10 Best Snow Plow Services in the US

This means 12 inches of snow can weigh almost 5 pounds! I guess that explains why a shovel full is so heavy, now imagine if that piles up.

This why CentiMark is so dedicated to snow removal before it has a chance to really pile up. They are based in Southpointe (part of Canonsburg) in Pennsylvania.


They have grown a lot since their meager beginnings in 1967 and now they have a strong network of over 80 different offices to better serve your needs.

2. Ceres Environmental 

Ceres Environmental has been providing snow plow services in Minnesota for well over 30 years.

They can even provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are able to both clear an area as well as completely move it to an offsite location.

Another great service that they provide is sand/salt placement and other ice-melt applications.


Ceres proudly has a fleet of 40 snow removal systems and the drivers to operate them.

They can also augment their subcontractors to better meet your needs. Their large inventory of equipment, partnerships with sub-contractors and dedication make them the “go to” for snow removal in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

3. Greenwise

Greenwise is the Chicago areas choice for snow plow services. Whether you need deicing, salt/sand, of snow removal Greenwise does it all.

Consider, the region gets an average of 30 to 55 inches of snowfall every year; you need to be confident that it will be handles quickly and properly. That is why they monitor the various weather forecasts and have their teams standing by.


They can do everything, from large parking lots to walkways. Unlike some companies they have a dispatcher standing by to offer 24/7 assistance.

They will keep you posted with email updates and alerts. And will alert you when they are in your area.

They provide real-time status of their GPS-tracked service vehicles.

4.  Gardenalia 

Gardenalia offer a full range of winter maintenance services for the Pittsburgh area. These include both residential and commercial full-service, winter snow plow services, clearing, and maintenance.

They have all the equipment needed to professionally shovel, plow, de-ice, and snow blow as you need, no matter the size of the project. !

 www. twicial.com
www. twicial.com

Starting as an urban garden boutique Gardenalia began in 2002. Since those humble beginnings they have grown and offer services appropriate for any season.

For the winter season, they can remove all winter related debris that might collect around your home. Additionally, they are equipped to clean snow off patios, steps, driveways, sidewalks, streets, and even cul-de-sacs.


They pride themselves in offering eco and pet friendly deicer. So with reasonable rates and services starting at 4:30 am why not check out Gardenalia?

5.  Winter Services Inc. 

Since 2006, Winter Services has been providing snow plow services to Wisconsin and the Midwest.

They are conveniently based out Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and able to fill all your winter needs with their high tech fleet of snow removal vehicles and equipment.

They have grown a lot since their small beginning and now boast over 500 pieces of equipment in their fleet, with as many employees to meet all your needs.


Winter Services proudly offers their service and support not only in Wisconsin, but in seven other states!

To learn more just give their snow management experts a call and let your snow worries melt away.

6.  Eagle Rivet 

Eagle Rivet’s hardworking teams are dedicated to providing the best services possible in the Connecticut, Massachusetts and/or New York areas.

So when old man winter hits New England with snow and ice Eagle Rivet slow plow services are there for you. Sure they do a lot of other things and provide many great services, but snow removal is one of them.


Eagle Rivet has a large fleet of vehicles and snow removal equipment standing by to better assist you.

Their state of the art equipment offers their clients the best in snow removal services possible. This includes salt/sanders, snow plows, and snow blowers all the way up to dump trucks and loaders for the really large areas.

Check them out today, they will be glad to give you an estimate.

7. DH Funk and Sons

DH Funk and Sons are based out of Columbia, PA. They have over 40 years of experience!

Their highly skilled and competent teams are able to meet all your needs in and around the Southeast and Central Pennsylvania area, especially Lancaster and York Counties.


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Like most other snow plow services providers, they offer other services as well.

Their core focuses are Commercial and Residential Excavation, but don’t let that worry you! DH Funks knows what they are doing and have the certifications to prove it!


So whether you need slow plow services for the parking lot of a shopping mall, retirement community, warehouses, or personal property, give them a call!

DH Funk’s teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the winter season.

8. Senske Services

Senske have fleet of 100+ snowplow vehicles. Regardless if you are in need of a company that can handle parking lots, hospitals, retail centers, shopping malls, warehouses, industrial centers or walkways, they can do it all!!

They have top-of-the-line snow pushers, and when the snow starts falling, they mobilize, assuring that they serve you quickly with the least inconvenience to you!


They provide wide range of snow removal and snow plow services including:

  • Snow plowing;
  • De-icing;
  • Snow hauling;
  • Sidewalk snow and ice clearing;
  • Snow shoveling and maintenance.

Their snow plow services together with their strategic partners are offered in the communities of Spokane, Tri-Cities (including Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and West Richland) and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, Ogden, Utah (including Syracuse, Kaysville, and Farmington) and Yakima, Washington, Boise (including Caldwell, Nampa and Meridian) Salt Lake City, Utah (including Sandy, Draper, West Jordan, Murray, Bountiful, Orem and Provo).

9. Hansen’s

It all started back in 1988 when the founder and president of Hansen’s Tree Service, Jeff Hansen decide to turn his side job into a regular full- time occupation.



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