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17 Things To Check Before Buying Used Farm Truck

The U.S. farming industry has changed significantly in the last few decades.

In the same way as other industries, the farming industry has been introduced with newer technologies.

Luckily, a lot of farm companies have started implementing these technologies.

On the positive side, these significant changes have brought increased productivity, while at the same time farming risks have been reduced.

On the other hand, one thing has still remained the same. I’m speaking about the horsepower that farms have the need of in order to get the jobs done. In other words, I refer to farm trucks.

Moreover, what farm companies have the need of is a well-equipped farm truck- which can be also seen as an indispensable tool that will make their job on the farm far easier.

Hence, choosing the right used farm truck is way harder than one might think of it.

Correspondingly it is so because used farm trucks have often been prone to hard workhorse lifestyle.

So, just what should you look for?

Further, in this article, I will provide you with some answers that can help you when buying a used farm truck.

Let’s take a look!

1. Overspray Means Walk Away

Detecting overspray literally means walking away.

Even on farms- accidents do happen.


Yet, what a better way for the farm truck seller to hide the accident than to overspray the farm truck?

Hence, detecting overspray truck surfaces is easiest in the space between the bed and the cab. As well as around the fender walls.

2. Don’t Be Indifferent To Differentials

Differentials is the gear of the farm truck which is composed of three shafts.

The purpose of the differential is to allow the outer drive wheel to rotate faster than the inner one.

So, this leads us to the enumeration that you should never be indifferent to differentials.


Moreover, farm trucks have differentials that are specially designed to handle heavy loads. Which means that its role is pretty much important. So, a detailed check of it is inevitable.

If there is any visible leaks or any noise coming out from the front differentials- then there are obvious signs of inconsistencies.

Yet, the best choice that you can make when buying a used farm truck is to take a trusted mechanic with you.


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3. Towing and Hauling Capabilities

Most people do buy farm vehicles because of the need for towing and hauling.

Yet, it indicates that you should be alarmed about how much towing and hauling had the previous owner done already.

This checkpoint is crucial because if the previous owner has done more than normal wear on the farm truck- then you will high repair costs.


On the positive side- you can always ask the owner of the farm truck about these details. But, do not expect that you will always receive a sincere answer.

Hence, mechanical inspection remains to be the best option for determining the previous towing and hauling use.

4. Off-Road Use

Well, farm trucks are most commonly used for off-road activities.

This means that when buying a used farm truck you should always have in mind asking the question how it has been used by the previous owner.

Yet, farm trucks are intended to be used in the fields and on farms and ranches. So, the real question remains to be for how long and exactly where it has been used.


The reason why I’m emphasizing the importance of checking off-road use is that it can lead to a lot of wear of truck’s suspension. Both, to the chassis as well as to other components.

Thereupon, extended off-road use has few obvious indications such as a lot of scratches, bent parts, and scrapes on the underside of the farm truck.

This does not have to mean that you have to avoid that farm truck- you just have to be precautious. Consider it a red flag and call your mechanic before you make the final move.

5. Commercial Use

To continue with, farm trucks, in general, are bought and used in a wide variety of chores.

So we go back to the same suggestion- call up your mechanic to perform a detailed check of it.


I suggest this because of one single reason- when farm trucks are used by farm companies these trucks won’t be as maintained as it is the case of farm trucks used by private owners.

Private owners always pay more attention to regular maintenance services.

6. Check That Bed

Additionally, you have to check that bed too.

Yet, the bed is the one farm truck part that gets damaged the most.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

Free ebook

Hence, in order to avoid buying a farm truck with a damaged bed, you should see if the bed has been removed, wrenched, repainted.

All in all, these checkpoints will deliver you the real picture of the farm truck bed condition.

7. Got Rot

In the same way that overspray means walking away, rot means too.

Moreover, the used truck that you want to buy might have rot due to many reasons. One of which is the road salts. There is a high amount of road salts, especially in the north.


The best way to inspect the vehicle of rot is to check the bed and behind the seats of the cab.

Yet, keep in mind that there are some farm vehicles that are more prone to rusting.

If you want to buy a fully functioning used farm truck then you should definitely check the 4×4 system.

If the 4×4 system can be engaged and disengaged properly then this is the right used truck that you should buy.

On the negative si

8. Check the 4×4

de, if the 4×4 system is not working properly, then take it as a warning light.

Always, but always make sure and confirm it yourself that everything is working as it should.



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