10 Secrets to Lower Your Blood Pressure for DOT Physical Exam

10 Secrets to Lower Your Blood Pressure for DOT Physical Exam


For some people taking a DOT Physical Exam it’s a piece of cake, but that isn’t always the case.

Others will struggle and get the “chills” just a few days before the final day, and then when the day comes they fail.

Their mind completely blocks and they will draw a blank. I have been there myself quite few times!

Why is that so? – You might be wondering!

Well, first off, we are all different people and stress levels affect us all in different ways.

Me for example, I am fairly stress resistant, to the point where I always see it the other way around. Actually I have gotten really good at controlling my feelings, (to the point I can usually control my body too)!

Source: www.healthynewage.com
Source: www.healthynewage.com

On the other side, my sister, oh man! Her blood pressure will hit the roof just because there isn’t enough mushrooms it the fridge for the soup she was planning to make. Let’s not even speak about her pressure levels if she were to take the DOT Physical exam!

So, with that said, let’s not forget that we all act and perform differently in given moments.

Source: www.pcdblog.com
Source: www.pcdblog.com

But it’s one thing for your blood pressure rise because you are nervous, stressed and anxious right before you take your DOT physical exam, or other normal stress related situations.

It’s another thing all together when your pressure rises due to health problems, especially if you need to be on prescriptions.


Visit(s) With Your Doctor, if You Have Issues with Blood Pressure

Don’t experiment with online “old wives tales”, “grandma’s recipes”, or any of those other unproven tricks.

Definitely do not try to cheat on your DOT Physical exam because that can bring you lot of trouble in the long run.

Not just health related but legal (lying on official documents is taken serious).

Once you get your CDL license and pass the DOT physical exam you’ll be on the open road. Out there all on your own, except in cases where it’s a team driving job, of course.

Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com
Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com

Well, even when running solo you’re not exactly on your own though! I don’t want to scare you, but you get the point right?!

After all, you will be responsible for yourself, the company you are driving for, and even the other fellow drivers sharing the road. At same time, you will need to protect the load you are hauling.

Can you imagine, being in the middle of nowhere, on one of the most dangerous American roads, hauling hazardous cargo, and you collapse do to your high blood pressure?!

Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com
Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com

Oh dear, I don’t even want to imagine that scenario! But that is how most of truck accidents happen!!! Not respecting hours of service, rules, regulations and all that is there to prevent negative scenarios. This is not only a concern for you, but can be a threat to your other fellow driver’s life.

Truck driver’s health it’s important, that is why the DOT physical exam is so important. When you think about it, there really isn’t any excuse to not take it more serious.

Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com
Source: www.dotphysicalutah.com

After all, we are at a point where these days there are so many websites, trucker unions, trucker magazines and forums, to read about all of this.

So many of these highlight or have a primary focus and support on how to better improve and balance truck driver’s life.

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Actually they are geared towards wellbeing of the trucking community as a whole.

With so many resources available to you, all those associations and even individual people who care, there is no single reason left why you should not take care of your well being!

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

So yes, if you have serious issues with pressure, then you should regularly visit with your doctor. Don’t wait until the day just before your DOT Physical exam! This way you protect yourself and the other people involved in the traffic!

Why it is Important- The DOT Physical Exam?

If you want to become a truck driver, and drive one of the class 8 trucks, you will have to obtain a CDL license.

As part of the process you will have to undergo the DOT Physical exam. This is a legal requirement needed for your medical certificate, more commonly known as a DOT medical card.

needed for your medical certificate, more commonly known as a DOT medical card. Source: www. healthfirstmedical.net
Source: www. healthfirstmedical.net

So to bring the point home with other words, in order for you to obtain your CDL license, you will have to take the DOT Physical exam.

The exam will take only 30-45 minutes of your time (except in cases where you have some other concerns regarding your health), and in those cases the doctor visit can last longer.

As said, the DOT Physical exam is required and regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Source: www.dotphysicalexaminer.com
Source: www.dotphysicalexaminer.com

It is used to determine whether or not the driver’s health condition fulfills and meets all the FMCSA standards needed. It can be performed only by certified medical examiners that are listed on the FMCSA’s National Registry.

So, based off this exam is your driving career future! The DOT Physical exam will determine whether you are or you are not legally capable of operating a commercial truck and can perform all the job duties, or any related job duty in matter of fact.

The good part of it is that once you take and pass the DOT Physical Exam you are good to go for the next two years when it’s time to re-take the test.

Source: www.health.harvard.edu
Source: www.health.harvard.edu

Now, if the examiners determine that you have a medical condition that needs observation on shorter periods, they can still issue the card but it will be valid for a shorter period of time, like 3 to 6 months top. Others might have got checked annually.

If you do not have truck driver health insurance the DOT physical exam can still be done but it will cost you somewhere between $50 and $300.



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