15 Best Cheap GPS You Can Find On The Market


Have you ever had a struggle finding cheap GPS which also has great features? Sometimes finding cheap GPS need thorough research.

We have all been there.

Finding a cheap GPS which is also rated among the best, and has trustful reviews is a quite challenging task.

I admit, sometimes it can be quite exhausting to manage a trucking business successfully including finding the best parts of truck equipment.

What To Look For In A Cheap GPS?

When choosing a cheap GPS for your truck you need to look thoroughly and probably ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this GPS right for me?
  • Will this device serve me well?
  • Are these features the ultimate?
  • What are the advantages of the cheap GPS?
  • What are the disadvantages of the GPS?

Trust me your research will pay off in the end.

Luckily, I have found some of the best GPS devices with the latest integrated technology that will serve your trucking company just about right.

Source: www.gpsnavigationsite.com
Source: www.gpsnavigationsite.com

Particularly, these are the features that you need to look for in a cheap GPS device:

  • Screen Size;
  • Quality Mapping;
  • Traffic Alerts;
  • Turn by Turn Directions;
  • Weather Forecast;
  • Advanced and Distinguished Features;
  • Truck Driver Assists;

It is important for you to look out for the features and the benefits you will get from it as a trucking company.

Notably, it is what will result in a better customer service and on time delivery. Consequently, this leads to satisfied customers and increase of profit.

What Are The Best Cheap GPS Devices On The Market?

Whether expensive or cheap GPS devices, along with telematics, they have become a significant part of the future trends in the trucking industry.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com
  • Garmin Dezl Dash Cam LMTHD GPS Truck Navigator;
  • Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT GPS;
  • Garmin Dezi 760 LMT;
  • Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS;
  • Rand McNally TND 740;
  • Garmin DezlCam LMTHD Trucker’s GPS Unit;
  • TomTom Trucker 600;
  • Rand McNally TND 720LM;
  • TomTom Pro Truck;
  • Magellan RC9485;
  • ONE20 Truck Driver GPS;
  • Rand McNally TND 530;
  • Garmin Dezl 570 LMT;
  • Cobra 7750 Pro;
  • WorldNav 769060 Truck GPS;

Once you take a look at their feature you will see why some (if not all) of them are able to keep you stay awake while driving.

Source: www.newsroom.ptvgroup.com
Source: www.newsroom.ptvgroup.com

Having said this, it is one of the best features for truck drivers whether they drive Conestoga trailer or semi-trailer trucks.

1. Garmin Dezl Dash Cam LMTHD GPS Truck Navigator

In the world of trucks and trucking, in particular, the drivers need a guide sometimes.

To emphasize, having a cheap GPS like this Garmin Dezl Dash Cam is a huge benefit not only for the driver but the company as well.

This navigator is one of the best cheap GPS that comes with two special features:

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com
  • Specific Trucking GPS;
  • Dash Cam (built-in);

With these two features, the Dash Cam cheap GPS allows you to get the truck to the destination while keeping it out of trouble.

This is done by showing the safe route to drive while escaping the low bridges as well as the restricted zones.

To continue with, the Dash Cam is an onboard savior whose function is to save the driving information directly to the hard drive.

 Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

In this way, you can use the information later when you need it in case you come into a particular problem.

Notably, these are some of the features that make this cheap GPS remarkable to use:

  • Crystal Clear Touch Screen Display (6-inch);
  • Entering Truck Dimensions Ability;
  • Easy To Use Maps;
  • Continuous Driving Record With Dash Cam;
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates;
  • Lifetime Traffic Alerts;

2. Garmin Nuvi 2539LMT GPS

This particular cheap GPS is considered favorite among every single truck driver. This is due to its amazing performance of having every possible feature that a truck driver needs in order to guide him on the road.

Sometimes is not enough only to respect the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or Department of Transportation (DOT) rules.

It takes more.

Source: www.dealer.garmin.cz
Source: www.dealer.garmin.cz

By this, I mean it takes great pieces of truck supplies in order to receive a place among the best moving truck rental companies.

To emphasize, these are the features that the Nuvi cheap GPS has:

  • Crystal Clear Touch Screen Display;
  • Easy To Use Interface Menu;
  • Dual Operation Screen;
  • 2 Hour Battery Life;
  • Lifetime Map Updates;
  • Traffic Alerts;

Having a 5-inch screen, this cheap device helps you by showing information that surrounds your area of driving.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

To demonstrate, this is a great feature because on a smaller screen the driver will not be able to see clearly the image.

Consequently, the driver might get distracted from driving and paying attention to the road. Looking on the negative side, this might lead to truck accidents.

Having said this, this GPS is much preferable for the local CDL driving jobs or a delivery driver job.

3. Garmin Dezl 760 LMT

Garmin has one of the best and cheap GPS that you will ever find on the market. They always have truck suitable screens and desirable features.

In particular, these are the features that the Garmin Dezl 760 LMT cheap GPS has:

Source: www.gpscentrum.cz
Source: www.gpscentrum.cz
  • High-Resolution 7-inch Touchscreen Display;
  • Lifetime Mapping;
  • Free Lifetime Traffic Updates;
  • Specialized Truck Routing Updates;
  • Customizable Restrictions;
  • Caution Alerts Based on Truck Profiles;
  • Faster Processor;
  • Bluetooth Compatibility;


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To continue with, when buying a Garmin GPS you know that you are buying a quality device. To put it in another way, it is the case with the Garmin Dezl 760 LMT and another benefit is that it is a cheap GPS.

4. Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Truck GPS

The GPS units, or if you prefer route optimizers have advantages in money saving for your trucking company.

In addition to this, the Garmin Dezl 770 LMTHD is a cheap GPS which has extreme usage advantages.



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