10 Tips to Find the Best Truck Tool Box

10 Secret Tips to Find the Best Truck Toolbox

Many of the specialty shops will actually design a custom truck Toolbox to your specifications! Then you really could have the best of both worlds; the convenience of a personalized Toolbox and a little something to help you stand out.

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7. Where to Find a Truck Toolbox (Online)

With very few exceptions you can find everything online. This is actually a great way to shop around to find the perfect model for your truck. Sometimes you can go to a local shop’s website and search there before going to the store. Other times you can just order what you need and have it shipped to your home or office. When you search online check and for already used truck tool boxes, you might find exactly what you need for cheaper price too!

The great thing about shopping online is you save time (and cut fuel cost). As an added bonus, often you can find rebates and other discounts not offered in the store.

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8. Alternatives to Use as a Truck Toolbox

This really does depend on what the overall purpose will be. But if you don’t need a custom or other specialized box there are many truck boxes that can serve the purpose. Also you can find other containers that can be safely secured to your truck. As for a small Toolbox, one you can hand carry then any will do and you won’t need to have specially designed. They too come in a variety of sizes and styles. The best part is they are relatively inexpensive.

But my personal recommendation out of experience and all, will be to have a truck  Toolbox, you will find what to use it for, even if that means that instead of tools and spare parts like ex:  extra fuel cup, trailer lights, truck mirrors, horns, you will use it for items and truck supply that every driver need to have when hitting the endless roads as lifestyle.

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9. What Types of Tools Should I Have in my Truck Toolbox?

Besides your obvious work related items there are several things you should carry. Even if this is solely for your personal use, it is still highly recommended that you have a full set of hand tools. Some small rechargeable battery powered hand tools.

Don’t forget to have all the adaptors, chargers, and accessories. It is better to have something and not need it that to need it and not have it. So if you’re not sure about what you should have, ask your mechanic or check with some of the OTR drivers. I am sure they can help set you straight.

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10. Other Related Items

Now there are some additional things you will want and/or need. This might cause you to need a second or larger truck Toolbox. Of course everyone is different and not everyone will feel the need to be as prepared as others. But keep in mind some things are actually a requirement either legal or company, so check to make sure you are in compliance.


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But here are just a few of the other things you might want have, just in case; fire extinguisher (at least one), reflective triangles, flashlight, wet weather clothes, multi tool, WD-40 type lubricant, windshield liquid, duct and electrical tape, pressure gauge, extra oil for quick oil change, brake fluid, transmission fluid, washer fluid. I am sure there are other things. But this should help keep you going.

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A truck Toolbox is an essential item to have, regardless if it is directly related to your job or just good to have. As we mentioned you have several options, so choose what best fits your situation. Also make sure you get the proper dimensions of the space where you’ll put the truck Toolbox.

Don’t forget the truck Toolbox serves many purposes. It gives you place to properly store your items and to keep them out of the elements. It can help keep them secure and safe from theft while you are on a break or on one of the truck stops. But the truck Toolbox can also aid on overall safety, in the event of an accident or quick truck repair that you can handle on your own.

What kind of truck Toolbox do you use? Is it for work, personal, or both? Is there a particular brand you recommend? Share all your thoughts and suggestion.



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