10 Tips How to Maintain Your Truck Lights

10 Secret Tips How to Maintain Your Truck Lights

8. Check Trailer Lights Once per Week

Just like license plate lights you should also check the entire trailer lights. I know – there is a lot of them depending what kind of trailer you are hauling but still it is a matter of the safety but also it is a matter of good looking. If you ask me there is nothing better to see that the trailer that has a lot of lights all over it.

The good thing is that most of the trailer lights are very cheap so it is not big investment to have a pack of them in your truck just in case you wanna do your daily fitness or 10 hour brake by changing trailer lights. There is some ways how you can almost completely avoid this tasks so please take a look on the next item in this list.

9. Invest in LED Lights

LED lights where the huge sensation when they first arrived on the market. I think there is 10 years or even more since you could find LED lights on the market at reasonable price. Since then that reasonable price become even more reasonable and we have a full right if we call it cheap.

10 Tips How to Maintain Your Truck Lights 5Source: blog.nexttruckonline.com

Investing in LED lights has some multiple advantages and I would urge all of you guys to think about that. Some of the advantages are:

  • Increased durability up to 10 times more. It is considered to be lifetime.
  • Low power consumption. Up to 90% less.
  • Increased light power. Up to 3 times more light for 9 time less power.

10. Put Protective Net on Front Fog Lights

Fog light have a disadvantage of being positioned close to the road surface what makes them very exposed to all kind of small stones and all kind of other road dirts. Small stones can easily damage the fog lights and you will often see the fog lights wrecked.


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Drivers having a habit of driving to close to the truck or car in front of them are even more exposed to this fog light damages. The bad thing is that lately if you want to fix this kind of problem you need to buy completely new fog light. 10 years ago there was a chance you could buy just the glass but not any more, now you need to buy completely new fog light.

But there is a solution to this problem – placing protective net on this of the fog light will prevent any stones damaging the fog light so this kind of few dollars investment can save a lot money over the period of few years.



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