10 Best Snow Plow Services in the US

The company kept growing and developing rapidly, and in 2005 Hansen’s was recognized as the first tree-care company in Missouri to be certified by the Tree Care Industry Association.


Even do they are primary a tree-care company, in addition to their tree services, they deal with snow plow services as well.

They currently have 75 trucks in their fleet, and the company has employed 90 people so far.

Much of Hansen’s growth is thanks to the diversification of services as well as its philosophy on employee education and constant training.


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10. Davey

Davey is based in Ohio with operations throughout North America. The company was founded in 1880 and it became employee owned in 1979.

They pride themselves in managing award-winning properties and meeting the toughest grounds care challenges, especially the one required during winter weather.


They are known among their clients for always providing reliable, efficient and effective solutions, and with the best equipped and trained grounds management team in the industry and decades of experience, they can ensure responsive solutions all year around.

“Regardless of what Mother Nature has in store, they are up to the challenge!”

Average Cost For Hiring A Snow Plow Services

When it comes to costs for hiring a snow plow services, the prices will vary. The average cost of snow plowing ranges between ($10 – $75+), but some customers end up paying way over that price, depending on some factors.


Factors that are determining the cost are:

  • Seasonal Contract: You can also go for a seasonal contract. This way you pay a seasonal rate, and the company would take the responsibility of clearing off the snow on a timely basis as per the agreement. It is highly recommended for people who live in areas of high snowfall. Even snow removal companies prefer this method over others.
  • By The Hour: This is the simplest way to charge, and you are get charged according to the number of hours  that the snow plow services spent on the job. Charges will still vary, depending on the equipment used; after all it is not same when you are working with a snow plow and when you are working with the shovel!! Am I right???
  • Per Push: When you hire a company on per push basis, you will be charged for each trip to your location that the company will make, so this way the price also varies and depends from the area that needs to be plowed. They charge extra for additional services like salting.


There are numerous companies and individuals offering snow plow services. Make sure they have a good safety rating, they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and have been certified by the snow removal industry.

As I mentioned above, if you’re interested in snow plow services there are many resources available to find a company that can fit your needs.

If you’re just interested in deicing, you can check out this guide offered by Meyer Products. This guide offers a lot of good information about the materials, proper storage, and more.

Do you offer snow plow services? Have you used a company or individual offering snow plow services? How many months out of the year do you use or provide services? Let us know in the comments.



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