Top 10 Trucking Companies In Rhode Island


Rhode Island was once known as the first of the Thirteen Colonies that renounced their allegiance to the British Crown. Nowadays it is known for growing a well-developed trucking industry.

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Although it is the smallest state in the USA, it did not pose any burden for Rhode Island to develop extraordinary trucking companies that are providing only the best load transportation services.

“The Ocean State” has 70 highways which are being coordinated by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. Throughout these 70 highways is performed the overall transportation process; all truckers have gained experience and have improved their skills exactly on these roads.

USA has a lot of great trucking companies but in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the top 10 trucking companies in Rhode Island!

Let’s take a look at what I have prepared for you!

1. Cranston Trucking Co.

When speaking about one of the leading trucking companies in Rhode Island, straight away I get to think about Cranston Trucking. This trucking company can be proud of their history; it was incorporated back in 1975, and since then Cranston Trucking is providing exceptional load transportation services.

Cranston Trucking has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation; that’s what positioned this company among the best trucking companies in Rhode Island.


Well, the most important part of Cranston trucking’s work are the services that they are providing. Those services include:

Therefore, as one of the best trucking companies, Cranston has specialized in providing LTL and truckload transportation services. Yet, their on-time deliveries have also contributed to their success. When a trucking company cares about their clients and delivers their loads time-efficiently and safely, then that company will attract only loyal ones.

As well, the fleet of this trucking company is equipped with tracking systems. These tracking systems allow to their clients to have a clear view of the location of their loads.


Since Cranston’s truck drivers are able to transport hazardous materials and chemicals, they know how to protect these products from freezing and damage. Also, this trucking company as one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island has various terminals, positioned at strategic locations.

2. J Line Transportation

Incorporated in 1981 J Line Transportation entered in the trucking industry as a short-haul carrier. Straight away this trucking company started to grow and expand their services on the East Coast- the entire Eastern half of the country.

The fleet of J Line Transportation consists of:


As one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island, J Line is offering expedited load transportation. Their truck drivers are well trained and are able to perform transportation of any size of freight.

More precisely this trucking company is serving the following areas:

  • Rhode Island;
  • Boston;
  • Fall River;
  • Springfield;
  • Hartford;
  • Bridgeport;
  • NJ;
  • NY;

Also, J Line is providing load transportation services in the Northeast, the East Coast, the Southeast, and so on. That is to say, this carrier is able to perform transportation process in almost all 48 coastal states. Let’s take a closer look at the services that JLine are offering to their clients!


Temperature Controlled

JLine’s fleet of refrigerated trailers can keep any temperature controlled shipments to your exact specifications.  JLine offers both truckload and partially refrigerated service.


When it comes to dedicated trucking services, as one of the leading trucking companies J Line can provide services in accordance with your needs at a set and contracted time, as well as price.


JLine is also offering to their loyal clients a warehouse inventory as well as shipping solutions.


JLine is offering logistics services; they can provide unmatched quality, service as well as value to their loyal clients.


If you have any hazardous materials that you have to transport, then do not hesitate and get in touch with J Line. This trucking company can offer you truckload and a partial truckload of hazardous materials.

3. Trans Link Nationwide Trucking and Logistics

Trans Link Nationwide Trucking and Logistics is one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island. This trucking company is offering competitive rates and that fact has brought numerous new customers that turned out into loyal customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for trucking and logistics services in the area of Rhode Island then you can count on this leading trucking company. Trans-Link has specialized in end-to-end chain solutions. Also, their truck drivers are well trained so that they can perform Value Added Logistics services in many ways.


Trans-Link can provide you every type of service starting from simple transport, storage up as well as complex operations. What is constantly contributing to the success of this company is the good connection between the leaders of this trucking company and the shippers, their truck drivers, and consignees.


Later on, here are the services that Trans-Link is offering to their existing and to their potential customers:


The goof position of Trans-Link and the qualified employees brought to this company a worldwide network. The main service that this trucking company is offering is road freight. Therefore, road freight can be done in a domestic and trans-border way.


Yet, warehousing is one more service that this trucking company is able to provide to their clients. Trans-Link is always putting the emphasis on the safety, security, professionalism, and leadership.

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Trans-Link is one of the leading trucking companies in Rhode Island when it comes to setting the standard in air freight transportation as well.


Ocean freight services are no problem for this trucking company. Since 2016 this company has started providing expedite load transportation via ocean freight.

4. Central Transport

Central Transport besides being one of the best trucking companies in Rhode Island, it is also an innovative and dynamic company. This trucking company has specialized in providing LTL services. Also, I must mention that it is one of the first, and fastest growing LTL providers in Rhode Island.



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