11 Steps That Every Trucking Company Owner Needs To Take

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But your tools might not fit in a tool belt! So you’ll need to know your business’ niche, what your focus is.

If you specialize in moving frozen goods you’ll need reefers. Perhaps you’re hauling construction equipment and you are in the heavy hauling trucking business?!

Then, you’ll need lowboys and heavy hauling transportation equipment, as well as bucket truck. It’s always good to have one of those!

So, shop around and try to find not only the best prices but the equipment that best suits your business needs.

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Obviously, you need the right equipment for your company. Getting equipment is the first and, perhaps, the most expensive decision you have to face.

Once you have selected the equipment necessary for your kind of trucking outfit, you need to decide whether you want to buy or lease the trucks and the rest of the equipment.

Step 2: Find and Hire the Best Employees

Now that you decide what you are going to do for a leaving, and then you choose the type of equipment you’ll need and the type of freight you’ll carry, it’s time to move to the next level which is finding and hiring the best employees to work for you.

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Notice: the point is not just finding the best employees; it’s also to find the way to keep them not leaving your company!

With that in mind, pay good attention to whom hands you are giving the future of your business!

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You might be the trucking company owner but your dispatchers are the eyes and the ears of your company. They are an important niche of the whole logistic side of your business, so get the best ones out there!

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Appreciate the dispatchers’ effort! They are holding the strings in their hands, for every action in and out of the trucking company.

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They communicate with the shippers, the brokers, and the drivers, and are the connection, the main link in the whole process.

They know which string to pull in order to make the ideal performance and put together the puzzle. So choose your dispatchers with a lot of attention. You don’t want a piece of the wrong puzzle!

Truck Drivers

Every single staff of your company is crucially important, but when it comes to truck drivers, hack, they are by my opinion the most important ones.

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Having a reliable truck drivers, with clean driving records it’s so very much important! It matters to the point where actually they will play a crucial part for the outcome of the brokers and the shippers’ decisions.

Furthermore, your company safety rating relies on them! Without good scores you won’t have much business, so pay attention to who you are giving your highly paid trucks and equipment and together with that, your future.

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I am not saying that you should not give a chance to veterans.  Or felony truck drivers. Everyone deserves a second chance! There are many trucking companies that hire felons and they are successful!

I guess what I am saying is to look and read between lines and sense the trouble when you are seating in your office, sipping fresh coffee while looking in truck driver resumes!

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Hiring the best truck drivers will definitely save you from worries and unnecessary headaches.

With high-quality service and high skilled and experienced truck drivers you are on top of the world. Moreover, you will win the world!

Safety Managers

Every good trucking company owner should know that without good safety managers whole work goes down the hill!

Having good safety managers means good safety rating and records. And we all know what that means!

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They are the ones responsible for the Safety Evaluation Area (SEA) Scores, which from the other side are responsible for your business success.

The four evaluation areas on which they work are:

  • Driver Safety Evaluation;
  • Vehicle Safety Evaluation;
  • Accident Safety Evaluation;
  • Safety Management Safety Evaluation;
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations are measuring a carrier’s response on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Furthermore, all the records like hours of service, crash reports, violations, drivers’ qualifications, fleet maintenance, are kept in the system for further evaluation.

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Also, this information is available on the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER), and everybody can see it!

So, with the business being so competitive, you better pick some great safety managers that will take good care of your ratings! Your safety rating can determine whether or not you are in business!

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Bad rating means no business; keep that in mind next time you are in search for safety manager personnel!

Step 3: Get the Best Customers

Talk to Your Customers

Take time to talk to your customers and ask them if they think you are providing them with everything they need. There is always space for a bit more business and you never know what can come out of their answer.

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On the other side you should ask them if you provide them with more than needed too! Yes, there is times when some of the services are not crucial and necessary.

Like example, maybe the expensive same day delivery option you provide for them it’s not really crucial for their business, yet you charging them for the service!

Who if not your customers will tell you better if the services you give are good or not and if they are needed or not?

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Have the Best Customer Service You Can Get

When you work for clients, you need to guide them through the process You should have the best customer service in order to get the best customers.  So with other words, you need to give in order to receive!



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