5 Exclusive Tips For Cheap Radiator Repair 1

5 Exclusive Tips For Cheap Radiator Repair

Cheap radiator repair can be a fast and easy fix when you get into radiator problems. And the more skilled you are to do it your self while on the road, the better.

5 Exclusive Tips For Cheap Radiator Repair
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The radiator is an essential part of the cooling system in your truck. It helps keep your engine and truck battery healthy. If you notice that there is even the smallest leak, you should make sure to fix it as soon as possible before the damage worsens.


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A lot of drivers who notice a slow radiator coolant leak just ignore it and add more fluid, hoping to take care of it at a later moment. Deciding to delay the radiator repair can turn into more damage, to the radiator and pistons, and eventually other parts. This will be costly for he trucker in two ways, money-wise and time-wise, since the bigger the damage the longer the truck will stay in the repair shop.

Truck radiator repair can be a tricky job, but the with right tips on how to solder a leak you can do it yourself, and you can do it pretty cheap. I will separate the tips for cheap radiator repair in 2 categories: locating the problem and repairing it.

I. Locate the radiator problem

First and foremost you need to locate the problem. Most common problems with radiators are leaks. Luckily, most of the time there is a cheap radiator repair you can do yourself. Other times, the damage is bigger and it’s something that has to be taken care of by a professional. No matter how big or small the problem is, driving with a radiator leak is dangerous.

1. Cool off the engine

If you suspect that your radiator has a problem, pull over to the first available stop, turn off the truck and let the engine cool off. Right after you turn off the truck is the moment when the radiator is the hottest. So instead of burning your hands and face, wait for a while so you can inspect the radiator closely without fear.

5 Exclusive Tips For Cheap Radiator Repair
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