25 Best Flatbed Trucking Companies


One problem I found in researching for this article, 25 best flatbed trucking companies, was how to base the criteria? There are so many trucking companies out there that it can be hard to narrow down the best ones. After all there are national trucking companies, regional, and local flatbeds trucking companies.

I also had to consider that after I wrote this, many would say what about this company or that company! So I will admit from the very beginning that is more a listing of flatbed trucking companies that specialize or handle large amounts of flatbed freight.

Why is this so important? Well just like anything, if you own a Ford you wouldn’t want it serviced by a Toyota technician. If you were to visit the doctor for a heart condition you wouldn’t visit a proctologist. So if you need to get freight haul via flatbed you wouldn’t want someone with a reefer, would you? – Of course not.

Source: www.flatbedtruckingcompanies.org



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