25 Things To Know Before Buying The Best Truck GPS

On the other hand, the passive system enables the fleet managers to monitor the truck once the truck returns back to the headquarters.

Source: www.12volt-travel.com
Source: www.12volt-travel.com

To continue with, the real-time solutions allow the managers to track the trucks 24/7 including the time not being in the office.

Furthermore, the managers do not have to stay at their desks all the time because they will be notified via email or mobile device.

Continually, the alerts are initiated for an excessive speeding, entering geographic areas, the driving behavior, preventing unsafe activities etc.

7. Automated Traffic Updates

The automated traffic update is probably the most frequent feature in the best truck GPS devices.

You know the best part of the traffic update?

Accordingly, the feature allows getting away from traffic jams.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Source: cubixwebtechsolutions.com
Source: cubixwebtechsolutions.com

Just imagine how much time you would save if you are able to escape all that.

This is another feature that helps you in creating satisfied customers and to start a successful trucking business or run a company successfully.

To continue with, it is not certain if this feature works really well. Particularly, this is another reason why you should get the best GPS device.

Notably, the systems are working perfectly fine in the large cities. Correspondingly, if you have routes that do not include OTR truck driving then this feature is not that meaningful for your business.

8. Quality Mapping in Best Truck GPS

In particular, a quality mapping is found in the best truck GPS devices. This feature allows you to zoom the street levels for a clear view.

Continually, it provides a view of street maps, street view, and satellite as well as birds eye. Additionally, the system needs to be partnered with good mapping providers.

With this in mind, Google Maps is the leader of the quality mapping in the best truck GPS applications.

Source: www.gpstravelmaps.com
Source: www.gpstravelmaps.com

In addition to this, having the best truck GPS with a precise mapping is crucial for every truck driver. Having said this, it is also important for running a trucking business.

For example, if a truck driver receives the exact route information or truck stop amenities mapping then it saves on fuel as well.

Furthermore, it delivers the cargo on time which leads to better customer and client relationship.

Normally, people are satisfied with the standard type of GPS trackers. However, if you live outside of the United States, it is important to have the best GPS device with additional features.

Source: www.gpstravelmaps.com
Source: www.gpstravelmaps.com

Another feature that I will mention later in the article is the regular update of the map. This feature is also important. In addition to this, most of the GPS trackers come with automated.

Having the best truck GPS with a quality mapping is the most important for new truck drivers and their beginning road challenges.

More importantly, Google Mapping is one of the most effective ways to get a precise location.

Therefore, there is one dilemma less.

9. Accident Updates

Regarding the accident updates, when a truck comes across an accident and the GPS is damaged the data may be lost.

However, this is the case with the passive tracking system.

On the contrary, the real-time solutions showed as more effective. If this is the case, then the data is transmitted before the accident occurs.

Source: www.overdriveonline.com
Source: www.overdriveonline.com

Correspondingly, the roads are dangerous and disastrous and the best truck GPS applications are the savior from accidents.

Moreover, the real-time tracking system and the passive solutions are the proof that sometimes is not enough to cope with the OSHA regulations.

Or more importantly, becoming one of the names of the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and get the best truck driver award.

10. Best Truck GPS Devices Have Clear Guidance

This feature is the same as it sounds.

With this in mind, the GPS will not only tell you which exit to take but it will help you get in a preferable line.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.garmin.com

The clear guidance is considered as an enormous benefit. However, it is not available in most of the GPS devices.

Before buying your first or next GPS unit you need to look for this feature since you do not want to find yourself in another street than the one you needed.

11. Theft Prevention GPS for Trucks

Theft prevention is another beneficial feature that the best truck GPS devices have. Due to this feature, there is a large number of companies that want to implement GPS devices into their vehicles.

Furthermore, thanks to the real-time tracking system which updates vehicle’s position continually, it is very easy finding a lost vehicle.

Source: www.technopurple.com
Source: www.technopurple.com

In comparison to Passive systems, Real-time systems are faster due to their live data updates.

Furthermore, there are thousands of GPS tracking applications for the truck drivers and their trucks.


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Having the GPS system implemented in your truck, you will not have to fear of getting your truck stolen.

12. Voice Recognition in Best Truck GPS

There are those GPS devices which are allowing voice commands, and those are the best.

This is actually one of the best and the most helpful features that a GPS device can have. Users find it much easier to search in their own vocabulary than looking at the programmed phrase.

If you are thinking about buying a quality GPS then you should definitely consider this feature. To be honest, it is the best by far.

Source: www.wisegeek.com
Source: www.wisegeek.com

Although it may not be the most needed feature it will save you plenty of time and that is guaranteed.

Generally speaking, the voice recognition is enabling you to do the following:

  • Navigating on The Run
  • Entering Address
  • Ask For a Specific Location (a Gas Station, Truck Stop, or a Restaurant)

However, this is only part of what is planned in the near future.



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