10 Best Snow Plow Services in the US

Source: www.daimler.com

According to IBISWorld, a leader in providing business information since 1971, the snow plow services is a 14 billion dollar a year industry!

There are almost 300,000 people who make their living removing ice. That doesn’t count those who do it a side cash job or just to help out, but actually employed as snow removal professionals.


Now of course snow removal is a seasonal job for most. Many of the truck drivers either do it on a part-time basis or perform other function within the company between snow storms.

However, in many parts of the country ice and snow removal can be almost full-time depending on the fierceness of the season.

Some Useful Information About Snow Plow Services

However, the birth of snow removal as a professional industry is relatively young. I am not saying there weren’t professions all along, but in the early 90’s things began to change.



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