10 Things The Experts Can Teach You About Hiring The Right OTR Truck Driver

Hence, the implementation of new technologies has made the process of hiring the right OTR truck driver a bit more complex than it was before.

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Nowadays, it is harder to hire the right OTR truck driver because the demand for skills and experience has increased. More precisely the skills and experience in the development and management of:

  • Mobile apps;
  • Bar code systems;
  • Remote tracking technologies;

Thereupon, the improved mobile telecommunications are letting truck drivers to stay in close contact with their families.

Somehow mobile technology has dissolved some resistance to the scheduling demands and has increased the interest in over the road transportation.

Technology has impacted the role of the dispatchers as well.

Hiring The Right OTR Truck Driver Tip No.7: Key OTR Truck Driver Licenses and Technical Certifications

  • A commercial driver’s license CDL is the essential state-issued license (renewal periods vary by state);
  • The “Class A CDL” indicates that the license is for driving a truck with an automatic steering system;
  • Specialty licenses, such as those for handling hazardous materials and different types of steering systems may be required for specific jobs;
  • Expect to conduct a driving test on the appropriate truck;

Hiring The Right OTR Truck Driver Tip No.8: Additional OTR Truck Driver Background Checks and Screens

People engaged in the transportation industry are well aware of the fact that the U.S. trucking industry is highly regulated by federal departments as well as by state departments of transportation.

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Moreover, when you are hiring the right OTR truck driver you should make a thorough background check and screenings that include:

Moving violations, going back at least 10 years
Driving while under the influence, most employers have a zero-tolerance policy and do not hire drivers with any convictions for driving under the influence for work or on personal time.
Operating under the influence: some employers also screen out candidates who have convictions for operating boats or any vehicle while under the influence.
Compliance Safety Accountability records, available through the federal Department of Transportation, provide historic records of each driver’s and each company’s performance and safety.
Physical on driver health, safety and working conditions complied by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration- FMCSA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH, which is a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
If the route crosses into Canada, a license and background check to comply with that country’s regulations.
Additional  factors that may be required by your company’s insurance provider- check with your financial or operations manager for details.


Hiring The Right OTR Truck Driver Tip No.9: Recruit to Retain Your OTR drivers

There is a big difference between hiring a local truck driver, and hiring over the road truck driver. The main difference lays in the duties that each career brings.

Simply said, over the road truck drivers are pretty much hard to recruit. Straight proportionally, trucking companies once they recruit the right over the road truck driver should put effort in retaining him.

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Thereupon, OTR truck drivers put their focus on the following two advancement that trucking companies hiring the right OTR truck driver should provide them:

  • Company paid or subsidized training for additional and/or advanced certifications;
  • Team leadership;

Hiring The Right OTR Truck Driver Tip No.10: How To Retain OTR Truck drivers

Straight after the hiring process trucking companies should pay enormous amount of attention to retaining OTR truck drivers.

Source: www.latimes.com

First and foremost trucking companies should make a solid onboarding process in place to train their new over the road truck drivers.

Later on, that process should be followed by regularly conducting employee surveys. The satisfaction of truck drivers is most important to trucking company owners.


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Moreover, hired over the road truck drivers should be given a week-long orientation period, followed with a 45 minute meeting with review how their first week went and how he/she is feeling.

Further you can read 7tips on how you can retain OTR truck drivers:

1. Be Always Honest with Them

Being honest with your team of truck drivers is a “must”. Honesty is the key to a perfect relationship between the truck drivers and the trucking company owner.

Keeping the driver-owner relationship in the best terms possible is essential for the overall business.

The importance of honesty with your truck drivers means a lot.

2. Prepare Vacation Budget for Them

Preparing a vacation budget for your truck drivers will definitely lead to satisfaction.

That is so because many trucking companies make the mistake by not preparing vacation budget for their team- they go with the thought that truck drivers are paid enough in order to get vacation budget from their own salaries.

Thereupon, implementing this in your trucking company business plan and practice, will definitely stop truck drivers leaving your company.

3. Treat Your Truck Drivers as Family (Birthdays and Work Anniversaries Celebrations)

Remember that truck drivers are the ones responsible for the success of your trucking company. They are doing their best in order to be top truck drivers in the business.

Straight proportionally, truck drivers are faced with the rules and regulations given by FMCSA, SAFER, TSA, BBB and DMV. So, if a truck driver manages to drive without being punished or without bringing a bad name to your trucking company, then for sure he/she deserves to be treated as a family.

Tip: Remember to celebrate the birthdays and work anniversaries of your team of truck drivers.

4. Reward Them With a Free Healthy Lunch Once a Week

Due to the lifestyle that truck drivers are leading every now and then they are experiencing health issues.

SO, what trucking company owners can do is to reward them with a free lunch once a week. Although this is a small gesture it will make truckers feel better. They will value it a lot.

The only thing to avoid rewards or treating them well will result in the truck drivers leaving your company.

5. Provide Them Free Showers on The Route They Drive

Hygiene is equally important for truck drivers as leading healthy life is. Thereupon, taking regular showers is of a great importance to truck driver.



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