10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents  

Teach them not gamble with their lives because they can lose everything for the price of saving few minutes.


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Teach them how to drive safely

If you teach your truck drivers to drive safely without taking a chance when they are not 100% sure of the safety is a way of you to prevent truck accidents.

If they are educated to perform safe transportation and not underestimate any situation no matter if they are overtaking, going onto a roundabout or taking a turn then you have better chance to transport the load to the final destination without accidents.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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2. Pay Company Drivers Safety Training

According to OSHA, every 12 minutes the world gets a new victim of a vehicle crash, every 10th-second new injured person and on every 5 seconds a new crash. On the previous section, I was advising you to educate your drivers to drive safely. This was a way to refresh their memory and remind them how important is to drive safely while transporting goods.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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The safety training is something else because this training is performed by the safety professionals who are analyzing your truck drivers’ performance and react on every truck driver different. Implementation of a safety program is a sure step to prevent truck accidents and reduce the risk of injuries.

To prevent truck accidents means that you are saving lives. Accidents are the biggest factor of falling to succeed.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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Accidents mean that:

  • Some life is endangered
  • You have additional repair cost
  • You have downtime of your trucks
  • There is a possibility to miss the time of delivery
  • Not satisfied customers …

The safety program will keep your freight safe, the truck driver safe and your safety rating satisfied.

3. Use Technology to Monitor Driver Behavior

The technology is taking a new swing with providing a higher control over the things in our lives. It makes our lives easier and our job not so complicated. The new truck gadgets give us a chance to monitor the performance of our fleet without being actually present in the trucks.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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How can technology prevent truck accidents? Having an opportunity to have real time monitoring over your driver behavior can be cost saving. The technology can save you money with giving you alerts when the truck driver is speeding up or when he is performing unsafe turns.

The technology can also give you a chance to control the:

• Idling

• The performance of the Engine

• Seatbelt Usage

• Time of stopping

• Truck performance

• Locks/Unlocks

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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Technology can also help us to prevent truck accidents with the truck performance monitoring option. We can catch these glitches in the early stages and by noticing them we can fix them and stop the defect to occur.

Technology can just bring us an improved performance of the trucks and the truck drivers and for sure it can help us to prevent truck accidents.

4. Advise Truck Drivers To Take Frequent Stops to Rest

As a truck driver you have a specific lifestyle and to be honest it is not so cozy living in a cabin 24/7. But I am sure that all of you develop some habits how to stay in a good shape with enough resting and stretching during those rides.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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Although sometimes in the jungle called trucking some habits can endanger your life and your health. Every truck driver goal is to use those hours of service as much as he can to catch the delivery time and to provide the best service for the clients.

Be careful and never forget that your health needs to be your top priority. Driving can be exhausting and intense and if you get stacked in the cabin without rest it might affect your ability to drive safely and also your reflexes might become not that sharp as when you are rested.

You can prevent truck accidents if you plan your time and make frequent stops to rest and stretch your body. You are not a truck driver for one day or a week, you chose this career and you will be involved in this business for a long time.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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I am sure that you’ve heard when some no trackers complains of their 10 hour drive and how their back is killing them because of the long hours behind the steering wheel, despite the fact that they drove 10 hours to get their family to some location to have a vacation time.

I know that this sounds funny for you because you do this on a daily base and OK, maybe you programmed yourself to be more resistant on the hours behind the wheel but you still human bean made from flesh and blood, don’t push yourself to the limits because your body for sure will crack at some point.

Do yourself a favor and take frequent stops to some of the truck stops to rest your body from the driving position and trust me you will have increased energy and more concentration to prevent truck accidents.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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If you are truck driver that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to suffer, the truck stops have a lot of amenities for you to enjoy your life such as:

  • Food specialties
  • Medical services
  • Dental services
  • Free internet connection
  • Cinemas
  • Gaming rooms
  • Sports gym…

5. GPS Can Be Great for Driver Behavior Analytics

Trucking business is facing a hard time these days. Low margins, fuel cost, labor cost FMCSA,  The Department of Labor (DOL), The Department of Transportation (DOT), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rules and regulations and you spread your mind in 100 pieces worrying everything being efficiently and perfectly performed.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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Using GPS system can take some of these worries from your back. The positive thing about the GPS system is that you have a chance to monitor every move that your truck drivers are making. Having that information enables you to prevent truck accidents by stopping a bad driving behavior on time.

Using a GPS system will help you prevent not just truck accidents but also will help you to have a data over the fuel consumption. GPS will help you to prevent downtime of your trucks which will be a start of making your trucking company more efficient and more profitable.

10 Exclusive Tips to Prevent Truck Accidents
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