25 Things To Know Before Buying The Best Truck GPS

This system implemented in the best truck GPS gathers information every 30 seconds, which is amazing.

However, there is one thing that makes this system rather risky.

Due to the variable storage solutions which go from 7 to 60 days, it might lead to date loss. In other words, if the data surpasses the memory capacity then the data is lost forever.

Source: www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com
Source: www.dpl-surveillance-equipment.com

On the other hand, there is the real-time trucking in the best truck GPS devices. To continue with, this system uses satellite modem.

More importantly, it is based on predetermined frequency which means that the data will be continuously updated into the server.

Moreover, the updates vary from 15 seconds to once a day.

But you know the most useful part?

There is no possibility of losing the data since it is updated continuously.

2. The Cost of The Best Truck GPS

Continually, there is a difference between all the best truck GPS cost. Comparatively, it is considered that the Passive tracking system is more affordable than the real-time.



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