
  • Trailers- average 4 years old’
  • 53’ trailers equipped with tandem, spread, and sliding spread axles;
  • Thermo King Reefer Units;
  • Pneumatic Trailers;

Mainly this trucking company is operating in Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri.

2. Dakota Lines

Dakota Lines was incorporated back in May 1989, by Gary Blom. As a CPA, Gar was, in fact, part of the trucking industry in the USA since 1980.

The main vision of this trucking company was to provide intermodal freight services. Later on not only that Dakota Lines made their vision come true, but also this trucking company became one of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota.


Moreover, if we take a sneak peak to 1992, we can see that Dakota Lines was recognized and certified at the same time by the Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council.

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Also, this trucking company is recognized by Chrysler and General Motors as a minority carrier.

Nowadays, this leading trucking company in South Dakota has expanded their fleet to over 100 trucks and 900 trailers.

3. Selland Trucking

Selland Trucking became part of the trucking industry as livestock and grain hauler. Nowadays, this trucking company is one of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota.

Thereupon, this trucking company is providing only the very best load transportation services. Their truck drivers are performing the pickup, transportation, and delivery processes in a safe and time-efficient manner (all of them have perfect truck driver’s resume).


It is good for you to know that Selland Trucking is specializing in providing flatbed services. As one of the best trucking companies in South Dakota, Selland Trucking is operating in all 48 states and in the Canadian Provinces as well.

Yet, one of their specialties is the flatbed freight inbound and outbound services of South Dakota.

Further, this trucking company has established Selling Brokerage in 2009. By establishing their brokerage services their customers are enjoying better services these days. Have in mind that Selland can coordinate and guide every aspect of the transportation process.

4. MCT Transportation LLC.

Looking forward to finding a trucking company that is providing value-added transportation services? If so, then your search for that type of trucking company can stop at MCT Transpiration LLC.

As one of the best trucking companies in South Dakota, this trucking company had the vision which they turned into reality, and that is to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.


At the very beginning, this trucking company entered the trucking industry with leased truck. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, this trucking company these days became nation’s leading transportation provider.

Moreover, the access of this trucking industry is spanning to 45 strategically located terminals across the country. Thereupon, if you are looking for a premium logistics as well as brokerage service provider, then you can count on MCT.


Another key point that makes it part of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota is that this tucking company is providing 24-hour satellite tracking. Also, all truck and trailers that this trucking company owns are fully equipped with Electronic Data Interchange and the newest technology gadgets.

Therefore, you can put all of your trust in MCT, because starting from route optimization up to fleet maintenance, these trucking company can do it all.

5. A & A Express Refrigerated Transport

A & A Express is specializing in temperature- sensitive shipments, this trucking company knows how to minimize and eliminate any loss.

As one of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota, specializing in temperature-sensitive shipments, A & A can haul fresh products, including meat and frozen food.


By using the services that this trucking company is offering, you will experience reduced costs and liabilities. Thereupon, A & A can deliver quickly perishable products, also can reduce the loading and unloading delays, and last but not least this trucking company can minimize and eliminate the economic losses by reducing your expenses.

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Since A & A Express is one of the top 10 trucking companies in South Dakota, their leaders do understand that the technology is playing a vital role in the quality of service that they are offering as well as in the customer satisfaction.



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