10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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Paid CDL training will help the new drivers that are not in a condition to pay for the exam to get a chance to become truck drivers. The company is also giving them an opportunity to be part of the Prime family after the test driving period. To be honest you need to have skills and knowledge to become a permanent member of this company.

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Just passing the CDL exam will open the door to a great employment opportunity but you need to give the best of yourself to stay there. The average salary of a truck driver in Prime Inc. is $30,000 per year.

7. Ryder Trucking

Ryder trucking company is part of the trucking industry since 1933, it has been incorporated by Jim Ryder. These days Ryder Trucking is among the best trucking companies nationwide.

This trucking company has achieved tremendous success during the years and that is as result of constantly improving and implementing new technologies in the process of their operation.

We can only understand how successful this trucking company has become since 1933, by taking a look back on their very beginnings. The first year when Ryder entered in the trucking industry was operating with only one Model a Ford truck, and now has a large fleet becoming one of the best trucking companies nationwide.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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Ryder has a large fleet and is providing a variety of transportation services; as well this trucking company is offering leasing of their vehicles.

As a result of their professional and dedicated work Ryder trucking company has achieved to attract and to keep more than 50.000 customers, that speaks volumes about this company, and we can see why it is ranked as one of the best trucking companies nationwide.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: www.ryder.com

Yet another contributor to the success of this trucking company are the truck drivers. Ryder’s truck drivers are well-educated and experienced, each one of them has obtained Class A CDL drivers’ license and is operating in the most professional way.

The services that Ryder provides to their clients include:

  • Fleet Management
  • Transportation
  • Supply Chain Solutions
10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: newsroom.ryder.com

Ryder is collaborating with both small and big trucking companies; they simply know how to ease the complexity with good approach and to increase the efficiency of the transportation process.

Even-though this trucking company is one of the best trucking companies nationwide and is providing ultimate professional transportation services, does not stop, the leaders of Ryder aim to constantly implement new techniques and technologies.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: www.ryder.com

Important figure about this company is that it is award winning and has achieved numerous recognitions, and awards like:

  • Community Awards
  • Customer Awards
  • Diversity Awards
  • Environmental and Sustainability Awards

8. Saia Motor Freight 

Saia was founded in 1924 by Louis Saia in Houma, Louisiana. Louis Saia after a period of time being produce dealer realized that he can achieve higher success in delivering products than selling them. The first transportation vehicle/truck was actually his private car that had a removed rear seats.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: www.trucktrailer.blogspot.com

Working hard and getting a positive feedback from his clients Louis Saia expands his services more and more and by 1970 Saia established terminals in Louisiana and Texas.

With time Saia became the leading regional LTL trucking company with approximately 1000 employees with 23 terminals across the Southeastern United States and revenue higher of $50 million.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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In 1987 the Saia family sold the company to Preston Trucking. In 1993 Yellow Corporation purchased Preston Trucking including Saia.

The next change in Saia was when merged with Smalley Transportation which is another Yellow division with newly opened terminals in Western Texas, South and North Carolina. This step provides them higher exposition on the trucking market.

In 2002 Saia and Jevic Transportation another Yellow Corp. company formed and independent company SCST. In 2006 CST sold Jevic Transportation when all functions stayed into Saia when they started with trading on the NASDAQ caring the SAIA symbol.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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Today Saia employs more than 9,000 people in 148 terminals and 34 states in the US and Canada with company headquarters in Johns Creek, Georgia. As one of the best trucking companies nationwide through their business partners, they entered services in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.


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Saia can offer:

  • Regional LTL
  • Multi-Regional
  • Truckload
  • Distribution & Consolidation
10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: www.saia.com

The customer satisfaction is very high which makes them one of the most reliable trucking companies nationwide with more than 26,000 shipments per day.

9. Trans American Trucking Service Inc.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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This is another company that I proudly include in this list of best trucking companies nationwide providing transportation, packing services, export services and warehousing. The Trans American Trucking Service Inc. is founded in 1976 located in South Plainfield, New Jersey with terminals five miles of the Baltimore port which help them to reduce the overall cost.

With their experienced drivers, they can safely transport everything across US and Canada. The high skilled truck drivers together with the quality equipment and specialized freight hauls are the segment that makes this company included in this list.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
Source: www.transamer.com

They also can offer:

  • Containerization
  • Export packaging
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Offsite Packaging
  • Moisture Vapor Bag Packing
  • Export boxing & skidding …

Their fleet equipment includes 48-foot vans to 19 axle trailer. They can handle a weight of cargo from 300 pounds to 300,000 pounds. They hold the authority to ship in 48 US states and Canada.

10 Best Trucking Companies Nationwide
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Trans American have two warehouse locations with indoor storage of 200,000 total square feet and additional outside storage of 200,000 square feet. The Trans American warehousing sector with the forklift capacity up to 25 tons and crane capacity of 300,000 pounds can meet even the most demanded clients.



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