Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Louisiana Freight Brokers

Louisiana freight brokers are the connection between the shipping company and the carrier. Because there is something that needs to be transported daily, this industry is in a constant growth. Surely, they are one of the top brokerage companies in the USA.

Whenever any company needs goods to be transported, they contact some of the many Louisiana freight brokers. Thus, they arrange the date and time of arrival. Of course, they need to know the goods that are going to be transported. Later, knowing all these information, the freight broker will know which carrier company to contact. It is very hard to arrange all of that.

So, even though sometimes they are considered to be evil brokers, they are surely not. This is one of the most stressful jobs out there. Maybe, you will like to take that into consideration next time you will talk to a Louisiana freight broker.

1. The Irwin Brown Company

The Irwin Brown Company was established back in 1968, in New Orleans. Since the beginning, they were one of the most successful Louisiana freight brokers. Over the years they were growing a lot thanks to the many family members that worked in the company.

His wife Sandra was also a part of it. As well as his brother-in-law, his son, and his niece.

Furthermore, another important member of the Irwin Brown Company since 1975 is John Hyatt. Additionally, he was well known in the local and national trade conversations.

Nowadays, The Irwin Brown Company is proud of its licensed customs brokers. Those people are John Hyatt, Shelly Bernstein, and Cole Trosclair. They are excellent professionals that can handle all the processes needed.

Source: www.ibrown.com

Later on, The Irwin Brown Company opened another office despite the New Orleans location. So, the new office was located at the New Orleans Airport.

And it remained open until back in 2009.  Also, in 1988 an office in Gulfport, Mississippi was opened.  There, they were working with direct shipments from Central America.

But, not only that. The company opens another office. This time located in Panama City, Florida. It remained open from 2011 through 2016. But, in 2016 US Customs changed the filing regulations, so the office was closed. These few locations of their offices were very beneficial.

Because in that way the company was completely available for the Gulf South region.So, it was possible to do shipment of cargo within the USA.

2. The Kearney Companies, Inc.

The Kearney Companies, Inc was founded in Louisiana, back in 1996. Ever since it was offering Third Party Logistics services in the Port of New Orleans. They have big experience in 3PL as well as warehousing. Nowadays, they own more than 700,000 square feet of rail.

Not only that! The yard they own in New Orleans is over 45 acres. This surely makes The Kearney Companies one of the biggest third-party logistics company in the Gulf South. And one of the best Louisiana freight brokers.

Source: www.ldec.org

Some of the services they offer are connected to warehousing. More precisely commodity warehousing. But not only that, they often show their skills in the international freight forwarding as well as import customs freight brokerage services.

Their main goal was and remains to this day, to help the customers to create profitable supply chains.  That way, it would facilitate all competitive logistics costs. Mainly, their dedication is to customer satisfaction.

They want their customers to have the experience of professional supply chain control. And by that to show how unique they are in every aspect of this job.


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The company’s headquarters are located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Moreover, their employees are very professionals in their field. Many of them have certifications for warehouse operators. But, not just that. Their team consists of licensed customs brokers as well as freight forwarders.

They constantly maintain a close relationship with the Port of New Orleans. Because of facilitating the shipments they also have good connections with The New Orleans Public Belt Railroad and The St. Bernard Port Authority.

3. R. Zanes

Firstly, W.R.Zanes was founded in Dallas and Houston in 1913. Later on, it was established in Texas as W. R. Zanes and Company. The owner was Walter Revere Zanes, Sr., who was born in Salem, New York in 1890.

Mr. Zanes, Sr. and later Mr. Zanes, Jr. have involved in this business in Dallas and Ft. Worth area. Additionally, they were included as two different cartage and drayage companies. And of course a huge, public warehouse operation.

Source: www.wrzanes.com

These Louisiana freight brokers have grown a lot over the years. Therefore, there were changes in the team as well as the physical resources. So, back in June 1974, the two firms merged together.

Furthermore, Zane’s basic goal throughout the years is still the same today. And that is that the human resources, as well as the physical resources, are going to be guided into organizational units. Those units will be dynamic and will reach their objectives. Important is to keep the high level of morale when providing the service. Which would, of course, lead to customer satisfaction.


APEX mission is to be able to handle even the impossible. Meaning, there is no impossible for them. Therefore, they strongly believe that they can find a way how to meet customer’s needs.

According to them, what their road to success is are the rules such as dealing with customers the best way possible and never giving up. Additionally, everything is meaningless if you are not a team player or you have a negative attitude.

So, being a 3PL or a Third party logistics provider their main vision is to provide worldwide solutions for any logistics services.

Source: www.apexfrt.com

They believe that what makes them one of the best Louisiana freight brokers are their core values. Which they practice every day in order to maintain the professionalism when dealing with customers.



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