5 Reasons Why Trump Election Win is Good For Trucking

Fuel Prices Could Go Up

Knowing that the entire world economy is still not fully stable after the multiple economic crises that faced different parts of the world analysts are predicting even more instability in the future caused by this new political establishment in D.C. introduced by Mr. Trump

Global economy needs a visionary leaders and considering that most parts of the world economy is lead by USA there is a serious red light that USA will not be able to deliver high standards of leadership entire world is enjoying and relying on it now.

Some financial analysis are predicting even small economic cool down or small crisis caused by this elections which will directly lead to increase oil price and will have direct impact on retail prices of diesel fuel used in 95% of cases in trucking industry.

This may actually be even good for trucking and I’m sure all of you remember days three or four years ago when oil was really expensive but also load prices were really amazing.

Load Prices Will Go Up



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