Ultimate Guide Of 10 Best Alabama Freight Brokers

Ultimate Guide Of 10 Best Alabama Freight Brokers

4. Simplified Logistic Solutions, LLC

Simplified Logistic Solutions (SLS) was founded in 2011; they had one goal in mind. The goal was to offer small businesses the same resources that were available to the larger ones. One could say they wanted to level the playing field.

They are extremely passionate about the supply chain market. With that in mind, SLS might know the best way to truly get America’s economy going by helping grow the small business community.

Source: www.hipsls.com
Source: www.hipsls.com

Therefore as one of the top Alabama freight brokers, they offer some of the best and efficient services in the region. They are able to do this through the use of state-of-the-art technology, gadgets, software’s, programs, and all the new trucking tools out there. But not only are they tech savvy, they know the importance of building strong business relationships.

Most small business doesn’t have the time, resources, and expertise to handle every facet of the shipping industry. SLS understands this and that is why they want to work with you. Let them handle the shipping hassles while you take care of your business development.

So give SLS a chance showing just how stress-free shipping can be.

5. ASF Logistics Inc

ASF is what can be referred to as the non-vessel-operating common carrier (NVOCC) though some use the term “asset-light”.

Basically, they are one of the Alabama freight brokers, freight forwarders, and customs brokers that are well known in their area.

They have several offices in various states, with the main base in Mobile Alabama. ASF predominately works throughout the Southeastern part of the country. From there they can offer logistic support to any port through the USA.

Source: www.prweb.com
Source: www.prweb.com

They were created in the year of the United States bicentennial year, 1976. And they are proud to be a part of Alabama’s as well.

Over 30 years ago they got their start by supporting the forwarding services needed by the lumber industry. They continue that tradition by supporting some of the largest forest and wood product companies in the USA, but they have also grown to support companies of all sizes.

So whether you work with rough lumber or fine paper know that ASF has the know-how and experience to get your shipping needs taken care of. No matter the cargo, if you need it shipped, give ASF a call and they’ll get it there.

6. Dunavant Transportation Group

Dunavant Transportation Group has well over 60 years of experience dealing with logistics innovation and support services. They have the expertise to make sure all your domestic and global shipping needs are met. Their expert staff is there to help you.

Source: www.sur.lyisealane.com
Source: www.sur.lyisealane.com

They know how tough it can be because they too started as a family-owned business. But since then, they have managed to grow into a full-service transportation company.

They can support all your trucking, drayage, intermodal transport, warehousing, supply chain management, distribution, customs brokerage, and freight forwarding needs.

Also, in addition to this, they offer chassis leasing, through a network of well-equipped locations through North America, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Source: www.dunavant.com
Source: www.dunavant.com

They are considered global supply chain experts and have the ability to support your needs no matter how great or small they might be. They do this not only through their network of experts, but by using the latest technology, equipment, and software.

Check with Dunavant today and see what solutions they have for your shipping needs. I am sure that as one of the best Alabama freight brokers they will have the right solution for you!

7. Montgomery Air Freight

Montgomery Air Freight knows all about your diverse shipping needs, and that is why they offer experienced logistic professionals who can give you flexible and reliable options on which you can count on.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

As one of the top Alabama freight brokers they’ve established agreements and relationships with many carriers all over our great country, so that means that they have a solution ready for you at all the times, whatever you transportation need might be, including:

  • Truckload;
  • Expedited/Air;
  • HAZMAT and hazardous cargo;
  • Less than Truckload;
  • Intermodal;
  • Warehouse distribution.

Being one of the Alabama freight brokers that the last 40 years is dealing with handling expedited and truckload shipments, they can better than all the rest understand your needs, the level of service that you expect and the attention to detail required.

After all, they wouldn’t be one of the best Alabama freight brokers if they didn’t know how to best satisfy your transportation needs.

Source: www.mgmair.com
Source: www.mgmair.com

They carefully choose their carriers and supply chains, so you can rest assured knowing that they will connect you to the right carrier for your transport needs and desires.

They listen carefully to your needs and eliminate unnecessary costs, and once they match you with the right carrier, their team of experts will monitor the entire process and arrange details.

Furthermore, they will provide on-site management as well just so they can keep your protected commodities safe and your transport always on schedule.

If you want your shipment on its way and hassle-free, give them a call! You won’t regret choosing this Alabama freight brokers company out of the rest because they are the BEST!

8.  Freight Zone Logistics LLC

Based in Decatur, Alabama, Freight Zone Logistics is truly a full-service logistics and transportation company.

They are one of the Alabama freight brokers that can provide a wide range of logistical and freight brokerage services, tailored to meet your needs. They can offer any of these services through the USA and Canada.

Source: www.shopdecaturfirst.com
Source: www.shopdecaturfirst.com

Freight Zone Transportation can do this because they have a network of over 1000 carriers offering a variety of services.

Furthermore, Freight Zone Logistics has well over 56 years of industry experience to better offer the best consulting and support in the nation. Some of the areas they can cover include lane profit/loss margins, route optimization, and fuel consumption/efficiency.



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