10 Secret Trends In USA Car Sales

When it comes to USA car sales, there are always secrets to follow up. Having said this, you need to follow up trends in order to outgrow the competition.

Before you head to the dealership, you need to be prepared. Ultimately, it is all about streamlining the process and scoring the best deal.

Analysists now point out to a factor which is affordable electric vehicles. However, none will believe it until it sees it.

The market dynamics are predicting that 2019 will be better than the previous year in electric car sales.

The expansion and growth of EVs grow each year on the market. Straight proportionally, so does the demand from the consumers.

Continually, the challenge in the automotive industry is how to take a product to a development approach. This is how the automakers have been making their sales for a lot of years.

One way of showing it is by combining the new age with the new technology and preparing the consumers for a tech world.

How USA Car Sales Changes?

Many of the changes in USA car sales will eventually take time. There were different levels of autonomy discusses in the previous year. However, there are some of the changes that will escalate quickly.

In addition to this, there are companies that work hard on bringing out the robocars to the market and will bring it, in the next years.

Furthermore, the cars will work in under particular weather conditions including snowfall, ice etc. which is highly important when on the road.

Source: www.servicemastermercia.co.uk

In several cities, the autonomous driving will become more present than ever.

For instance, there are autonomous buses which are made operational not only in the big cities but small towns as well.

To emphasize, they are made to drive for a distance of a quarter mile. Having said this, the change will happen really quickly in other probably not so developed cities in the next years.

Source: la.curbed.com

With this in mind, not only USA car sales will improve its profit but the entire car industry will have a revenue increase benefit as well.

After years of strong USA car sales, the market already enters with a sense of fear. This is due to the nervousness for the good times.


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In the next year, the auto industry will be able to spot a positive answer on this. The appearance of electric cars might also bring spiking prices on gas.

With this intention, you can focus on the following:

USA Car Sales Will Probably Slip for the Year

It is predicted that in 2019 the sales will slip. There have been also predictions that the sales which run above 17 million will end as unsustainable.

This is due to the sales which were declined in 2009. Consequently, it led the market and the industry to a financial crisis.

In this way, it affects other industries as well, ending with a horrific event.

Source: www.designmena.com

In addition to this, there might be a negative sentiment prevalence among the USA car sales companies.

To continue with, in the same way as USA car sales can provoke a financial crisis, the slip of car sales can more logically appear to the already existing financial crisis.

Tightening Credit Darkens the Mood

The fluctuating credit conditions always appear as good times as well as bad times for the automakers and bankers.

The car industry is unpredictive and the sales are always moving up and down while making managing of rates incapable.

As an illustration, probably the only thing that helps boost the USA car sales is the easy credit that banks give people in agreement with sale salons.

Source: www.fagerhult.com

According to the Federal Reserve Policy, if there is a slow uptick in the rates, this will constrain the subprime loans.

The lowering of the loans will be a proof that the market is probably tanking. Consequently, this could be bad news for all car sales companies. Further, this could also affect some of the top car selling companies.

Source: www.ak-vs.com

On the other hand, automakers are somehow always finding a way to handle a situation. In some cases, they will continue to push up the transaction prices.

As an illustration, they will probably face a slower car sales but they will charge more for a car. In this way, they will sell those cars to more of creditworthy borrowers.

Electric Cars Will hit a Plateau

Generally, the electric cars are making 1% of the sales in a global market. In the Unties States, only three kinds of electric vehicles are massive market cars.

As an example, here are involved the Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and Tesla models. The USA car sales of the Nissan Leaf seems predictable due to the following reasons:

  • the Leaf model has been around for years
  • recently got a huge update

In particular, the sales of the Nissan is expected to go something between 10,000 – 15,000 in unit sales for the next year.

Source: www.luxurylaunches.com

To continue with, the Tesla usually takes part in the luxury market which adds up to 100,000 at the market level.

Additionally, the analysts are pointing out to a factor which makes the EVs more affordable while increasing the USA car sales.

However, that is still unbelievable until is seen.

Source: www.pinterest.com

The dynamics of the market are pointing more toward a consolidation than a growth. Moreover, it will expand the EV constrain.

With this intention, the EVs growth is predicted as a bad thing. The automakers and car sales on the market are not used to this.

To point out, they would rather have only a few years of solid sales than those which are at a really consistent demand.

Self-driving USA Car Sales as Oversold

The past year was considered as a huge year for the self-driving cars and its manufacturers. According to the analysts, the demand was crazy on the market if compared to the previous years.

It is significantly mentioned, as one of the biggest USA car sales ever.

Having said this, there are the Uber, Waymo, Tesla and General Motors which have really made progress in the business models.

In these companies, you can find everything you need. Starting from autonomous riding cars to consumer-facing highway systems, the technology is making its way to every industry.

Source: www.i.pinimg.com

In the same way, the existing and new technology in tech companies and the hunger for bigger sales in the salons, they are making the next push on the market.

Some of the users are seeing tech as a great disadvantage. This is mostly due to the already seen technology in some car manufacturers.

In particular, they are implementing pretty much the similar, or the same tech features.

Therefore, unless they start producing something unseen, the people will continue to pay for the tech in the USA car sales.

