30 Best Warehousing Companies In Canada

What kept this warehousing company for so long in this business is their constant implementation of the latest technologies, as well as their highly knowledgeable staff.

15. JD Smith

JD Smith is a family-owned and operated warehousing company, but not only that, this company is as well award winning. So, as you can see there isn’t a second thought why this company is one of the best warehousing companies in Canada.

Moreover, JD Smith is also the longest serving 3PL in Canada. The core services of this company are:

  • Food Grade Warehousing;
  • In-house Co-packing;
  • Dynamic Transportation Program;

Thereupon, this company altogether with their employees know how to integrate the three core services in order to deliver excellence.

Source: www.jdsmith.com
Source: www.jdsmith.com

So, speaking of that I must not forget to mention that JD Smith is regularly shipping more than tens of thousands of orders for leading manufacturers, such as are:

  • Sobeys;
  • Shoppers;
  • Costco;
  • HBC;
  • Sears, and so on.

16. Andy Transport

Andy Transport as one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada is committed to providing the highest standard of tailor-made transportation and logistics services.

The leaders of this warehousing company are focused on safety, error-free delivery, as well as environmental protection.

Source: www.andytransport.com
Source: www.andytransport.com

The vision of Andy Transport since day one is to become the leader in the North American transportation industry. Straight proportionally they are constantly improving their services through innovative solutions and commitment.

Moreover, the key element of Andy Transport is performing profitable trans-border business and effective warehousing.

Thereupon, this company is offering the following services:

  • Short, Medium, and Long Term Storage;
  • Secured and Monitored Warehouse;
  • Fully Sprinkled Warehouse;
  • Personalized pricing;
  • Destuffing and stuffing containers;

Later on, this warehousing company can efficiently and economically serve as partners in the distribution operations.

17. Titanium Transportation Group Inc.

Titanium Transportation Group is one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada. Therefore, it is complementing the transportation needs of their customers.

Moreover, here is what this company is offering to their customers:

  • Shipment Consolidation/De-Consolidation;
  • Order Management and Fulfillment;
  • Pick N Pack, packaging, kitting and sub-assembly;
  • Reverse Logistics, refurbished and restock processes;

If you choose to use the warehousing services that this company is offering, know that you will get ultimate and safe service. Also, your product will be treated with care.

Source: www.ttgi.com
Source: www.ttgi.com

Yet, it is also good for you to know that this company is certified an NHP (Natural Health Product) warehouse by Health Canada.

So, the security system, altogether with the inventory control processes and disciplines can meet the demands of every customer. Titanium Transportation Group can permit growth of your business without adding assets.

18. Direct Distribution Centers

Direct Distribution Centers was incorporated in 1946, since then it is providing warehousing and distribution services to their Canadian customers.

Nowadays this warehousing company is serving more than 200 customers out of seven locations- that is to say they have on their disponibility total of 1.2 million square feet across Canada, starting from Vancouver up to the west of Toronto.

Source: www.directdistribution.ca
Source: www.directdistribution.ca

Hence, the management team and dedicated staff that Direct Distribution Centers have is providing growing roster of customers. Thanks to their flexibility, Direct Distribution Centers have become one of the best warehousing companies in Canada. That is to say they can rapidly design and implement a solution that will meet the demands of each customer.

19. Cole International

Cole International is the type of warehousing company that is always ready to offer customized warehousing solutions. Not only that Cole International is offering customized transportation solutions for their loyal customers.

Thereupon, this company is specializing in:

  • Pick and pack warehousing;
  • Fulfillment services;
  • Cross docking;
  • Third party warehousing;
  • Distribution;
Source: www.marcopololine.com
Source: www.marcopololine.com

Cole International can handle a wide range of product types.

Later on, Cole International can boost the flexibility and responsiveness of their client’s businesses without a doubt. That is to say, Cole International can meet the needs of exporters, importers, as well as local companies.

20. Cavalier

Cavalier was incorporated in 1979, ever since then their team has been showing dedication, continual improvement, and nowadays that resulted in a great ranking. To be more precise, Cavalier has become one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada.

Thereupon, this company is serving more than hundreds of customers on a daily basis; their relationships have grown steadily.

Moreover, Cavalier is ready to provide you integrated solutions. The solutions that this company is providing can cover all aspects of the supply chain requirements you might have.

Source: www.cavalier.ca
Source: www.cavalier.ca

Furthermore, Cavalier is offering custom-tailored warehousing space. When it comes to their warehousing space, Cavalier is offering 40.000 sq. ft. of space out of their Logistics Centre in Syracuse. In addition, this company also has 180.000 sq. ft. at their Chicago location.

21. Westmount Moving

Westmount Moving and Warehousing is the type of company that is specializing in relocating people. These days this company is ranked as one of the 30 best warehousing companies in Canada.

So, as one of the 30 best warehousing companies in Canada, Westmount Moving is always steady to move and store your possessions, from their trucks up to your new home or office, as well you will have the option to store your belongings at their warehousing facilities.

Believe me when I say that you will be impressed with their service and staff.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

If you decide to store your belongings at Westmount’s storage facilities, you will have on your disponibility the following services:

  • Palletized storage and Palletized Rack Storage;
  • Long-term and short-term Montreal storage space;
  • Security system for secure storage;
  • Sprinkler system for fire-protected storage

More precisely, their storage facilities can store virtually every kind of load.

22. Dawson Logistics

Dawson Logistics is one of the leading warehousing companies in Canada, but as well it is a nationwide leading provider of customized supply chain logistics.

Thereupon, Dawson’s warehousing facilities are strategically located in Canada and are the real state of the art facility with an emphasis on turnkey fulfillment services.



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