30 Best Warehousing Companies In Canada

Source: www.gibsonint.ca
Source: www.gibsonint.ca

Gibson International Carriers are offering 25.000 sq. ft. of warehousing space; they are providing 24/7 emergency cross dock services. Furthermore, their facility is equipped for trans-loading vans, flat decks, reefers; it is also temperature controlled.

8. Portable Storage Pups

Portable Storage Pups is the kind of warehousing company that is always ready to store your container when you don’t need it at their secure storage facilities. Their facilities are gated and monitored 24 hours.

Source: storagevaultcanada.com
Source: storagevaultcanada.com

Portable Storage Pups has facilities in many locations across Canada, but they are not limited to that. Therefore, this company can offer you their services in different locations (so that you can store your containers locally).

As one of the best warehousing companies in Canada, Portable Storage Pups will give you the easiest possible experience. What you have to do is just call them, and they will perform the drop-off, pick-up as well as storage.

9. MTE Logistics

MTE Logistix is part of the industry since 1925. Moreover, MTE Logistix as one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada is specializing in warehousing, distribution as well as transportation.

The services that this warehousing company is offering include:

  • General 3PL warehousing;
  • Short term warehousing;
  • Long term warehousing;
  • Co-packing and assembly;
  • Value added services;
  • Cross docking;
Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

Correspondingly, MTE’s warehousing facilities are indoor heated, also they have ambient temperature and refrigerated storage. On the other hand, when it comes to their handling services, we can see that they are using pallet-in/ pallet-out material handling.

Moreover, the warehouse management services of MTE include physical inventory verification, product inspections, as well as cycle counts.

As a matter of fact, this warehousing company can retain all movement records, while at the same time help their customers to improve their inventory turns.

10. Ottawa Logistics

The warehousing facilities of Ottawa Logistics are strategically located with the aim to provide an easier access and help their clients.

Since Ottawa Logistics is one of the best warehousing companies in Canada, it is compliant with all federal, local and provincial regulations. In fact, this warehousing company is being inspected by the Department of National Defence.

Moreover, the management software system that they are using is pure art inventory, it is featuring sophisticated barcode technology.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

The warehousing facilities of Ottawa Logistics are constructed by the following criteria:

  • Cement and steel construction;
  • Complete sprinkler and alarm systems;
  • Confirmation to all fire and building codes;
  • Trained personnel stationed at all entrances;

11. Auto Warehousing Co.

Auto Warehousing is part of this industry for more than 50 years. Throughout that period of time, this company managed to become one of the 30 best warehousing companies in Canada.

This warehousing company is embracing new technology, and by doing so it is increasing their responsiveness to their clients. Also, I must not forget to mention that Auto Warehousing has a team of the most skilled workforce available.

Source: www.autowc.com
Source: www.autowc.com

Besides offering warehousing services, Auto Warehousing is in the position to offer to their clients the following services as well:

  • Vehicle inspections;
  • Body shop repair;
  • Lease vehicle reconditioning;
  • Vehicle storage;
  • Surveys, and so on;

Their highly trained associates can perform it all.

In addition, as you can see this company as one of the best warehousing companies in Canada is offering many standard services expedited in the automotive processing industry.

12. Portside Warehousing & Logistics

Since Portside Warehousing & Logistics is one of the best 30 warehousing companies in Canada, it is creating lean, agile, and green supply chain solutions. Yet, their lean, agile, and green supply chain solutions are always backed by a national warehousing and distribution network.


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As we can see, the network that Portside Warehousing & Logistics is leaving a large footprint. The employees that this leading warehousing company has hired have the entrepreneurial spirit of a small successful business. This warehousing company is also offering local truck driving jobs.

Later on, Portside Warehousing & Logistics is specializing in warehousing and distribution services.

Source: www.businessinsavannah.com
Source: www.businessinsavannah.com

The strategic distribution centers of Portside Warehousing & Logistics are located in:

  • Vancouver;
  • Calgary;
  • Edmonton;
  • Toronto;

Here are some of the additional services that this leading company is offering to their clients:

  • Container stuffing/de-stuffing;
  • Railcar loading/unloading;
  • Drayage Services;
  • Inventory management;
  • Pick and Pack;

All in all, if you decide to use the services that Portside Warehousing & Logistics is offering know that you will get services that are founded on responsible management and commitment to providing innovative supply chain solutions.

13. Canada Storage Station

Canada Storage Station is the right place where you can store your belongings, regardless if it is for a month or a year, this leading company can provide you with a wide range of storage units. Since Canada Storage Station is one of the best warehousing companies in Canada it is able to meet the needs of their customers.

Thereupon, this warehousing company can provide you heated units, big units, as well as alarmed units. They have it all.

Source: www.storagestation.ca
Source: www.storagestation.ca

As an additional security feature, Canada Storage Station has 24-hour digital video monitoring, inventory of moving supplies, as well as fire alarm systems.

When it comes to the safety, Canada Storage Station has bright lighting in all storage entry ways, 24-hour digital video monitoring, special cylinder locks, advanced fire alarm system with motion detectors and smoke detectors.

14. Porter Warehousing & Distribution

Porter Warehousing & Distribution is one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada; this warehousing company is offering great service at competitive rates. I can say it without a doubt that this warehousing company is your best choice when it comes both to distribution and warehousing services.

The services that Porter Warehousing & Distribution is offering include:

  • Warehousing;
  • Storage;
  • Piece and case picking;
  • Product handling;
  • Distribution;
  • Quality management;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Transportation and delivery;
Source: www.bbc.com
Source: www.bbc.com

Moreover, this company not only that it is one of the best warehousing companies in Canada, but it is also one of the oldest in this field with more than 100 years of experience.



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