10 Tips How to Maintain Your Truck Lights

10 Secret Tips How to Maintain Your Truck Lights

Not just that another big threat comes from the exposure to the daily sun light. If your truck is exposed to heavy sun light over the period of let’s say 5 years that can cause your front truck lights glass to become blurry and heavily reduce the function of the front lights.

It can cause that the visibility is reduced by more than 50%. Please have this in mind when parking your truck – simple parking in slightly different position can save your truck lights over a period of years.

3. In Case of Bulb Change – Change it In Pair

Of course each one of us has experience with front lights not working due to bulb failure. That is a normal situation but trucks and trucking industry sees this more often because the trucks are driving a lot during dark and front head lights are turned on. Since the bulbs have a limited life they need to be changed periodically.

When you change one bulb it is recommended to change both of them. For example if you are changing one front bulb change please both of them in order to avoid differences in light color, distance and light power.



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