Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

There are many ways one can go about decorating their home or office, buying unclaimed freight furniture is one of them. This is just like buying anything else. Have you gone to factory outlets? Or those stores that sell ‘scratched, dinged, dented, and one of kinds’?

If yes, chances are you have shopped around some things that were unclaimed freight. There is nothing wrong with finding the best deal. And it doesn’t matter where you go to get it.

What matters is that you found what you need and you are happy with it. Of course it is a bonus if you find something too good to be true at a great price and really is just that!

We are always looking for ways to cut cost:

  • Buying in bulk (bulk tires, batteries, supplies)
  • Shopping during sales (black Friday is an obvious example)
  • Using discount club cards (The old Sam’s Club for example)
  • And there are of course many other ways to cut costs.

So I have come up with a list of a few places where you can find some unclaimed freight furniture. But before I give you the list I thought I should give some insight into what it is and cover a few other interesting tidbits. Hope you find this entertaining and useful.

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

What is Unclaimed Freight Furniture?

I have already covered in one of my previous articles what is unclaimed freight and what are the reasons for a freight to become an “unclaimed freight”.

I know that many people have heard about this but there might be those who are not real familiar with terms and concept of unclaimed freight furniture. Well, this is pretty much the same as any other unclaimed freight items. But, I guess you’re still thinking, “Ok, but what is it?”

Well in simple terms, unclaimed freight furniture is any item that, for whatever the reason, was not claimed by either a merchandiser, customer, company, individual, or official representative of the owner of the freight.

So, what that means is that after a set amount of time an item remains unclaimed it can be disposed of, to include being auctioned off. This usually helps to offset any associated cost that has accrued while in the care of the warehouse facility.

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Is this common? Well, actually yes. But you have an understanding of the overall process of how it happens. Because it just doesn’t magically appear overnight and ‘poof’ there is unclaimed freight furniture sitting on the dock.

So let’s start at the beginning, the manufacturing process itself is fairly straightforward. Materials are sent to factories where they are produced. Whole sellers and retailers sell these products to the consumer, who takes them home or wherever it might end up. The break in this otherwise simple concept is the transporting of the freight from the factory to the end user.

Often the freight simple doesn’t get there. Whether it was damaged in transport, mishandled, lost, can’t locate a proper point of contact, or the freight owner went out of business. No matter the reason it was not claimed and then became ‘unclaimed freight’ or for this article unclaimed freight furniture.

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Again you might be wondering, how could someone not claim it? How could they not find the owner and have them take delivery of the cargo?Well if a company goes out of business there is no one left to claim it.

Or if the cargo arrives in damaged condition the receiver might refuse to accept it. For example, if the wrong components were shipped. In some cases it can be sent back to the manufacturer, while in other circumstances it could sit in the cargo bay indefinitely.

There are cases of the cargo arriving in such poor condition that the receiver will refuse delivery. In these cases they can receive credit or perhaps the truck insurance will even cover it.

The items again then become classified as unclaimed. This would make the merchandise available to be stored, disposed of, destroyed, or sold (either as the intended product or as scrap).

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

The good thing about unclaimed freight furniture, and other items, they usually don’t stay that way for long. Once they have remained abandoned for the set amount of time, freight companies need the space and will do what they can to get rid of it, as quickly as possible.

This allows for other companies and/or individuals to purchase it. This can be done through a quick sale, contract for the periodic removal of trash and abandoned/unclaimed freight, or through private/public auction.


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There is a set period of time that must pass before freight is considered unclaimed or referred to as abandoned. This is based off a variety of legal guidelines.

So once the proper time has passed the legal ownership of the freight is no longer an issue. The original owners lose all rights to claimed ownership; this allows the shipping company the legal right of getting rid of it.

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Now, I said there are ways to do this. Something that is common for the freight handlers and shippers to do is to work with a listing service. This way they can find freight dealers who will take possession (for a fee) of the cargo and get rid of it as they see fit.

With that said, there have been a lot of companies to come along and sell the unclaimed freight merchandise and unclaimed freight furniture in their own stores. You can find almost anything in some of these places, while others specialize in one particular product line. Some of the common ones are:

  • Automotive parts and tires
  • Clothing and shoes
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Tools and all kind of electronics and gadgets

Top 25 Locations to Buy Unclaimed Freight Furniture

But really you can find anything. If you shop around you can find everything to remodel your kitchen or bath. You can find everything to set-up your own shed, pole-barn, or garage. Really you name it, and I bet there is a place somewhere selling the particular piece of unclaimed freight. But for today’s article, I tried to stick with places that specialize or at least have a focus on unclaimed freight furniture.



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