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How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

The tow truck driver plays the most important role in the tow trucking industry. This person is responsible for the activity of different functions, as well as for moving trucks and cars.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

Tow truck drivers work in a wide range of industries. Their main duty is to transport vehicles that have been disabled or that are being parked on the wrong place.


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Therefore the driver transports the vehicle from their current to their wanted location. Generally the duties of the tow truck driver are not fixed, they can vary a lot, it all depends in which state they are operating, also from the daily demands.

Nowadays tow truck drivers are getting contracts from roadside services and mechanics. The responsibility of the driver is to assist and help motorists by transporting their disabled vehicles to shops for repair. Moreover truck drivers provide emergency road services for basic repair, changing tires up to unlocking car doors.

Hence, the tow truck drivers are exposed to different weather conditions, to many hazards and that’s why they are protected by The Tow Truck Industry Act. The same act protects tow truck drivers, but also it requires from truck drivers to obtain all the necessary certificates and trainings.

So from time to time truck drivers ask themselves – how can I become the best tow truck driver? We are going to answer their question in this article. We have included the most important facts and figures how you can become the best tow truck driver.

Obtain All The Certificates And Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

In the first place if you want to become the best tow truck driver, you should know that certificates are the crucial start point for your career. When it comes to hiring tow truck drivers, most of the companies in USA do not require school diploma. What these companies require is a commercial driver’s licence and additional certification.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

One of the Institutes that has a very good reputation and offers certificates is the International Institute of Towing Recovery. This Institute offers well-structured classes in order for truck drivers to be able to gain knowledge. Besides the knowledge in this institute they are going to prepare you how you should face in the field.

Hence, if you are new in the towing industry and you want to become a tow truck driver first of all-you should be at least 18 years old. As well a good starting point is obtaining a special operator’s license. You can obtain this license from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Different tow trucks require different licences.

Likewise there are also other Institutes that can provide you with a good education and training. Another one is The Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA).

On these institutes first you will go through several trainings and lectures, then you will go through few tests. After you pass them successfully, the Institutes will issue you the certificate.

Become The Best – Go To Additional Tow Truck Driver Trainings

You are tow truck driver for more than 5 years and you still consider that you are not the best? In that case you should consider the additional tow truck driver trainings. These trainings are very useful for beginners as well as for the truck drivers that are already in the business for years.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

Generally the successful and big companies are preparing additional trainings for their truck drivers few times a year. That is so because they want to have a well-trained drivers and they are expecting constantly effective operations.

The main programs of these additional training include :

  • Customer Service;
  • Field Operations;
  • How to handle the light duty;
  • How to tow with a wheel lift;
  • Sling towing;

These trainings have few positive sides. After going on the training you will have more knowledge and you will be more skilful. You will know how to handle every situation. Another positive side is that these trainings help you improve and as you improve your salary increases.

Additional trainings can also help you in case if you if you are looking for a job. The chances that you are going get a job quickly are very high.

Improve Your Physical Abilities And Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

To point out the physical abilities of a truck driver are very important. When the trucking companies are hiring they pay big attention to the physical abilities. That is so because the job of a person who is operating with a tow trucks is really demanding.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

Truck drivers must be in a good physical health, which is why they need to pass few tests. The tests include check of the vision, physical fitness and hearing. The drivers must be healthy and in shape in order to be able to meet the requirements of the work. The tow driver has to work irregular hours, in the evenings, during weekends and holidays.


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In order for you as a tow truck operator to be in good health, to improve and be successful you must have physical fitness. The physical fitness of a truck driver includes:

  • Warm ups;
  • Sprint;
  • Squats;
  • Heel Rises;
  • Push Ups;
  • Crunches;
  • Planks;
  • Leg jump;
  • Abs;
  • Walk;

Every truck driver should pay attention to the physical fitness if he wants to be successful and to be able to perform all the duties. Their daily duties that require truck drivers to be in good shape are:

  • When on the vehicle recovery sites – standing and walking around the area;
  • Siting for a long period while driving;
  • In order to attach the towing equipment he must have strong limbs and body;
  • Frequent bending when attaching the mechanisms;

Be The Best Tow Truck Driver Besides All The Hazards

Moreover, the operators of tow trucks are facing a lot of hazards. That is so because the tow operators have to work no matter of the weather conditions. They can be called on duty even if outside the roads are frozen. Simply they are exposed to drive in hazardous conditions.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

There are a lot of risks for the tow truck drivers. Starting from the weather conditions continuing to the confrontations with vehicle owners, truck drivers should know how to act in any situation. The tow trucking industry offers a very hazardous job.



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