How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver

In order for you as a truck driver to become the best and to avoid these hazardous situations you should:

  • Be really careful when loading the vehicles onto the truck;
  • Be calm if you face some car owners that are irate, because most of the times these drivers can attack you physically or with weapons;
  • If there is snow and ice or is raining heavily be extremely careful not to slip and fall;

To enumerate that in order for you to become the best tow operator you should keep your awareness on a high level. Remember to always stay in the safe zone. Yet other important thing that contributes to the safety of the operator is the condition of the truck. Try to keep it and maintain it in a good condition all the time.

So truck drivers should put their safety among everything else, they should avoid any injury and vehicle damage. Just be lucrative and go into action every time when the phone rings, but don’t forget to be the best besides all hazards.

Become The Best – Do The Towing Safer

Another key point for the safety of the driver, the vehicle and the people on the road is the proper towing. Be different and become the best tower operator by paying enormous attention to safe towing.

We are aware that in order for the operator to do the towing he must use proper related towing tools. Every operator should have: wheel straps, motorcycle straps, j hooks and safety chains. You should always perform the towing legitimate and safe. And by legitimate I mean that you should always bring with you the standard towing equipment.


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In order to become the best you should avoid any charges and you will do that perfectly if you follow the regulations. So when it comes to the process of towing there are restrictions depending with what kind of tow truck you are working. Therefore, there are three types of tow trucks:

  • Light-duty: you can do towing to vehicles from 8.600 to 10.000 pounds;
  • Medium-duty: you can do towing to vehicles from 10.001 to 26.000 pounds;
  • Heavy-Duty: you can do towing to vehicles that are over 26.000 pounds;

Follow the rules and regulations, stay safe and you’ll be on the right track of becoming the best tow operator.


In USA the trucking industry is the lifeblood, in the past few years it has increased dramatically. When it comes precisely to the tow trucking business, there are approximately 51.240 tow operators. All these people are receiving and responding to service calls, providing emergency road services, etc. At the same time they are working and are contributing for the well-being of the community.

To sum up in every industry there are tips and tricks how to improve and to become proficient. I hope that our article will help your way, and with your hard work you’ll become the best tow driver.

If you are in the tow trucking industry please share your views and experience. Help your colleagues to become as good as you are.



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