10 Tips to Find the Best Truck Tool Box

10 Secret Tips to Find the Best Truck Toolbox

Just as with any item, electronic gadgets, tools, accessory or other such additions, a truck Toolbox has many uses.  So, your purchase of one truly depends on the function it will serve. I will touch on this more throughout the article; as a matter of fact this is the underlying theme.


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But there are many reasons why we do what we do, we all know already, in the trucking business there are many rules and regulations that we need to fallow. Often there is a legal requirement, the Department of Transportation DOT, has a thorough explanation regarding the proper storage of tool and chemicals in your truck tool boxes. These are per the guidelines set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA.

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There are also many additional regulations depending on your state, if you travel across state lines, and if you will be transporting various chemicals through areas zoned as residential. In addition to this, you have local authorities with their own guidelines. And if that isn’t enough, often companies have their preset rules as well.


That seems like a lot to consider. But it isn’t really. Actually a lot of these are common sense, provided you have that and can use it. But, just as everyone knows you don’t store fuel next to an open fire, some still do. Even The National Fire Protection Association NFPA, recommends that you don’t smoke while filling your tank.

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Those are for the same reasons; you don’t improperly transport dangerous and/or flammable chemicals. Improperly transporting such items greatly increases the likelihood of an accident. Rules and regulations aren’t just put in place to harass you, though it might feel that way. They created with safety in mind, not just yours but those around you as well.

That is why you need to consider getting a proper truck Toolbox to store your tools and other equipment. You can go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, if you would like to learn more about safe driving.
One key thing to remember, a truck Toolbox not only keeps your items secure, and helps prevent possible theft; they keep the items from moving in the event of an accident. At sixty miles an hour something like a tissue box can cause serious injury, imagine what loose tools could do!

So let’s get that stuff both safe and secure. Here are a few tips on picking out a truck Toolbox.

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1. Truck Toolbox Types

There are literally dozens of truck Toolbox designs to choose from. They are configured for a wide range of purposes depending on what you’ll use it for. Some are designed to be mounted into the bed of your truck, others on the truck trailer, while others are meant to be toted around. You can also customize your own truck Toolbox and have it designed to fit your own needs.

So, as I said it just really depends on your need and reason for the truck Toolbox.

2. Reasons for Having the Truck Toolbox

Just what are the reasons someone would be in need of a truck Toolbox?

  • Work, to carry the tools of the trade, in a convenient safe and secure manner.
  • Emergency, just in case one is out and has a minor mechanical issue.
  • Personal, to carry things like fishing gear, hobby stuff, basic tools.

So whatever your reason is, there is a truck Toolbox designed to meet your needs. If you drive a utility truck, most likely it is equipment with multiple tool and lockable storage boxes. The nice thing about the truck tool boxes that are being made now is that they are usually waterproof, which is great because you don’t want your tools and equipment getting ruined.

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3. A Plastic Versus Metal Truck Toolbox

Like everything, a truck Toolbox can be made of a variety of materials, or any combination. The most common are metal and plastic. The plastic models are made of much better grade materials than they used to be. However, metal tends to hold up better against the wear and tear of daily use.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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So, it really does come back to what do you use if for. If it is just to hold some stuff and you rarely open it you might not need to get a heavy duty one. If your livelihood depends on its durability than most professionals would recommend to the better built or even custom made truck Toolbox.

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4. What Size is a Truck Toolbox?

You would be surprised the variety of sizes available! Truck tool boxes range in sizes from the length of the truck bed to small enough to easily store and carry. Often you’ll see the smaller boxes are kept in the larger ones. That makes it easy to access the tools you’ll use most often. At the same time you can still transport all the equipment you may need.

Keep in mind some of the smaller truck tool boxes might be deceptive. How so? Well being small you’ll think they are easy to carry. That might not be the case once you fill it with all your tools, spare parts and truck equipment and other items.

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5. How Much Does a Truck Toolbox Cost?

You’ll notice it keeps going back to the reason or need of the truck Toolbox. Pricing really depends on the size and the materials that the Toolbox is made of. Metal will usually be more expensive than plastic, many of the composite materials could cost you more.

But you can find basic small truck tool boxes for around $30 and up. Now if you need a larger or commercial grade truck Toolbox that could cost you a few thousand dollars!

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6. Where to Find a Truck Toolbox (physical stores)

You can run into most any auto parts or other retailer that has an automotive department and find basic tool boxes. Sometimes you can find really nice ones at a good price, but it is recommended to go to a specialty shop if you’re going to use it commercially, for work.



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