Learn 10 Secrets of Writing a Great Truck Driver Job Ad

A great truck driver job ad is the best way to woo the right truck drivers.

Through writing an effective job advertisement trucking companies are in fact presenting their own company in the best light. In addition, they are describing the truck driver position and the role of the truck driver within the trucking company looking for new hires.

The more specific the truck driver job ad is, the better results it will bring!

Moreover, a truck driving job is exciting itself, yet when writing a great truck driver job ad you will have to show the identified purpose of the job within the company. Truck driving beside being an exciting profession at the same time is as well one that comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Source: www.roehl.jobs

Truck driving is way beyond a simple transportation of goods from one place to another!

Yes, truck drivers get to tour the country, to see new places and to be always on the go, simply said they have a unique lifestyle that demands a lot of sacrifices, care, and dedication.

Henceforth, if you are looking forward to providing new job opportunities for truck drivers, then you should keep in mind when writing a great truck driver job ad that “An effective great truck driver job ad is not just a simple job description, in fact, it is a carefully crafted message!”.

A job ad is a synopsis that is composed of the key facts and figures of the opened position in your trucking company. In addition to that, a great truck driver job ad should include information regarding the responsibilities, eligibility as well as company culture.

Focus on attracting, engaging, as well as informing potential candidates about what your trucking company is searching for and what it has to offer.

So let’s take a look at the 10 secrets of writing a great truck driver job ad!

1. Be Specific About the Role

By being specific about the role available in your trucking company you will allow candidates compare what is required with their own skills and experience.

Source: www.truckdriverjobsinamerica.com

Having a clear job title is a must when writing a great truck driver job ad. I bet that you don’t want to write a truck driver job ad that will deceive or mislead the potential hire.

Eye catching is what your truck driver job ad should be!

2. Define The Main Roles and Responsibilities

What do the most important aspect of a truck driver’s job include?

Well, let’s start with proper loading and unloading, followed by accurate records maintaining altogether with performing vehicle inspections and minor repairs while on the road.

So, all in all the truck driver should focus on ensuring a safe trip!

Source: www.cdlindex.com

Thereupon, if you as a trucking company owner are looking forward to new truck drivers joining your company, then you should prepare a great truck driver job ad. The very first thing that you should think about when preparing a great truck driver job add is defining the main roles and responsibilities.

By giving a clear description of what an employee needs to do in order to fulfill the requirements of your trucking company you will ease your search.

Source: www.roehl.jobs

Simply, include a detailed breakdown of the skills, tasks, and knowledge that truck drivers should possess for the position that your trucking company is featuring.

Framework for Good Employment Practices:

  • Describe what a truck driver needs to do in the role;
  • Be outcome based. That way you won’t be put in the position to tell your workforce how to achieve goals;
  • Every here and then compare your workforce’s performance with the nationally developed benchmarks of goof practice;

3. Required Education For Truck Drivers

No great truck driver job ad is complete without required education.

Yet, in order for someone to become a truck driver he/she should complete a truck driving school. This educational point is essential because it is the only way a person can properly drive the truck and meet the federal standards.

Source: www.calhoun.edu

What truckers learn in trucking school will present right onto their truck driver’s resume. It will be a step forward for them when applying a great truck driver job ad.

Thereupon, recruiters should keep the required education for truck drivers on their great truck driver job ad. It is so because trucking school is both beneficial for truck drivers career as well it is beneficial for your trucking company.

Source: www.ustruck.com

What is the best choice that truck drivers can make? How can they fulfill this point of the great truck driver job ad?

Well, first of all truck drivers can take the chance of obtaining a certification through the Professional Truck Driver Institute PTDI. This step is also recommended by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As well truck drivers can attend a community college trucking program.


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Straight after truck drivers obtain their certification, they will have to focus on obtaining their commercial driver’s license- Class A CDL. It is what a great truck driver job ad would require.

Only full-fledged truckers can take a chance and apply to a great truck driver job ad.

4. Truck Driving Salary Expectations

As you saw so far, writing a job ad is just like writing any advertisement.

Trucking companies looking for new truck drivers should know their target audience and address them in the language they understand. Of course offering them what they want is a great advantage when writing a great truck driver job ad.

Source: www.gobankingrates.com

First of all, a great truck driver job ad should speak directly to truck drivers. And what is the most important thing that a truck driver wants to hear from a great truck driver job ad? Of course it is the salary plan.

In general truck drivers can expect to earn about $18.37 per hour, or $38.200 per year. Yet, it all depends from few factors, including their experience as well as the State in which they are looking for job opportunity.



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