Learn 10 Secrets of Writing a Great Truck Driver Job Ad

Did you know that Texas, California and Pennsylvania have the highest truck driver employment rate?

On the other hand, we have Alaska, Massachusetts as well as North Dakota offering highest truck driver salaries.

Source: www.chicagotribune.com

Let’s be realistic, nowadays the trucking industry as a whole is growing and is stable, but it is experiencing truck driver shortage. Due to these facts you should pay a huge attention to truck driving salary expectations.

5. Provide What Truck Drivers Want

Is your great truck driver job ad online?

If not, get it there.

Not only that you should get it there but you should make yourself sure that you will cover all the bases. Keep in mind that all Americans are online, especially the ones that are looking forward to a job opportunity.

Source: www.truckersearch.com

It is always a good idea to place extremely targeted banner of your great truck driver job ad on websites frequented by truckers. In addition to that you can also use a pay-per-click advertising to get the attention of those who are online actively searching.

Source: www.thebalance.com

Simply, provide what truck drivers want, and on the sites that they want. Put the fleet manager you are aside and think as a truck driver looking for a job opportunity. Remember to think beyond truck driving jobs, target keywords and get found by the people you are looking for.

6. Share Organizational Values & Culture

Cultural fit is extremely important when it comes to hiring new truck drivers.

That is why you should include this section when writing a great truck driver job ad.

Source: www.professional2c.com

This way you will have the chance to reveal your company’s mission, values as well as vision about the future, and by that compose a great truck driver job ad.

Thereupon, when a truck driver gets to read your ad he will gain a clear insight into what your trucking company is all about.

Source: www.shawnpreuss.com

In addition you can also include key attributes of your trucking company’s culture. Explain a bit about your team of truck drivers. As well a list of personality traits is always welcomed to be places in a great truck driver job ad.

Just keep in mind that a great truck driver job ad should communicate clearly the job’s expectations to truck drivers seeking for a job.

7. Put a Human Voice In Your Great Truck Driver Job Ad

How can you write a great truck driver job add and increase the sparkiness?

Well, what another way than putting a human voice in your great truck driver job ad. It seems to be the best choice available.

Source: www.frg-law.com

So, in order for you to do so will have to cover few components, such as are the hook, the description of role, reasons to learn more, logical gate, salary range as well as a path to learn more.

Simply, truck drivers who are looking for a job opportunity need a reason to tune in.

Remember: A great truck driver job ad is the one that gives truck drivers looking for a job opportunity a plenty of good reasons to throw his or her hat in the ring!

8. Target The Right People

It is essential when writing a great truck driver job ad to pay attention to the content because after all, you do want to target the right people.

Source: www.stylemagazine.com

Hence, the great truck driver job ad should strongly attract applicants with clear statements. That is to say, the job advertisement should include the prospects of the organization, the benefits of the position as well as access to additional information or further inquiries.

The main goal is to target the right people, so that the applicant, that is to say, the truck driver looking for a job recognized what the job ad is all about. Clear instructions are always welcomed!


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9. Make It Search Friendly

A great truck driver job ad should be search friendly!

Thereupon, seeing in that direction you should think of it as a web page because when searching for job postings potential truck drivers will use consistent search terms.

Source: www.blogmetric.org

Keep focused on making the truck driver job ad more relevant to the job title and description. That way you will get attention from the truck drivers who are looking for a job opportunity.

Moreover, making a great truck driver ad search friendly means finding common keywords. In addition, you should use these keywords for getting better search results and a better visibility at the great truck driver job ad.

10. Remember After All It Is An Ad

The primal role of ads is selling something to someone. In this case owners of trucking companies by writing a great truck driver job ad wants to sell a position in their company.

The better you write the ad the better people you will recruit. An effective advertising is the one that is compelling and interesting at the same time.

Source: www.alesdrive.info

Moreover, when finishing your writing of a great truck driver job ad check if it turned out into a strong and easy to understand the call of action!

Henceforth, if you find your ad compelling then you should take care and make sure that it is 100% online.

Always Find Ways to Appraise Your Employees

Each job has its objectives, the same goes for all types of truck driving jobs as well!

These objectives should always be set to be:

  • Measurable;
  • Achievable;
  • Time-framed;
  • Specific;
Source: www.businessinsight.ae

In addition, trucking company owners should identify any standards that are relevant to fulfilling successfully the position of truck drivers. Straight after that, they should determine how those goals have been achieved!

In fact, by assessing the performance of your employees you will get to the point of the objectives and you will determine how those objectives have been achieved!


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