Ultimate Guide of 10 Best Louisiana Freight Brokers

His wife Sandra was also a part of it. As well as his brother-in-law, his son, and his niece.

Furthermore, another important member of the Irwin Brown Company since 1975 is John Hyatt. Additionally, he was well known in the local and national trade conversations.

Nowadays, The Irwin Brown Company is proud of its licensed customs brokers. Those people are John Hyatt, Shelly Bernstein, and Cole Trosclair. They are excellent professionals that can handle all the processes needed.

Source: www.ibrown.com

Later on, The Irwin Brown Company opened another office despite the New Orleans location. So, the new office was located at the New Orleans Airport.

And it remained open until back in 2009.  Also, in 1988 an office in Gulfport, Mississippi was opened.  There, they were working with direct shipments from Central America.

But, not only that. The company opens another office. This time located in Panama City, Florida. It remained open from 2011 through 2016. But, in 2016 US Customs changed the filing regulations, so the office was closed. These few locations of their offices were very beneficial.



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