15 Secrets How To Become Successful Truck Driver

Source: www.sayidy.net
Source: www.sayidy.net

Even though the safety is a priority when it comes to driving, it is also important to cope with the Hours of Service (HOS). Obeying these will make it easier for you to deliver loads on time. If you are doing that frequently, you will create an amazing delivery driver resume.

8. Excellent Customer Service Skills

A successful truck driver needs to possess impeccable customer service skills. First of all, truckers deal with customers on a daily basis. If truck drivers are not very good at this, they might acquire an angry customer. You do not want this because it could stop you from acquiring new ones, or finding good loads.

Source: www.coyote.speedgauge.net
Source: www.coyote.speedgauge.net

Second, it is important because they deal with every kind of freight.

Additionally, the worse could happen – you could lose customers and losing customers means losing freights. Correspondingly, may infect your company, or your position, since the loads are a great way to increase profit.

9. Knowledge Of Truck Mechanics

Having knowledge of mechanics is important when you are on the road regardless of what kind of driver you are. More importantly, it is crucial for truck drivers because they are hitting the roads on long-distance routes. For example, what will possibly happen if you are stuck in a dessert, or in a middle of a winter weather highway?

Source: www.theinert.com
Source: www.theinert.com

With this in mind, the roads are unpredictable. No one ever knows what is ahead of them. There are millions of examples where the scariest crashes happen. Having this knowledge is important in order to prevent unwanted truck accidents. Thereupon, every successful truck driver needs to possess mechanic skills.

10. Stress Management Skills

Every job is stressful and requires management. While some are less stressful, driver’s job is a lot more, and chronic stress can cause serious health problems. Therefore, one must learn how to manage it in order to prevent health damage. Here are some tips:

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Include Humor

Forthwith, you are probably thinking of getting some sleep after a stressful day. Stress causes brain and body exhaustion and all you want to do is get a great sleep and recover your body and brain. Furthermore, every human being functions like this, however, there are some that do not realize the most important thing…

Question to have in mind: How are you going to fall asleep and get quality rest if you are stressed?

Source: www.cerasis.com
Source: www.cerasis.com

For those who did not know, stress increases anxiety and anxiety keep you awake and prevents sleep.

The previously mentioned tips, on the other hand, will help your system recover. For instance, exercise affects the brain cells and increases serotonin levels. In like manner, meditation calms you, while the humor keeps you away from bad thoughts.

Additionally, doing any of this not only that will reduce stress, but will make you feel better and you will sleep better as well.

Hence, if you do not succeed in reducing the stress levels, there are programs that might help you. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a program that helps employees work through their life changes.

11. Successful Truck Driver Must Be Responsible

In general, according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), all truck drivers have the responsibility to be familiar with the regulations. They always must check if their vehicles are in great order before hitting the roads. Further, they need to obey the law and it is their duty to drive safe.

Source: www.bulgariasega.com
Source: www.bulgariasega.com

The responsibilities of any successful truck driver are the following:

  • Each truck driver must receive training
  • Drivers are responsible for providing information about their driving history, convictions, accident history etc.
  • Successful truck driver checks the cargo’s distribution and is responsible for its secure transportation
  • Every truck driver must not drive under the influence of alcohol, trucks or other substances
  • They must not speed from point to point, especially when transporting a freight
  • Drivers should not drive when out of service
  • Any driver must ensure that everything is in good working condition including vehicles and accessories
  • Obeying the Hours of Service Regulations
  • Truck maintenance

12. Be Always Focused On The Road And The Driving Conditions

Just as the responsibilities of a truck driver, the focus on the road is equally important. There are many distractions, keeping truck drivers from staying focused on the road. To demonstrate, phones, text messages, GPS etc. However, a successful truck driver must know how to manage all that and still stay focused on the road.

Source: www.wired.com
Source: www.wired.com

For instance, OTR trucking is a great making money machine but open roads can be dangerous. Sometimes, there are situations when the trucker is exhausted and may fall asleep. It is always hard to be on the open road.

Therefore, a successful truck driver must possess:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Good hearing
  • Map reading skills
  • Multitasking
  • Ability for long haul driving

13. Make an Exercise Plan

Sitting and driving all day can cause real damage to your body. To begin with, it can cause serious back pain, increased amounts of insulin etc. However, a few number of truck drivers care for their health, the other half are not realizing the side effects of it. Therefore it is important to stay sharp on the road.

Source: www.building-muscle101.com
Source: www.building-muscle101.com

For this reason, you need to make an exercise plan. For instance, if you have spare time:

  • Visit a gym
  • Run
  • Rope jumping

Furthermore, whenever you have some time for the truck stop amenities, do some exercises before going to bed.  For instance, do pushups, squats, planks, bridging etc. In addition, even some stretches would work in order to regulate the blood flow and reduce the back pain. You can also check out the tips for better truck driver’s health, you may find them helpful.

14. Successful Truck Driver Improves Cooking Skills

If you want to cook for yourself, which is important for your health, there is an extreme way to do it. With the help of the innovation of technology, there is a power inverter for a truck which is amazing equipment. Thus, you can connect all of your cooking appliances to it and will make the cooking a lot easier for you.



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