10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois

According to latest research, straight proportionally with the stability of the trucking industry, it has been shown that there are a lot of trucking companies that are operating in the trucking industry, but only 10 of them can be selected as best trucking companies in Illinois.

It is well known that in Illinois around 78% of the manufactured goods are being transported, which makes trucking industry – a leader among other industries. If we take a look at those 78% we can see crystal clear that there are a lot of manufacturers that are in search for a trucking company on daily basis.

Therefore, in order to ease the research of the manufacturers that are searching for trucking companies in Illinois, I have selected the 10 best trucking companies. I did that selection according to the most important things and services that customers are looking for in a company. Those things are:

  • The history of the company- if it is well established;
  • Their fleet– are they operating with new trucks and the latest technology;
  • Are their truck drivers well-trained;
10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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Likewise, if you are in search for a job opportunity as a truck driver this article will be of your great use. In this article I have provided you with 10 best trucking companies in Illinois that are providing exceptional trucking services and job opportunities, so it will take few minutes of your time to read it and see if some of these companies will meet your needs.

We can see that nationwide this industry is employing around 7 million people only in the trucking business.

Furthermore you can read more about the companies that I have chosen as 10 best trucking companies in Illinois:

1. Beelman Truck Company

Incorporated in 1906, Beelman Truck Company joined the trucking industry as coal and ice hauler. This company started operating with two horse drawn wagons and through constant improvement, following the newest technologies Beelman Truck Company became one of the best trucking companies in Illinois.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
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Nowadays this company being in the trucking business for more then 100 years knows how to meet the demand of the customers, as well to include various programs of transportation services on the disponibility of the customers.

Moreover this trucking company has the capacity to provide exceptional customer service all-together with professional performance.

As one of the best trucking companies in Illinois, Beelman Truck Company has dozen trucks and trailers:

  • End Dump Trucks (They use them mostly for hauling dry bulk commodities);
  • Side Dumps;
  • Pneumatic Tanks (They use them for hauling non-food commodities);
  • Vans;
  • Flats;
10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
Source: www.driveforbeelman.com

Beelman is always buying the latest models of tractors, at the same time they are equipping the trucks with low emission engines. This trucking company is Eco-friendly and pays a great attention to the environment by adding trucks in their fleet that are aerodynamics.

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What makes their trucks different from the trucks of other trucking companies is that the air flow and the fuel efficiency is better because they are aerodynamic.

Furthermore, this trucking company is supplier and transporter of:

  • Lime;
  • Granular Quick Lime;
  • Cement;
  • Slag;
  • Sand;
  • Building Materials;

Beelman Truck Company is one of the best trucking companies in Illinois thanks to its flexibility and constant improvement. All of their truck drivers are well trained and have obtained Class A CDL driver’s license.

2. Midwest Transport Inc.

Midwest Transport Company is a trucking company that is dedicated to its customers and employees. This company was founded in 1980, and started operating by providing their customers with general transportation services. Midwest Transport is one of the best trucking companies in Illinois.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
Source: www.mwtransport.com

Having a good reputation and placing the safety of drivers and loads on first place is what attracts new customers to do the transportation of their goods with the help of this company. Midwest has terminals in several locations, but their main terminals are located in :

  • Greenup;
  • Dunn;
  • Tampa;
  • Memphis;
  • Barkeyville;

Going in the direction of safety and professionalism, this company straight proportionally is dedicated to investing new technologies in their trucks. By investing in new technologies this company is making the work of truck drivers easier. With the newest technology gadgets their truck drivers are now able to find easily amenities for truck drivers and for trucks than ever before.

As a matter of fact their truck drivers are selected carefully; they have gone through detail annalists of their safety records and their background. All truck drivers in Midwest Transportation Company are well trained and educated to perform the transportation in a safe and secure way, always on time.


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Midwest Transport is offering transportation services to all 48 states; actually it is one of the main transportation contractors for United States Postal Service.

So if your loads are located in Illinois and you want to do transportation – Midwest Transport would make a perfect match since it operates in all states. With Midwest Transport your loads can get safe and sound to any destination in USA

3. Jung Truck Services

Jung Truck Services is a group of logistic entities, and all-together it represents one of the best trucking companies in Illinois. This company is providing their customers with detail and complete supply solution and trucking services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
Source: www.jungtruck.com

This trucking company is operating since 1977, since then it is providing to their customers domestic and international drayage services. They are operating in the area of:

  • Illinois;
  • Iowa;
  • Missouri;
  • Indiana;
  • Kentucky;

Being one of the best trucking companies in Illinois, Jung Truck is operating with the largest inter-modal fleets in St. Louis. This trucking company has specialized in inter-modal transportation and warehousing, and is offering their services to industries that include:

  • Agricultural industries;
  • Construction industries;
  • Asphalt;
  • Concrete;

The fleet that this company uses for doing the inter-modal transportation includes:

  • Fleet of chassis;
  • Tri-axle dump trucks;
  • Container Depot;
10 Best Trucking Companies in Illinois
Source: www.jungcompanies.com

When it comes to the warehousing services that this company offers distribution services provided by an extensive carrier network . This carrier network helps their customers to focus easily on their businesses; also their fleet has carriers that assist their customers in the area of USA and Canada as well.

Regarding the conventional transportation services- this company is using modern tractors together with 53′ van trailers. An important fact about these trailers is that they are air-ride, which makes the delivery much easier then when it is done with other trailers.

This company has experienced drivers that are trained to show respect and dedication to its customers and to provide ultimate professional services.

Therefore, if you need general transportation services, inter-modal transportation services or warehousing, Jung Truck Services would help your way.



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