20 Exclusive Tips How To Stay Awake While Driving 1

20 Exclusive Tips How To Stay Awake While Driving

You are on the road feeling a bit sleepy and you want to stay awake while driving? We provided you in this article 20 exclusive tips how you can achieve that, and how you can beat sleepiness.

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Henceforth , in order not to fall asleep while on a long trip first of all you should take a good rest before heading to your destination. Secondly , since you are a truck driver and you are constantly on the road you should pay a lot of attention on your safety and your health. Thereupon our exclusive tips can help you to increase your safety when feeling a bit sleepy.

1). Take 20 Min. Power Nap – It Can Save Your Life

In order for you to feel more rested and alert, a quick power nap can be very important. Just a nap of 20 minutes can save your life. By taking a nap you will rest your brain and the nervous system will strengthen and will make your brain work faster .

After these power naps you will be refreshed , with increased alertness and a better motor performance.

2). 90 Decibels Can Wake You Up

Likewise 90 decibels can help you if you feel drowsy. It is known that over 55 decibels is increasing the sleep disturbances and annoyance levels, so 90 decibels will definitely wake you up. Be aware that although listening to loud music can help you stay awake during driving, but also listening to too loud music can damage your hearing.

The intensity of 90 decibels impacts the sleep in a great way . Music turned on 90 decibels is the same as a train whistle at 50 feet away.

3).100 Calories That Save Life And Don’t Make You Fat

Did you know that only 100 calories can help you stay awake while driving. Sunflower seed is a perfect type of a healthy snack that won’t make you fat but it will wake you up. You will definitely enjoy this snack and you’ll stay self-focused.

4).Eat Healthy Meal After Your Pre -Route Nap

Furthermore, eating healthy meal after your nap is really important for your health, especially when you are on long trips. Healthy and fresh meals are providing the human organism with all the necessary vitamins , minerals, and by that it refreshes the body. Healthy meals can help you stay awake while driving.

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So truck drivers should consume healthy meals in order to stay healthy and awake. Whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products , fruits and vegetables can boost your metabolism. By consuming healthy meals you will boost your metabolism and reduce the risk of certain diseases. Healthy food allows the blood to run smoothly.

5).Drive At Times When You Are Normally Awake

Drowsy driving is related to more than 70% of truck accidents. Driving at times when you are normally awake will contribute to your safety. That is so because your body is used to function that way .

The most dangerous hours to drive are between 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. . If you are driving during the hours when you normally sleep might cause lowered simulation.


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6).Have 1 Cup Of Coffee

For sure coffee is not replacement for a good sleep, but if can wake you up. Small amounts of coffee like one cup of coffee can help you stay awake while driving around five hours. It is the best pick-me-up drink.

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But if you are a coffee lover, pay attention not to drink more than four cups a day. Truck drivers should avoid large doses of caffeine because it can harm them. If you are not a coffee lover than in that case you can substitute it with a large cup of green tea.

7).Chew 1 Ice Cube And Drive For Hours

Another great way of refreshment is chewing ice cubes. Only one ice cube can refresh you enough and it will prevent you from falling asleep. It is best to let the ice slivers melt in the mouth like candy.

Chew ice cubes and stay awake, but be careful because chewing ice can cause tooth injuries.

8).Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hydration is everything. If not hydrated the body sends us signals of tiredness and sleepiness. The cells,tissues and organs in our body need water to work normally .

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There are a many foods that you can consume in order to be hydrated, but water is the best option to stay hydrated. When on long trips keep a bottle of water by your side .A reusable water bottle is the best choice, since it can be filled from the tap instead of buying expensive bottles of water.

9).Keep Your Muscles Moving

In order not to fall asleep while driving, try to keep your muscles active. If you are driving on a long straight road and there isn’t a lot of traffic try to move a little bit your arms one by one, in order to improve the blood circulation in your body.

In case if you cannot move your muscles make a short break , and stretch your body, that will help you to stay awake while driving.

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10).Wipe Your Face With Wet Wipe

Wiping your face with wet wipes can also keep you awake. Wet wipes will instantly help you and will provide you refreshment that will keep you awake while driving. Wet wipes are the easiest and the most practical way to wash your face without stopping your truck.

11).Avoid Sugar

Consuming sugar can help you feel an instant flow of energy, but after a short period of time it decreases the blood pressure.

You will have to be very careful because even if you limit yourself by not eating chocolates and other sweets, you might be consuming sugar in large amounts through processed food.

So while on long trips always buy fresh food and watch out not to eat fast food. Too much sugar can make you feel lethargic and sleepy.



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