10 Hidden USA Trucking Secrets

10 Hidden USA Trucking Secrets

Source: www.fueloyal.com

Trucks showed up and very quickly the massive truck production was in place adding more and more trucks to the streets on a daily base. First transportation hubs started to create (Chicago) and industry was on the path to become a giant. And that sure happened and now trucking industry is giant responsible for 5% of USA annual GDP or around $700 billon annual worth.

There is around 1,2 Million trucking companies operating 15 million of all kind of different trucks all over the USA and 3,5 million of those trucks are Class 8 Trucks or the big ones we see the most on the highways. It is huge and it is massive – 70% of all goods in USA are transported by trucks. Without trucks America stops living in just 21 days.

2. USA Trucking Secret: USA Trucking Is Expect To Grow Big In Next 10 Years

As you were able to read in the previous paragraph and see what is the size of the USA trucking industry it is even more incredible that trucking industry will grow over the next 10 years by 21%. Yes it is incredible that some industry that is so huge and big can become even bigger.



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