10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents  

What is the cause of accidents?

  • Slippery roads
  • Sudden braking
  • Loss of control over the truck
  • Speed over the regulations
  • Bad driving maneuvers
  • Being careless
  • Bad judgment
  • To close following

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
Source: www.frg-law.com

Truck Driver Error:

According to FMCSA, the truck drivers of class 8 trucks in most of the cases are the cause of accidents I mean more than the factors like the performance of the vehicle, the weather or the conditions of the road.

  • 18% of the truck accidents were caused by driver fatigue
  • In 23% the cause was truck drivers that drive with higher speed
  • 44% of the truck drivers that were part of an accident were taking prescription and over the counter drugs

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
Source: www.leverinjurylaw.com

Most common reasons for truck accident:

1. Hours of Service – these federal regulations are there to prevent truck accidents caused by over exhausted truck drivers. The truck driver can drive maximum 11 hours a day and he must be 10 consecutive hours of duty before he/she start another shift. Another regulation that exists to prevent truck accidents is being on duty max 60 hours in 7 days or 70 hours in 8 consecutive days.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
Source: www.visual.ly

2. Truck Driver Fatigue – The trucking business is not for everyone because the condition of living and working are different from any other job. The truck driver lives in the truck cabin, he works from the truck cabin and he doesn’t have a normal social life. All of these factors can affect the truck driver mental health and his ability to proper rest.

If the truck driver cracks as result of these factors the truck driver will lose the ability to concentrate when he is behind the wheel which can bring bad driving performance and the capability to prevent truck accidents.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
Source: www.visual.ly

3. Drug Use – using only prescribed medications is the way to prevent truck accidents. Some truck drivers are using not prescribed medications to self-treat some health issue. Those drug medications can have side effects that can cause unsafe driving performance.

The way to prevent truck accidents is to use only medications that are prescribed by a medical professional that will not affect your ability to safely operate your truck.


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