Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Louisiana Freight Brokers

So, they practice daily several important values. Such as to respect diversity and know that success is on their way. They strive towards authenticity and creativity.

Furthermore, their services are well known for their successful work done on time. Not only in Louisiana but in 48 states as well as in Canada.

They offer services such as full truckload. More precisely, flatbed. But, not only that. They deal with air freight as well. And, one of the most important services are heavy duty haul, freeze protect and dry van. Additionally, they offer the most dangerous service too, which is hazardous material cargo.

5. IFFCBAN Global Logistics Professionals

IFFCBAN Global Logistics Professionals were founded back in 1913. IFFCBANO is a professional association with an excellent team. Their team consists of licensed international freight forwarders, licensed customs brokers, and transportation service providers. And they are located in the Southeastern United States with expertise in providing international transportation services nationwide.

Their main goal is to serve the Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding and Trade Community. What they want to represent is not just to be a part of the best Louisiana freight brokers.

But, to make a platform for the exchange of dialogue and information. Which would support the ‘on time’ shipment of goods? While promoting the professional knowledge and growth of their staff.


IFFCBAN Global Logistics Professionals are always working closely with all United States government agencies that are involved in international road check shipping. Therefore, the Association is ensuring the rights of importers, exporters, and members of the company.

Nevertheless, their members are an affiliate of the National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association (NCBFAA). So, they work together with the national leaders in Washington to ensure the impact of new trade legislation on the trade community is maintained always positive.

6. BMI, Inc.

BMI’s focus has always been to offer many different freight transportation services. Whether they are international or domestic service. They are a 3PL or a third party logistics company.

Meaning, they take care of all aspects of shipping. They way they do that is by specializing in the transportation management, warehousing, and international trade of goods.

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BMI. Inc. is in the business for more than 30 years now. They do delivery of supplies and good worldwide for many years.

Today, they offer many logistics services for the domestic and international market. Such as industrial projects as well as equipment. Also, ocean and air services. Along with international trade documentation, warehousing, and domestic truck services.


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They know that every shipment is different. Therefore, BMI tailors their services according to the particular customer. So, for each delivery they do, based on urgency and handling, they have both cost and transit time in mind for best results.

Moreover, BMI moves cargo and products to destinations all over the world. Nevertheless, they are aware that key is to make customers feel at home. And they are successfully doing that with their friendly, knowledgeable employees. As well as their excellent service that provides quality care for customer’s goods as if it were BMI’s.

7. W. Allen

J.W. Allen’s ultimate motto was and still remains that there is no shipment that is too big or even too small. And, they go by the old rule that the customer is always right.

J.W. Allen was employed in the forwarding business since 1919.  The founder Joseph Webster Allen began his career working in the railroad industry. Later on, there was a decision done by the L&N Railroad to stop with the international door to door rail service.

Therefore, this situation led Mr. Allen to relocate from Nashville, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana. There is where with the help of the Whitney National Bank he founded J.W. Allen & Company, Inc. back in August 1932.

Source: www.jwallen.com

The company has progressed to provide a full range of global import and export logistics services. Today they are an International Air and Ocean Freight Forwarders. But also very professional as Customs House Brokers, and Global Logistics Providers.

Nowadays, J.W. Allen & Company offers worldwide services. What they do is air and ocean door to door transportation solutions. They, of course, follow the latest technology in order to be successful. Therefore, today they are one of the best Louisiana freight brokers.

What they focus on today is, designing cost-effective international transportation solutions. They are complemented by high-quality customer service. And of course, they are customized to meet each customer’s individual needs.

8. B & R Transport Brokers, LLC

B & R Transport Brokers are leaders when it comes to industrial transportation companies in the United States. Which makes them one of the very best Louisiana freight brokers.

The difference between them and other companies similar to them is that their main focus is to provide a good future for the owner-operators.

Source: www.brtransportbrokers.com

This company has started with one flatbed truck and an old family van. Robert and Rebecca Willis started this company back in 2000. It was 24 hours a day Hotshot service. They started living their dream by pulling trailers and traveling the country together.

They managed to stay one of the best Louisiana freight brokers today thanks to Robert and Rebecca building quality customer relationships with respected businesses.

9. Landstar

Landstar is a global transportation system. Which as they like to say is made for the 21st century. If we compare Landstar to any other logistics company, we can see that Landstar is offering services in a much different way.

They collaborate with a network of independent agents. Which agents provide greater flexibility to meet customer’s needs.

They serve North America as well as offer services worldwide.

Source: www.expeditersonline.com

Inside North America their services are different. They offer Less – than – truckload ( LTL ) and Intermodal service. As well as truckload heavy and specialized transport. Not to forget, of course, temperature controlled transportation expedited and border crossing.

10. Livingston International

Livingston International are surely is best Louisiana freight brokers. But, not only that, they are North America’s number one company. Because they are focused on customs freight brokerage,



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