safest trailer door locks

Triple the Cargo Security with the best Trailer Door Locks


These days there is a variety of trailer door locks options available for the trucking industry. In general, most trailer door locks used in the trucking industry are the padlocks.

Padlocks can be found in many different profiles.

Actually, padlocks are detachable locks that are hanging by a pivoted hook on the trailer door. Padlocks have different features.

In general, padlocks are composed of a locking mechanism, a body, and shackle.


Thereupon, padlocks can be divided into two categories, padlocks with integrated locking mechanism and a padlock with a modular mechanism.

The lock body is a thick part that is composed of internal components and a lock core. Whereas the shackle is a piece of metal.

The shackle remains immobilized when the padlock is locked. Last, the locking mechanism can be seen as a device that keeps the shackle stationary when the padlock is locked.

General Features of Trailer Door Locks

Powerful and durable trailer door locks should have the following key features:

  1. Provides help to keep intruders out and your belongings safe from theft;
  2. Trailer’s door larch cannot be moved while the doors are locked;
  3. Eliminates access to latch-keeper bolt heads and padlock hole;
  4. Push button that keeps the lock secured unit to door handle;

Since there is a variety of trailer door locks and trailer door locks manufacturers, I cannot define the very best one due to one crucial reason- trucking companies have the need of different levels of security.



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