10 Secrets to Lower Your Blood Pressure for DOT Physical Exam

10 Secrets to Lower Your Blood Pressure for DOT Physical Exam


For some people taking a DOT Physical Exam it’s a piece of cake, but that isn’t always the case.

Others will struggle and get the “chills” just a few days before the final day, and then when the day comes they fail.

Their mind completely blocks and they will draw a blank. I have been there myself quite few times!

Why is that so? – You might be wondering!

Well, first off, we are all different people and stress levels affect us all in different ways.

Me for example, I am fairly stress resistant, to the point where I always see it the other way around. Actually I have gotten really good at controlling my feelings, (to the point I can usually control my body too)!

Source: www.healthynewage.com
Source: www.healthynewage.com

On the other side, my sister, oh man! Her blood pressure will hit the roof just because there isn’t enough mushrooms it the fridge for the soup she was planning to make. Let’s not even speak about her pressure levels if she were to take the DOT Physical exam!

So, with that said, let’s not forget that we all act and perform differently in given moments.



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