Top 25 Trailer Leasing Companies Nationwide


Do you consider it is hard finding reliable trailer leasing companies?

We all do.

Sometimes it is tough and more difficult than you might think.

Therefore, finding good trailer leasing companies requires quality time spent on research.

What You Need To Know About Trailer Leasing

I am certain that most of you know, or at least have heard about the term leasing. Well, vehicle leasing means using a particular vehicle for an agreed period of time and at an agreed amount of money.

There are international truck dealers which are offering alternatives to trailer leasing and there are lots of them.

The point of trailer lease is that after the agreement term, the companies need to return the vehicle to the trailer leasing companies.


Knowing there are lots of trailer leasing companies, you need to decide whether you should lease, buy or rent a trailer or a truck.

How do you know the right time to lease?

This particular question involves several factors for considering. For example:

  • The length of need;
  • The state of your previous existing equipment;
  • The cash flow as well as credit worthiness;
  • Your ability for equipment maintenance;

Advantages of Truck Leasing

There are financial executives as well as fleet managers which are allowing you to choose your trailer leasing.

However, the owners are normally hesitating about the trailer leasing and the entire process, and after the lease process.

The question is: When a trucking company should consider leasing a trailer and why?


Having said this, there are many advantages of the trailer leasing and they are the following:

  • Developing Fleet Balance (mixing the rented, the leased and owned trailers for a financial flexibility);
  • Minimizing Risks (overcoming low economic conditions);
  • Reducing Maintenance and Costs (covering licensing and taxes);
  • Releasing Capital for Needed Investments (preserving cash and maximizing liquidity);
  • Protecting Fleet from Obsolescence;
  • Improving Safety and Fleet Reliability;


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In addition to this, in order to make everything right and make your trailer leasing go well, you need to comply with the regulations of:

What Do Top Trailer Leasing Companies Do?

In the trucking industry, 2 in 4 trucking companies are hiring truck leasing companies, especially those who start a trucking company.

Continually, there are trucking businesses that rely on the trailer leasing companies. They do it simply because they trust their services and have experienced the above-mentioned benefits of it.

However, there is a difference between a trailer leasing company and a professional, reliable leasing company.


The question is: What the trustworthy trailer leasing companies do?

Besides offering benefits to trucking companies, they also respect the following regulations:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA);
  • The Department of Labor (DOL);
  • Department of Transportation (DOT);
  • National Highway Protection Association (NHTSA);
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA);
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB);
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS);

1. Penske Truck Leasing

Penske Truck Leasing is probably a leader of all the trailer leasing companies. Penske Truck Leasing as part of your transportation team has benefits for your trucking business.

The one thing that Penske Truck Leasing is doing flawlessly is moving the lives and businesses forward.

Source: www.
Source: www.

Having said this, it is the goal that every leasing company should consider having. In other words, it is why Penske is offering their leasing services in the first place.

To continue with, Penske Truck Leasing is offering the following for your transportation company:

  • Full-Service Lease Benefits (removing repair and reducing maintenance costs);
  • Leasing Services (A smart alternative to replace costs with profit);
  • A chance to talk to an Expert (Penske is handling all your transportation needs);

2. XTRA Lease

XTRA Lease is giving their customers an opportunity to replace their old fleet with a new trailer leasing.

In addition to this, they offer the newest lease services. More importantly, they have expanded their services to many locations.


But do you know the best part about XTRA Lease?

They allow you to track your trailers.

Yes, you have read that right. The company is allowing you to implement GPS tracking in order to create more efficient transportation.

Beneficial isn’t it?

3. Ryder

I am aware of the fact that everyone involved in the trucking industry has heard about Ryder, or seen them moving on the roads.

But have all of you heard about their services?


With their 80+ years of experience, Ryder has gained trust among their customers. To emphasize, they offer the following leasing services:

  • Comprehensive maintenance;
  • 24/7 roadside assistance;
  • Vehicle options;
  • Regulatory Support;

4. Compass Trailer Lease

Compass Trailer Lease is one of the trailer leasing companies which are making the customers’ lives easier.

For instance, Compass Trailer Lease is allowing you to apply online for a lease. Further, they allow you to specify what you actually need.


In other words, to name everything involved in your trailer needs. For instance:

  • Online Application
  • Trailer Specifications
  • Customer Portal

5. Wyatt Leasing

Wyatt Leasing is among the best trailer leasing companies nationwide. This is due to the fact that Wyatt Leasing provides unique customer service as their goal.


Having said this, they are creating these solutions for the sake of the unique customer needs. Therefore, if you want to expand the fleet of your trucking company then Wyatt Leasing can help you achieve that.

6. IdeaLease

If you are ever in need of premium trailers then Idealease is the right trailer lease for your business.


Because they have the best trailers.

And let’s be honest, trucking companies need great equipment in order to complete full transportation services without mistakes.

Luckily, the Idealease has what trucking companies need.


On the subject of this, Idealease also offers stability to your trucking company. This is due to the Idealease expertise in the leasing solutions for commercial fleets.



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