Source: www.cgarchitect.com

Another issue that drivers might face is that some of them are satisfied with the implemented tech in a car, and they are purchasing a car for those features.

On the other hand, there are manufacturers like Cadillac which have an impressive but limited driving system while adding a huge price tag on the vehicle.

Continually, if people are able to discover a fully self-driving car they will add them up to their lifestyle and business.


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To point it out, this will eventually mark 2019 as the year of self-driving USA car sales.

Distracted Driving Becomes a Bigger Problem

Car manufacturer partner with tech companies to make their vehicles even smarter and easier for the drivers.

This means that consumers will attempt to connect and use their smartphones in order to use the latest tech in the car.

In addition, these innovations and smartphone usage may be deadly even some of them are able to spot or address the threat.

As experts say, as drivers become more addicted to smartphones, the safety problem will get bigger.

Source: www.icdn-8.motor1.com

The negative side here is that the industry leaders will introduce to you the advantage of their use. At the same time, they will show you the restrict usage system they offer while driving.

Even though consumers might like the “magic” innovation, the federal government will still take part in its approval.

Diesel is Dying

Due to the huge demand for the electric cars, diesel is slowly dying. Even though diesel’s death is present at the automotive industry as an impact only, it will eventually appear as a problem in other parts of transportation.

Until now, we are still able to spot choices made on the diesel engines and the diesel fuel. However, this relationship will not last long.

Even though the electric cars might not be yet approved by DMV, SAFER, or FMCSA, there are still some of the DMV road regulations that need to be fully respected.

Source: www.icdn-8.motor1.com

This is one of the reasons why some of the consumers are choosing used commercial car leasing which is also predicted to come back on the market.

In addition to this, there is no industry that ever approves a rule on the highway without being realized and previously tested.

The electric cars are not yet tested in the USA as they properly should. Furthermore, the automakers will convince buyers that the car is safe to cross the board in order to boost the sales.

Source: www.linkedin.com

Usually, buyers are holding onto cars which are long-lasting and can rely on due to a safe travel.

Most of the new vehicles in the USA are leased nowadays. The automakers are still making money from buying cars and then leasing them.

This completely floods the market with a market share which consequently means that the loans and lease can seriously affect the sales.

Source: www.images.gatewayclassiccars.com

According to experts in banking, it does not matter how the industry acts on financing and incentives or fleet sales but how the buyers react on their offers on the market.

Autonomous USA Car Sales

Since Tesla appeared on the market and showed its non-imaginable driving technology, the rest of the manufacturers are playing catch-up.

As shown above, it may take years, until the self-driving cars are fully approved by the government but the autonomous technology might reach the 2nd level in cars.

Even though there has been a rumor that the technology would be mainstream for the consumers, it will be a spectacle.

Source: www.motorward.com

Tesla is too big to leave the forefront position to the rest of the car manufacturers in the USA.

Looking at the negative side, this autonomous technology is not economical in the USA car sales. The new technology comes as a premium car feature to consumers.

The impressive side, however, is that buyers are still unaware of the amazing technology available in the cars.

As an explanation, this could make or break the sales in the next year because some of the consumers would probably need a warning to their card.

Source: www.art-systeme.com

What consumers can expect are improved self-driving safety features. Car manufacturers are spending tons of money on these features.

To be honest, it becomes a PR tool among the automakers.

Some experts say that consumers are already prepared to give up the machine control. In addition, acceptance of the technology might be harder than it seems.

One thing is to be excited about, the other one is to control them as a tech challenge. Humans might not yet be prepared for a high-level tech.

Redesign Distribution Models

It is known that 15% of the auto’s cost goes to distribution. This is mostly due to each country’s course. For example, the fleet sales come as less expensive than retail.

However, the percentage is still higher than it is supposed to be.

Source: www.commspacevr.com

Regardless of the market where the USA is supposed to do the sales, the dealers need to learn every rule applying to it.

Whether it is a new car or a used car sales, they need to learn how to reduce their sales. More importantly, reduce their costs by using more efficient channels so that USA car sales reach to buyers.

These changes should minimize the expenses while using technology for a better inventory control.


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Savings could come from selling via Web channels

There are dealerships that prohibit electric manufacturer Tesla to eliminate campaigning. Having said this, there are still those companies which would oppose Tesla.

In addition, there are a lot which adopt from Tesla and look at the added features as their opportunity to innovate.

OEMs conclude that as customers use the Internet to research USA car sales, they actually shop less in person.

Source: www.goldencarrentalsparos.com

USA car sales are often visited by consumers which before purchasing a car, they compare it to the one they saw previously.

In order to make a profit, the car manufacturers use analytics and trends in order to create an inventory that will outcome the expectations of the buyers.

With the help of demographics, they target consumer preferences and create a mix of retail formats to further target the right areas.

Source: www.azernews.az

Improving a model is one of the key factors that attract customers. In this way, dealers are able to experience the tech world.

This is one of the main reasons why the USA car sales are becoming more and more popular in the United States.


If USA car sales expand their cooperative efforts, the industry would essentially be smart-sizing.

They often expend too much energy and money on vehicle design and components of vehicles that have little impact on customers’ decisions.